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841 The Real Master Always Carries The Heart Of An Apprentice (4/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The sky above the roof of the southern district of R city.

     A motorcycle crossed an arc, and flew towards a three-story small building like a meteor catching up with the moon.

     "There are two players from the QM team in the building, Vic rushed over!"

     "Does he want to smash in directly? But at this height, it seems that there is no way to fly the dragon ride face."

     The doubts of the on-stage commentary were obviously also the doubts of many audiences off the court. They saw Liu Zilang rushed over the building where the man who knocked down Misaka Kotomi was located, and thought he wanted a "speeding car" to smash in directly.

     But the height of Vic was clearly directed towards the rooftop of the three-story small building, while the two of QM were on the second floor of the small building. Obviously, there was no way to play with Flying Dragon.

     However, as the director camera followed up, the next moment, there was a sudden uproar off the court!

     Everyone couldn't stand their eyes widened at once, and their mouths cried out in surprise.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw Liu Zilang riding a motorcycle at the moment he was about to fly to the rooftop.

     He suddenly cut to the second position in seconds,

     The palm of his hand suddenly pulled out what thing, and immediately threw a hook to the window and poured it in.

     This is... a grenade?

     "No! It's a flash bomb!"

     Msjoy exclaimed on the commentary stage!

     Flash bombs are different from grenade.

     If the grenade is not preheated, it will take four or five seconds to explode after throwing it at this distance.

     The other party has plenty of time to deal with it, and only if it is too careless, there is a chance to avoid it.

     But flash bombs are different,

     It can be said to be thrown and exploded.Because Liu Zilang's wave was a flash bomb thrown diagonally above, it happened to be stuck in a blind spot of the two people in the window.

     So when the other person saw a black spot suddenly appeared in his vision realized that something is wrong,

     The flash bomb has exploded!

     The vision of the two of them was suddenly white, and their ears were also buzzing.

     Kang Dang—!

     The next moment, Liu Zilang's motorcycle landed on the roof of the top floor of this building.

     After landing to stabilize the center of gravity,

     He didn't stop, so he rode a motorcycle and rushed in towards the door leading downstairs from the rooftop.

     Window on the second floor.

     Both QM's eyes were blank.

     "Fuck! Who threw a flash bomb."

     "Could it be the one who flew up on a motorcycle just now?"

     "I heard, that Bi seems to have reached the rooftop above us!"

     "Don't panic, don't panic! He shouldn't be so fast..."

     That person's hasn't even finished his sentence, there was a roar of engine suddenly in the corridor!

     Hear this voice,

     The two in the corridor couldn't help but froze.

     what's the situation? !

     next moment,

     A sharp gunfire followed!

     Before the two of QM could react, a scarlet blood mist rose up on their bodies, and the blood volume of the whole person turned abruptly down, instantly to drop a thousand zhang in one fall!

     When they gradually recovered from the whiteness in front of them, they saw the last scene before they died, but there was a motorcycle parked at the corner of the corridor leading to the rooftop on the second floor of the building.A man holding a dark golden gun was standing by the car, like a ruthless Red Dead Car, his muzzle was shooting death at them.

     "Se7en2-Vic knocked down QM-JIYY with MK14!"

     "Se7en2-Vic used MK14 to finally kill QM-PIZZ!"

     It's him!

     It's the sister control!

     The two members of the QM team reacted instantly when they saw the kill prompt.

     But everything is too late.

     And seeing this inconceivable wave of speeding cars with a wave of flash bombs attacking buildings,

     The audience in the audience opened their mouths one after another, and some of them lost their voices for a while. Everyone seemed to have six words written on their faces...

     "There is still this kind of operation?"

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy takes a deep breath.

     The one on the side also couldn't bear sighed with emotion, "Sure enough, he is a man known as the'Super God of Two Wheels'. I completely convinced this skill."

     "You can't accept this!" Msjoy said with a bitter smile, "When I saw the QM and Ms knock down Menhera sauce, I almost thought that Vic was going to catch a cold too... But who could you think of this? He actually killed two of them."

     "QM two people just thought they were extremely certain. They didn't expect to be killed by Vic for such a show." They could not help but shook their heads and exclaimed.

     But I heard a good sigh, but the PDD on the side touched his nose, said with a smile:

     "I don't think you can say that."


     It’s also slightly surprised.

     PDD act without taking time to think and said,"According to my experience, people who show off and show off on the competitive stage will not be sanctioned. Only those who lose and lose will be sanctioned."

     Hearing this, he couldn't help being stunned.

     Msjoy repeatedly nodded, "I think what the prostitution teacher said makes sense. On the competitive stage, you can show off, show off, arrogant, and even swell, but the premise is that you win the game."

      "Un." PDD nodded slightly, his eyes drifted to the young man chasing the wind on the big screen.

     He said with emotion, "That’s why I admire Vic. This guy really dares to show off, but he never seems to be afraid of failure. He has an apprentice-like pure e-sports heart. This is the most important thing among professional players. rare."

     "That's true."

     Fortunately, he also reacted at this moment, he nodded, continued, "Although this guy Vic is saucy and showy, I find that every time he is constantly pushing out the old and bring in the new, he makes new attempts. Create the possibility out of the impossible, just like just now..."

     Liu Zilangxiu was deeply moved on the commentary stage...

     In the game, Kotomi Misaka crawled around on the roof like a puppy while clutching her belly, seeming to be looking for a place to fall.

     Unlike Li Muqiu, she had just fallen to the ground for the first time, so Liu Zilang was not in a hurry.

     After getting rid of the two people in the small building, he squatted down and made a first aid kit.

     The basic car that he rushed into the corridor while riding from the rooftop was stuck at the corner, naturally impossible to ride it again.

     Looking at Misaka Kotomi, who was still smearing ink on the roof, Liu Zilang slipped a smoke bomb out of his palm.He raised his hand and threw it through the window, and fell to the ground with a "clang".

     After a while, the smoke filled the bottom like clouds.

     With a goal, Misaka Kotomi quickly climbed to the edge and jumped off the roof.

     Liu Zilang also turned the window down here, taking advantage of the smoke to quickly pass by and rescue Misaka Kotomi.

      at the same time.

     The close 2V2 between Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu on Gaopo and the remaining two of the 1246 team also came out.

     Li Muqiu went up to sell a wave, Shen Zeyan output later, and the two quickly battled data and won the victory.

     Li Muqiu almost fell five times.

     Fortunately, Shen Zeyan's output followed quickly, which made the remaining blood survived when Mang went up to the front.

     At this time, the next lap of the field is still refreshed. This time it is not surprisingly brushed in the southern half of R City, which is generally west, including a small part slope outside the city.

     Among the group of people who just came out of the school, except for the four Liu Zilang who are still full.

     Only the eldest brother A+, who just jumped off the car and spread the smoke into the circle, now doesn't know where he is.