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844 Humanoid Positioning Missile!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Fucking boy."

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy couldn't help but rubbed the tip of his nose, and said bitterly, "I look pretty honest with this kid alone. I didn't expect to lose school even after entering 4AM."

     "It seems that 4AM is also a big dyeing vat. If children go in, they will learn badly." Cannot help but laugh.

     "Then Ze Shao and 211 are a little bit uncomfortable, and baffling pinches each other." PDD nodded, said with a chuckle, "When the game is over, they watch the video, and they will probably be very angry."

     Just as the commentator lamented the loneliness and the bad school, the fighting in the safe zone had already become fierce.

     No way, there are many villains.

     Smoke can't shelter the wind and rain.

     In this case, entering the circle does not mean sleep peacefully.

     Compared with Shen Zeyan and 211,

     Liu Zilang and others have only temporarily got rid of the threat of the radiation grid, but they have to face the stray bullets that are constantly roaring in the smoke.

     Li Muqiu had just been shot by 211, and just after he finished the medicine, he was shot again.

     "Madan! Why are these people staring at us in the smoke?"

     "Who makes your face black?" Liu Zilang said.

     "Why didn't you beat you?" Li Muqiudan said in pain.

     Liu Zilang indifferent smile, "Is there any way I am handsome?"

     He was talking, but at this time, in his hand, he was holding a handful of eight-fold sister control, bouncing and vivacious in the smoke, as if he was trying to avoid bullets in this way.

     On the side covering the head and squatting's, Misaka Koto looked at Liu Zilang curiously, and his big eyes flickered and asked, "What are you doing duck?"Liu Zilang heard this but suddenly divine light flashes!

      He has not replied Kotomi Misaka, but after landing, he jumped suddenly and jumped on her back.

     Misaka Kotomi couldn't help but be stunned!

     However, Liu Zilang took advantage of this short-lived Character Model card position and obtained a slightly longer time than just before, finally positioning all the remaining players on the court.

     The scene of the director happened to be caught, and the barrage in the live broadcast room exploded all at once!

     "I go, what is this posture?"

     "How can it be repaired! The dog thief Vic takes his life!"

     "I used a bug to report it illegally. I beg the race to kick the dog thief out of the game!"

     "Kill Vic, the dog thing, dare to ride Menhera sauce!"

     "Woo, Xiaotong sauce is gone, and now even Menehera sauce has fallen, am I destined to cry for love at this age?"


     In the game match, Liu Zilang was naturally not aware of his unconsciously move, which detonated the barrage in the live broadcast room.

     He was naturally impossible to ride on the back of Misaka Kotomi, and the character quickly landed.

     But this is enough.

     Next, Liu Zilang quickly reported his position, and led Li Muqiu and Misaka Kotomi with a howling wind and torrential rain-like peak burst.

     Just a blink of an eye,

     The two of FTD and the SSS who just ran out of the city were thrown to the ground by their three people.

     Seeing that the three of Se7en2 performed a perspective operation in the finals, there was a surge of exclamations in the audience around the stadium!On the presiding commentary stage, Msjoy takes a deep breath in surprise, "I understand, Vic was not hiding from bullets just now, he is looking for someone!"

     The one on the side also followed nodded, "Yes, use the momentary vision obtained from above the smoke to determine the position. The last hand of ‘stand tall and see far’ is even a stroke of genius."

     "Hey, why can this person be so sassy? It's a tactical genius." PDD cannot help but laughs and said, "Then now the FTD has fallen by two, eh? SSS was destroyed by the group!"

     It turned out that just as they were commenting, 211, who had lost his blood in the poison, saw the teammate he had desperately saved, unexpectedly fell to the ground in the smoke.

     He was only slightly distracted, and Shen Zeyan seized the opportunity to shoot directly to the ground!


     I just ran the poison and was stolen by the lone, and the SSS of only two people was naturally wiped out instantly.

     However, at the same time, Shen Zeyan, who had been in the poison for a long time, also fell to the ground outside the safe zone.

     He certainly couldn't be saved from that position, but for Liu Zilang and others who entered the circle, he ruled out the threat behind him, and Shen Zeyan's wave of death was also regarded as "death right."

     At this time, although there are eight people alive on the field, only six have motion ability. They are Liu Zilang three, big brother A+ and Lonely, and one FTD who has two teammates in the smoke.

     "The circle is still shrinking, Big Brother Po is not a safe zone, he has already rushed down."

     "Lone Cun also touched the smoke on the FTD side. He seems to have noticed the situation on the FTD side.""There is only one Ayu left on the FTD. Ayu is a little confused now. He wants to help people, but he can't help him when he hears the lonely steps."

     "Oh! Big brother is flooding the smoke towards Vic's three people. Does this mine have a chance?"

     The three people on the stage spoke very quickly, and the situation on the court changed again in a flash.

      in the blink of an eye, after the lonely side enters the smoke, it exchanges fire with the remaining Aru of the FTD.

     At this moment of life and death that tested marksmanship and reaction, the talented youngster who joined 4AM finally showed his glory and successfully killed Aru in one wave.

     And Se7en2 is a bit unfortunate here.


     The flames expand in the smoke,

     A thunderous smoke exploded.

     Seeing that the situation was wrong, Li Muqiu immediately reacted.

     However, when he rushed out of the smoke, holding an AK and wanted to "fight the bayonet" with A+.

     A+’s second thunder just shot,

      He hit Li Muqiu's head unbiased and made a "gang-dang" sound.

     Li Muqiu almost cried on the spot!

     Hemp egg!

     Am I a Magneto?

     Why are you all greeting the labor and management!

     The next moment, he staggered to the ground in the intense smoke and fire.

     However, he is really unable to support him this time, who has fallen five times. In fact, in this critical juncture of the finals, even if he can help Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi, he will not choose to help.

     In a blink of an eye, Li Muqiu's blood volume dropped one and all.

     With a kick on both legs, I finally rested...

     "Autumn God is down again!""I'm really going to cry with anger!"

     "I feel sorry for my Qiushen, I have contracted all my laughter in this game, haha!"

     "Are you the devil who contracted to laugh? Forgive me for smiling too kindly! hiahiahia...!"

     "Then it is Vic and Menhera on the field to fight Gucun and Big Brother. If Gucun and Big Brother join forces, how do I feel that Se7en2 is going to be cool in this wave!"

     "Who do you look down on in the cool, I think you didn't pay attention to my mascot!"


     In the game.

     Misaka Kotomi saw Li Muqiu fall to the ground suddenly, and then looked at the number of survivors on the court, Bao Zi's face suddenly tightened, and a pear suddenly felt on his shoulder.

     "It's wet, what do the dens do?"

     "Don't panic!" Liu Zilang was Calm Demenor, "Remember the cigarette we just hit?"

     "Yeah." Kotomi Misaka repeatedly nodded.

     "Just remember." Liu Zilang dropped a grenade on the ground when he heard the words, with a kind smile on his face, "Take it, go find Gu Gu Cun..."



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