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842 The Ultimate Younger Brother! (5/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The southern half of R City.

     In a three-story small building.

     The four squatted on the second floor and were engaged in a criminal PY transaction.

     "I'll order whoever has more drinks."

     "It's wet, there's a nest!"

     "Hehehe, Xiaoqinmei, do you have a sniper silencer?"

     "Wo Mod..."

     "You have to silence and dry hair in such a small circle!"

     "I...Is it comfortable for labor and management to listen to the silence?"


     At this time, if someone passed by and threw a preheating thunder towards the window with a hearty heart, I am afraid they would give these iron hanhan to a pot and reap the surprise of couldn't think.

     When Se7en2 divided the spoils among the four, the commentator also analyzed the situation on the court.

     "Currently already included in the penultimate finals. There are currently seven teams and 22 people on the field."

     "Yes, with the exception of Se7en2 and SSS, many other teams are on or outside the circle."

     "With this kind of circle, I think that when the wave circle is refreshed, at least half of the people on the field will be cut."

     "Wait, the film director just now... It looks like there is someone in the little house next door to Vic."

     The commentary just fell,

     The director who had just passed the camera also reacted, and quickly pulled the camera back.

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     I saw that in a small utility room near the wall next to the small building where the four Liu Zilang were located, a person holding an M4 was lurking noiselessly here.

     And this person is not someone else,

     It is 4AM's new sniper alone.Seeing his ID, the audience in the live room couldn't help but talk about it!

     "My God! It turns out to be alone!"

     "Cuckoo and run! Victor is right next to you!"

     "It's a bad fate, I met at the airport at the beginning, but I didn't expect to meet again here."

     "By the way, didn't Lone Cun walk with Xiao Xingmu?"

     "I seem to see the eye-catching jump and kill on the third lap..."

     "2333 So being alone now is really alone."


     With the passage of time, the penultimate wave of poisonous eyes seems to be refreshed. At this time, the gunshots that have subsided a period of time on the field also rang again.

     For a while, some people spread cigarettes but sneak through the passage of Chencang, and some people threw thunder and stormed.

     Everything is for the survival of the next wave of poison.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Oh! There is already a fight on the court."

     "Then Se7en2 and SSS are very comfortable this time. They are basically shooting positions now."

     "But Vic and the others have a hidden danger in this game, and that is the loneliness in the small room outside the building."

     "That's right, although Se7en2 and SSS are not invading each other at the moment, everyone is hunting together, but once they are not in the circle when they are in the next circle, the two sides will be like water and fire.

     "Well, and the strength of the SSS team is not weak. The sniper 211 in their team is also an inward super player. Once Se7en2 and SSS fight against each other and suddenly jump out, it is likely to pose a fatal threat to Se7en2."

     "Yes, it seems that being alone is likely to become a key factor in determining the life and death of both sides.""Of course, the premise of all this still depends on how to do it in the next circle..."


     "How do you think about the next round?"

     Li Muqiu looked at the poisonous circle that was about to overlap and couldn't help but squinted at Liu Zilang.

     "Uh..." Liu Zilang hesitated for a moment, slowly speaking, "According to the uncertainty law of this game, I think this circle is likely to be brushed outside the city in the future."

     After speaking, he peeped at Li Muqiu.

     Unexpectedly, when this guy heard what he said, his face immediately brows raised in delight, eyes laughing.

     "Lao Qiu, you have a bad brain?"

     Liu Zilang looked at him happily and couldn't help but reminded, "It's easy to get into the city and get out of the city is difficult."

     "Nonsense, of course I know this."

     Li Muqiu said ill-humoredly, then he squinted his eyes and smiled happily, "But you guy has never been able to do it once since the start of the game. Since you said you are outside the city, then this stabilizes us."

     "You are Chi Guoguo's slander from jealousy!" Liu Zilang protested immediately, a little uncomfortable, "I'm not the boss of Su, at what time maybe..."

      hasn't even finished his sentence, his voice suddenly got stuck in his throat!

     Because at this time the penultimate wave of poison on the field has shrunk, the next safe zone is refreshed.

     And this circle was really unfortunately said by Liu Zilang, and it was brushed on the open space on the slope of the west of the southern district of R city. As for the part of the city, only the wall on the west of the southern district...

     Seeing this circle, Li Muqiu couldn't help being dumbfounded!

     The next moment, he suddenly turned his head and looked at Liu Zilang with a complicated face.Liu Zilang was a little frustrated by him, and couldn't help but coughed dryly, "Look... this is the most direct proof. You say I'm not allowed to try again?"

     "You are not inaccurate." Li Muqiu takes a deep breath, said with a tone full of hate, "You are Te Niang's blind Jier Zhu!"

     But now that the circle has been swiped, they can't make the circle swipe back again even what kind of, this time can only and must be ready for the next transfer.

      At the same time, the four SSSs from the east building were transferred with them.

     After seeing this circle, the SSS four also looked like a dog.

     "I'm going! This circle is too back, so if you don't brush such a big city, you have to brush it up..."

     "Stop complaining, think about how we are going."

     "The team next door to us just went downstairs, be careful they get us stuck."

     "Then do it, anyway, you have to fight when you get out of town."

     "No hurry, let's just stare first."


      has to say, SSS's style of play can be said to be quite stable. After a few people from Se7en2 came out of the building, they were not in a hurry to hit someone immediately.

     And Liu Zilang also knew that this was not the seat of a carder.

     But he originally thought that the other party would be uncomfortable and would steal a hand during their time of departure, so he was ready to weigh up with the other party.

     However, since the opponent is avoiding the battle at this time, they naturally have no reason to actively seek a battle.

     I saw Sen7en2 quickly go out, cautiously bypassing the corner of the wall and cutting into the safe area to the west.

     SSS team."Did they all leave just now?"

     "I saw that I was out, so I should have all gone."

     "What do we say, shouldn't it be time to leave."

     "No hurry, by the way, from which side did they go?"


     The four SSS people were discussing and responding.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, just before Liu Zilang and the four of them disappeared into the yard, a person's silhouette wordless and silent suddenly emerged from an unassuming small room, and then wordless and uncommunicative disappeared into the vision of several people.

     Seeing this sudden scene, the four of them couldn't help being surprised!

     "This is... in ambush?"

     "I think it's very possible!"

     "Hey! Fortunately, I didn't leave first after listening to Brother 211."

     "Fuck! This team is also insidious, it feels like if we just followed up, it would be cold!"

     "Insidious and cunning, true brother!"