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848 The Explorer, The Prodigal Son Liu!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Ren Dong never expected that he would be beating birds all day long, but in the end, the birds would peck his eyes badly.

      In addition, the expressions on the faces of countless audiences off the field and in the live broadcast room were frozen, and many people were embarrassed by Liu Zilang's "sweet potato show".

     "This person... why can it be spicy?"

     "Distressed Dong Brother for a second, forgive me for smiling unkindly."

     "The same laughed out loud, but I didn't expect that the'Indestructible Grip' would have been reversed for a day."

     "I think Vic should have brought a cloud explorer."

     "Puff haha, cloud explorer starfish..."


     Of course, although Ren Dong, who was holding two microphones in his hand, was a bit embarrassed, he wittyly ended the interview with a "friendly and cordial" hug.

     He had already decided in his heart where he fell and where he got up, and went back to ponder where he had made the mistake.

     After the interview, the rest time between games is almost there.

     Liu Zilang originally wanted to go back to the lounge.

     But he guessed that Li Muqiu might have entered a state of "madness" now, so he thought about it and decided to wait for them to come out at the front desk.


     After a while,

     The live music of the game sounded.

     Eighty players from the AB group resting in the backstage also took the stage again amidst the cheers of the audience.

     On the big screen behind the stage, the camera was given to the commentary booth on stage.

      "All right, welcome back, this is the first day of the PGI China qualifier PCPI match scene, I am the commentator Msjoy."

     "Hello everyone, this is PDD."

     "I'm a commentator."After a brief introduction, Msjoy, who was sitting in the middle of the court, read a long list of sponsors' names with the two of them, and then entered the topic.

     "Hehe, Vic and Dong Ge's interview must have left a deep impression on everyone." Msjoy teased with a smile, and immediately said:

     "But we still return to the topic. According to our double-loss promotion system for this competition, the second team that just came up and scored 610 points in one blow. If there are no major accidents, the winner group should qualify. It's stable."

     "Well, speaking of this game, Se7en also showed us what the second team of History's Strongest is."

     "Yes, because under normal circumstances, the second team feels like a substitute and a drinking fountain, but Se7en2 can be said to redefine the word'second team'."

     "Of course, here we also hope that the first team that played the reverse game can perform well in this game and play their strength. After all, if you didn't advance and watched the brothers advance, it would be very unpleasant."

     "It is true, but according to our'twenty zero points' system, if a team that didn't score a point just now wants to advance to the winner group, I think the opportunity is not without, but the difficulty also exists. "

     "If there is difficulty, there are challenges, and if there are challenges, you can surpass oneself."

     "Yes, this is also the spirit of our eSports. I hope we also hope that every team can surpass oneself and bring us more exciting games."


     While commenting on the stage and looking back on the outlook, after a while, the players who had just played have already finished debugging their equipment.With the referee in place, in a blink of an eye, a plane sailing out of the sea appeared on the big screen.

      "All right, our second game has officially started."

     "The route of this game is to depart from Port N on the airport island at the bottom right of the map, passing through City M, air raid shelters and City Y. The final stop is on the left side of the holy mountain on the top right of the map."

     "At present, we can see that some teams have parachuted, oh! 4AM jumped, it seems that the direction they jumped is still the airport, it seems that Wei Shen and others are deciding where to fall and where to get up."

     "Wait! There is another team! Se7en's team also jumped! Is this game going to repeat itself?"

     "In this case, Vic's second team will be left in the last game of the'Airport Three'."

     "Oh! The plane has flown over the airport, and the second team doesn't seem to plan to jump."

     "Yes, and it seems that the first team didn't plan to go to the airport. They went straight down, and they should have jumped to Port N."


     With the extremely fast real-time commentary,

     The starting points of the major teams at the beginning of the game were also clearly displayed in front of countless spectators off the court.

     On the plane, Li Muqiu glanced at Liu Zilang and asked angrily, "We really are going to Port G for this game? It's too far."

     "It's a little far away, but there is no one there." Liu Zilang's mouth showed a mature man's smile, "Let's play a slower pace in this game. Let's develop a wave of strength first. I don't want to wait to start attrition. "Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Li Muqiu couldn't help touching his chin, frowning slightly. He always felt that this guy was attacking someone by innuendo and hinted something.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang smiled kindly at him, "Autumn God, it's not yours."

     "..." Li Muqiu's eyes twitched.

     Hemp egg!

     You are really talking about me!

     No way!

     Labor and capital must not die in this game!

     Li Muqiu gritted his teeth and secretly decided in his heart that this game seems to have to sacrifice the "hot man" to protect KD.

     But when he heard Liu Zilang's words, Misaka Kotomi on the side blinked suddenly, and pouted aggrievedly, "Wet...wet... I think you're awkward!"

     "Oh?" Liu Zilang squinted at her when he heard the words, "Then you are really a little clever ghost."

     Misaka Kotomi: ...

     Next, Liu Zilang decided on the location, and naturally no one would have any objections.

     However, Port G is too far away from the main course of the game, and it is obviously unrealistic to fly directly. So Liu Zilang thought a little bit and punctuated outside Y City-after landing, he first looked for a car at the intersection, and then picked up people to Port G.

     The plane passed slowly over the Jedi Island.

     When I arrived in the sky over City Y, there were a lot of seats in the cabin instantly, and a lot of small black spots appeared under the plane.

     "The 17th game still chose Gaopiao P City. We can see that now there are only two teams left in the cabin, and then it should be Bright Top or Jungle."

     "Well, Vic's second team also jumped in Y City, in addition to Tyloo and SSS.""This is interesting. Did you find out? Three of the top five teams in the last game appeared in City Y. It seems that the start of this game is going to changeable situation again."

     "But wait, the few people on the second team seem to be floating towards the entrance to the west of City Y. Do they want to start searching from the outside?"

     "No! Not right not right! They want to find a car, the second team is not in Y City."

     "Oh! Wait, the QG team seems to have landed at the entrance of the city. They should also want to find a car."

      At this time, the camera of the director quickly pulled down from the air, and saw a jeep parked on the side of the road suddenly came into view.