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845 Mang Chicken!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

words exceede 5100Gu Cun quickly became vigilant against the drugs,

     Backhand cut out the M4 in his hand, and stared at the direction coming from the footsteps in the smoke!



     I saw Gu Cun suddenly raised his muzzle, and pulled the trigger ahead of time without the slightest hesitation!


     Fireworks spewed from the muzzle of the M4, and countless bullets burst out of the chamber instantly!

     Puff—! Puff—!

     In the invisible smoke ahead, there was a sound of bullets breaking armor, and even the burst of blood could be seen vaguely.

     Seeing this, the lone brow could not help but stretched slightly.

     But the next moment,

     A figure suddenly threw out the smoke in front of him, and fell to his knees like a New Year greeting.

     Seeing this human head "sent" to my face, I couldn't help but feel lonely, and there was a faint bad premonition...

     At this moment, he looked down at the hands of Kotomi Misaka in front of him, and the expression on his face was instantly stunned!

     This shock became a photo of the death...


     The flames expand, and the waves are tumbling!

      In the ear-splitting explosion, Lonecun was instantly blown upside down into smoke.

      At the same time, the screen started to refresh.

     "4AM-Gucun used M416 to knock down Se7en2-Menhera!"

     "Se7en2-Menhera used a grenade to blow up 4AM-Gucun!"

     "Se7en2-Menhera used a grenade to blow up herself!"

     Seeing this wave of suicide death charges by Misaka Kotomi, the audience around the venue immediately raised a burst of exclamation!

     "Crap!, Really successful!""Who said that Menhera sauce is just koi? My Menhera sauce is obviously a self-exploding koi!"

     In the game.

     Brother A+ saw the sudden explosion and killing screen, and after a subconsciously startled face, the corners of his mouth also couldn't bear twitch.

     At this point, the Second Last wave of poison has been wiped out, and the last safe point of the game has been refreshed.

     The last wave of poison contracted for three minutes and fifteen seconds, and Liu Zilang obviously didn't plan to wait that long.

     I saw that he changed his sister controller to the shuttle bullet, raised his head gūlū gūlū and poured a bottle of Red Bull.

     Looking at the cloud of smoke hidden by A+, he immediately rushed up in a stride.

     At the end of the game, the A+ side cleared through the kill prompt that the remaining person was Liu Zilang, who won the highest individual honor in the Not Long ago's California World Championship.

     In this 1V1 Tianwang Mountain duel, face this kind of rival.

     A+ is false to say that there is no pressure.

     He is preparing to fight steadily, throw thunder first, and wait for the last wave of poisonous contraction.

     But he didn't expect that Liu Zilang would turn into a reckless man at such a crucial moment and rush forward directly with his gun.

     At this time, there were only two of them on the field, and there was silence all around, and any voice seemed very clear.

     Hearing a sudden rush of footsteps on the grass in front of the smoke, A+ couldn't help but complexion changed and quickly cut out the AK behind it.

     The moment the gun appeared in the hand,

     The flame burst out from the muzzle!

      At the same time, the unique gunfire sounded when the sister controlled full automatic shooting.The next moment, the two sides are in the smoke to meet face to face on a narrow path!

     In FPS games, the masters compete in close hands, and the outcome is always between milliseconds.

     The comparison between the two sides is who can show off their birth skills in this flash of lightning, morning dew, and at the same time, pile up bullets on each other's vitals in the shortest time.

     At the moment of meeting with A+, A+ is a very fast holographic opening shot!

     On the other hand, Liu Zilang was carrying his younger sister, and began to "worship new year" to the other party in a very enchanting manner.

      pū pū pū pū —!

     The sound of the bullet hitting the body rang indirectly, Liu Zilang's blood volume showed a cliff-climbing plunge, and it fell into a trace of residual blood in a blink of an eye!


     Another bullet hit the body, and a bloody mist burst out of Liu Zilang's head!

      It should be noted, not to mention being hit in the head with his blood volume, even if he wiped his arm, he was immediately cold.

     However, the reality is that after the bullet headed out, Liu Zilang still stood there unmoving, seemingly unharmed...

     And almost at the same time, sharp and violent gunfire with a grunting sound it stops!

     In the small safe area surrounded by the blue power grid, everything was quiet instantly!

     Under the camera of the director, I saw A+'s body leaned back and suddenly thumped and fell to the ground.

     The next moment,

     A line of yellow font suddenly appeared on the screen!

      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

      ranked first: Se7en2!

      Without a doubt, Liu Zilang's last wave of reckless rush in the end still before the headshot of A+,

     Took away the opponent first,Won a good start on the first match day!

     Seeing this scene, there was a burst of cheers from the four auditoriums in the venue!

     On the match bench, the faces of the Se7en second team also showed a smile.

     Legendary reorganization, Return of the King...

     This year’s PCPI’s biggest hot team, countless peripheral platforms rush like ducks betting targets...

     But before winning the game, no matter how harsh the outside world is, no matter how high it is, everything is empty.

     But Liu Zilang's last wave of lore eating chicken,

     It was undoubtedly that the people of Se7en2 took a reassurance in their hearts, and even the look on Shen Zeyan's face softened slightly.

     "This wave is okay, it's not a waste of labor and management to sacrifice for the team." Li Muqiu said unable to contain one's joy.

     "Wet you are awesome!!!"

     Liu Zilang just got up from his seat, and Kotomi Misaka sitting beside him suddenly embraced him with excitement.

     Then it looked like a koala hung on his arm and shook his chest very hard.



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