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843 The Child Has Broken Up! (6/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Due to an unexpected turn of events, the four members of SSS mistakenly identified Lone Cun, who was quietly following behind, as the younger brother of Se7en2.

     Several people seemed extremely shocked for a while, and they all denounced each other for their cunning and viciousness.

     After the scolding,

     Taking advantage of the next wave of poison has not been refreshed.

     The four of them changed their directions and moved toward the safe area against the slope near the road in the southern district.

     They now have a mental shadow. If they don’t go around, God knows if the team in front will have any other ambush...

     And this scene looked a little funny in the eyes of the audience on stage and off-site.

     "Puff haha, just now SSS didn't think that Gu Cun and Se7en2 were in the same group?"

     "From their reaction, I think it is this kind of possibility."

     "Then this is interesting, I didn't expect Lonely to accidentally raise Se7en2's hand."

     "But since he is following Se7en2, I don't believe it if he has no idea."

     "Don't...Come on, calm down!"

     "Se7en2 said that as long as you cooperate, I will keep you second, right?"

     "I'm a ghost, it's arranged so soon?"


     For a time, various speculations on the barrage.

     But the true thoughts of being alone in this silent boy may only be clear to him...


     Sure enough, as the commentator predicted.

     After the penultimate wave of poison was over, the number of people surviving on the court suddenly dropped by half, leaving only twelve people.

     "This wave was very tragic, but now it's refreshed in the next lap.""This circle is still outside the city. It seems that the next game will be a fierce battle for all of our players."

     "That's right, this kind of circle on the empty ground without cover is destined to not be the last one. It seems that the next wave of poison shrinks will be the winner."

     "Currently there are only five teams on the field, namely the Se7en2 four-man team, the SSS and FTD three-man team, and two lone wolves. In general, there are three teams of eight people in the city and two teams outside the city. Team."

     "Well, it is worth mentioning that the big brother A+ who came out of school with Vic and them has not been killed yet, and he has never had a chance to enter the city. He happened to occupy the circle of fate. Although there is only one person, this game cannot be said to have no chance. ."

     "Yes, in comparison, the other lone wolf alone is uncomfortable. I was caught between Se7en2 and SSS as a mission impossible, and both sides thought he was the other's person."

     "FTD this game emerges as a new force to be reckoned with, and it also takes the fate of the safety zone outside the city. I am very optimistic about them in this game."


     Seeing that the game entered the decisive stage, with the commentary's various analyses of the situation on the field, the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms could not help but become nervous.

     Who can get a good start on the first game day, this is a question everyone is concerned about right now.


      The countdown for Second Last wave poison is one minute, and after the end, it will be reduced within fifteen seconds.

     Although this wave of poison is not the most painful poison, the damage of up to nine points per second is still a bit unbearable, unless it is full of energy and squats in place and keeps packing.And the final result only has one,

     That is all death.

     At this time, although Se7en2 was fully compiled, their problem was that they were stuck with SSS and Lone Wolf in a stalemate on the west side of the southern district of R City.

     Coupled with the fact that the people in the outer circle are shooting guns, it is more difficult for them to break through the defense and rush out.

     With the passage of time bit by bit, there are only fifteen seconds left in the countdown to shrink poison.

     Liu Zilang, who has been brows slightly wrinkle, takes a deep breath, knowing he should make a choice.

     In fact it’s not just him,

     At this time, the lonely and SSS people who were not far away from them also started to act.

     Cang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang!

     The three of SSS threw cigarettes outside.

     But Lonely did not throw a cigarette.

     When SSS threw the cigarette, he quickly made a wave of simple and honest judgments.

     Four on the left and three on the right.

     Go right!

      without omen...

     The gunshots in the city suddenly rang!

     SSS's 211 three people did not expect that the other party would not want to enter the circle when the wave of poison was about to shrink, and attacked them backhand.

      caught off guard,

     SSS's assaulter Vovo was immediately knocked down.

     At this time, the venomous eyes behind will shrink, and it is naturally impossible to save people.

     But 211 was angered by this wave of sneak attacks, and said to the remaining Xiaotian with a calm face,

     "You go to the circle, leave me alone."

     "You don't want to run poison, do you? Then everyone don't run!"

     So the next moment, he saw Liu Zilang who also wanted to enter the circle.

     boom!98K's clear gunfire suddenly sounded!

      Between Lightning Spark,

     A sniper bullet blasted away!

     A bloody mist burst out of Li Muqiu's waist unexpectedly when he was over the wall, and his blood volume suddenly dropped by half.

     When he was beaten again, he couldn't help being stunned, and immediately angrily said, "Who is this special cold! There is no reason, that many people must beat me if they don't beat me!!!"

     As he spoke, he was about to cut out the direction where SKS was aiming at the source of the gunfire, and to reason with the other party.

     But at this moment, Shen Zeyan, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said, "You go."

     Hearing what he said, the three of them were stunned, and immediately reacted.

     Shen Zeyan wanted to stay behind.

     After all, since the other party wants to make trouble, they naturally have no reason to refuse to accompany them.

      At this moment, apart from Misaka Kotomi opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something, after Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu heard Shen Zeyan's words, they crossed the fence without the slightest hesitation and rushed towards the smoke ahead.

     Because they were relieved to hand their backs to Shen Zeyan, and they knew that although Shen Zeyan had few words, it also meant that what he said was often difficult to change.

     Next, the surrounding deep blue radiation grid suddenly shook, and continued to spread toward the middle, eroding the last piece of pure land in the safe zone.

     And when Shen Zeyan and 211 baffling each other to death,

     The "perpetrator" who just stole the SSS with a shot and was planning to "change one for no loss, exchange for two to earn a pair" suddenly froze...At the next moment, he suddenly put away the gun and threw a piece of smoke toward the open space outside.

     Then he "swooshes" out all of a sudden, and ran into the smoke of the safe area with Liu Zilang and the others.

     It looks like a child who smashed the glass of someone else's house, and suddenly found out that a child passing by was helping to lift the tank, and quickly slipped away...

     Shen Zeyan and 211, who were confronting each other, naturally also noticed the loneliness that suddenly jumped past, but they didn't know how many people each other had and how many went in.

     So when they saw the lonely figure passing by and disappearing into the smoke, both Shen Zeyan and 211 thought he was the other person, and did not pay too much attention.

     Of course, they don't even know that that person is the criminal ringleader, main offender who provoked this wave of disputes.

     But seeing this scene under the director's lens at the scene and in the live broadcast room, they couldn't help being stunned for a while!

     Boy, this is... bad school?