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840 The Car Broke The Sky! (3/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

1246 is an earlier FPS shooting game club in China. It established a branch when PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds rose. Although it failed to reveal outstanding talent in the last Jianghai Invitational, it also achieved good results in subsequent competitions. The record.

     Just now they were defending in the R City garage, and when they heard that Se7en2 and a few others were playing so fiercely on the hillside, they felt like a cat.

     Under the proposal of the assaulter's promise, the three of them in the end still gave up and continued to occupy the spot, and then moved along the mountain road and touched the high slope of the water tower together.

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     Seeing that Liu Zilang, who was riding a motorcycle, was about to rush out of the poison ring, everyone on the court stared at the game without blinking.

     "Don't stop yet? It's cold..."

     "The health of the two is too low, and they will definitely be beaten up the top of the hill."

     "It seems that this is a death bike, waiting for a master and apprentice to return home."

     "Oh! The 1246 people are already in place, and their goal is Vic riding a motorcycle!"

     The water tower has a high slope.

     When the three of 1246 came up, they did not shoot immediately, but lowered their bodies, stick one's head out and look around towards the roar of the engine, stick one's head out and look around.

     "A motorcycle is here!"

     "There were gunshots in Banpo in the east, but they didn't seem to be using this motorcycle."

     "That should be from the same team, helping with the gun."

     "Don't worry about so much, wait for a motorcycle first."

     "sure, no problem."In the blink of an eye, 1246 analyzed the situation on the field, and in this situation, the happy motorcycle that whizzed towards them like an ignorant little Mianyang was undoubtedly the best goal at the moment.


      without omen...

     A sharp and violent gunshot sounded!

     Whoops whoops—!

     Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi are like two people who drifted after a shipwreck suddenly looking at an island land, thinking that they could live a harmonious and happy life.

     As a result, I didn’t think I just got to the shore.

     The island began to sink...

     Dry Liliang!

     For a while, Liu Zilang couldn't help it in his heart for an instant. At this time, it would be unrealistic to retreat or turn.

     Seeing here,

     He couldn't help but behave!

     While walking in a serpentine shape, he speeded up frantically towards the steep slope ahead.


     The motorbike flashed all the way in an instant, and a very fast Black [Lightning] was drawn across the mountain!

     "Aaaaaaahhh! It's wet! I got hit in the ass!" Misaka Kotomi was so frightened, but when she calmed down, she found that she had less blood than the third, and did not fall out of the car. .

      without a doubt.

     The reason why this wave is like this, of course, is that the pan on the back of her ass has done a good job.

     After reacting, Misaka Kotomi couldn't help but patted her chest and breathed a sigh of relief, secretly said in heart is dangerous.

     However, she just came out with this breath, and then immediately raised it again!

     At this moment, she saw her vision suddenly pulled upwards, her big eyes turned round and her mouth opened into an "O" the same time,

     In the game screen on the big screen.

      Among the hail of bullets, I saw a motorcycle suddenly rising from the ground like an angry dragon, rushing into the sky like a roller coaster.

     "The car broke the sky?"

     "Fuck! The whirlwind charge is coming!"

     "Vic is happier again! Why is this person so hot!"

     "I really admire this guy's big heart. In FPP mode, he dared to drive like this. That's not an ordinary excitement!"

     "Speaking of which you dare to fly so high with such a little blood, are you really afraid of falling to death?"

     In fact,

     This is not just the audience off the court.

     Gao Po's 1246 three people who were just on the crazy fire were also shocked, thinking "Why does this person fly?"

     After a brief astonishment, they quickly reacted, and quickly raised their guns and shot them in the air.

     If three people are shown in this wave,

     That would be a shame!

      At the same time, Kotomi Misaka sitting in the back seat in the sky looked at the ground further and further, and the people below her eyes were getting smaller and smaller, and she asked in a panic, "Wet... Will you not fall to death?"

     "Who am I, how can it be to fall to death?" Liu Zilang raised his eyebrows, but immediately shook his head lightly sighed, "Is the leaf's life just to get back to the root?"

     As soon as he finished speaking, the motorcycle stopped its upward momentum in the air.

     The next moment, under the best physics engine in the world, the motorcycle sensed Gravity, swaying like a leaf, fell downward.And where he fell, it happened to be the roof of a house in the southern half of City R.

     At this time the motorcycle was somewhat out-of-control in the air, and Liu Zilang's left hand was beating quickly on the keyboard, using the front and rear wheels to adjust the center of gravity of the motorcycle.

      At the same time, the gunfire on the high slope behind it stopped suddenly with a crisp 98K gunshot!

     "Oh! It's Ze Shao and Qiu Shen!"

     "One was knocked down in 1246. They should know that there are people on the slope of East Banpo, but they were too focused just now."

     "It seems that this wave of Vic and Menhera acted as a wave of decoys and successfully attracted the other's attention."

     "Autumn God has already rushed forward, and one fell in 1246. Then this wave should be 2V2."

     "But on Vic's side... Vic fell off!"

     As soon as the director's camera was pulled back, everyone off the scene heard a "clang" in their ears.

      Nine Heavens Thunderclap double pedals!

     The front and rear wheels of the motorcycle hit the roof suddenly, and the whole car bounced in place!

      But still Liu Zilang magically stabilized the center of gravity, and didn't fall on the roof.

     There is no one in the city of course.

     There was such a big noise on the Nanpo side that someone had already spotted Liu Zilang on the roof.

     I saw one person from not far away from not far away a three-story building on the second floor window probe shot over.


     Kotomi Misaka was shot in the back, she exclaimed and fell down in a blink of an eye.

     But fortunately, when Liu Zilang fell on the roof, the motorcycle did not stop accelerating, and the two wheels were still spinning violently.

     next moment,I saw the motorcycle tire and the roof slip, and suddenly rushed up again along the inclined roof!


     Seeing a wave of unrest and another wave, the audience can't help but cried out in surprise!

     "Fuck, Vic has gone to heaven again!"

     "Is this a double jump?"

     "Vic: I'm sorry everyone, I want to show."

     "Sure enough, it is the most realistic physics engine. The roof should be thickened with velvet. The one who replaced my house has long been smashed into a big hole."

     "I feel sorry for my Menhera sauce, so I help Vic to block the bullet."


     Amidst the comments of countless spectators off the court, Liu Zilang rode a motorcycle on the roof of the house and rushed over to the other side's roof!

     What's it to fly a dragon to ride a face?

     and many more!

     This height It's not right!