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849 Prostration!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

As soon as the camera reached the Jeep, it quickly moved up into the air.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw three more parachutes like eagles preying on their prey, and with a sound of hunting wind, they rushed towards the jeep.

     One of them is Li Muqiu!

     He fixed his eyes on the jeep on the side of the road diagonally below, and shouted loudly, "I have it here! I found the car!"

     Misaka Kotomi hurriedly reminded, "Aki God, A God of Autumn! There is someone behind your ass!"

     "It's okay!" Li Muqiu said confidently, "Do you know what does it mean?"

     He sold it for a while, and then groaned, "Autumn God means the god of autumn mountains, and no one has ever been able to steal a car in front of me!"

     "Wow! Sri Lanka!!!"

     Misaka Kotomi exclaimed heartily.

     "Well, I also saw a motorcycle here." Liu Zilang suddenly said, "Qinmei comes to me to prevent him from getting it. Let's find a car along the road and pick up people."

     Li Muqiu heard the words sneered and surprisingly did not refute, because actions are far more powerful than words!

     He chose to speak with facts!

     After a while...

     At that moment when Li Muqiu got into the car, he was sitting in the front passenger, looking at the person sitting in the main driver.

     Frozen for 0.5 seconds, he realized that the control of the jeep was not in his hands.


     As if a slap fell on the face!

     Hot and sour, so cool!

     After realizing this, he had one shivers in his heart and quickly jumped out of the car.If it's a single row mode, Li Muqiu might not mind taking a ride in another car.

     But in the platoon situation, he couldn't guarantee that the person in the driver's seat would be walking around, so he put his head on the opponent's teammate's gun.

     At that time, even if he shouts that this is not a car to kindergarten, it comes without enough time!

     So taking advantage of the fact that "the door of the car has not been welded to death", Li Muqiu hurriedly jumped out of the car, secretly cursing Liu Zilang's crow mouth.

     Fortunately, the speeds have not added up yet,

     After Li Muqiu jumped and landed, he suffered only minor abrasions, and his blood volume only dropped a little.

     But he hadn't thought that Jeep watched him jump and suddenly turned a corner on the road, and then rushed forward again.

     Too much!

     Simply bully intolerably!

     Seeing this behavior of not treating him as a person, Li Muqiu couldn't help being filled with outrage!

     The next moment, he turned around and ran away!

     "Hurry up! Come and save me! A car is chasing me!"

     Hearing this, Liu Zilang had not had time to mock.

     Kotomi Misaka asked dim-wittedly, "Aki God, where is your car?"

     I have a Jierche in the coolest place!

     Black belly!

     This silly girl turned out to be a black-bellied monster!

     Li Muqiu squinted his eyes, and had a new definition of Misaka Kotomi in his heart.

     At this time, the sound of cars behind is getting closer and closer!

      It should be noted, they just grabbed the car on the road, and there was no shelter around.If Li Muqiu wants to escape the chase, he must run south to find a pile of wheat in the wheat field south of Y City, or run east to the toll gate on the west of Y City.

     Of course, the premise is that he must first cultivate into a "Vajra Indestructible body" so that he will not be killed when he is caught up.

     There is a Vajra Indestructible of Jier!

     Suddenly, Li Muqiu looked back at the Jeep getting closer and closer, and turned his head back with crazy snakeskin!

     Am I going to be the first person in PCPI to be killed by a car?

     Just when he thought every hope turns to dust, the corner of his eye suddenly saw the slope on the side of the road.

     All of a sudden, it seems like a ray of sunshine is shining into the heart!

     Suddenly, a small flame of hope ignited in Li Muqiu's heart!

     The next moment, I saw a staggered step under his feet, and he quickly turned and rushed over towards the road teeth.

     "Oh! Now that Qiu Shen has failed to grab the car, the two QG players are chasing after him!"

     "There is no bunker near this place, everything bodes ill, no positive signs in Qiu Shen!"

     "My God! The car is catching up, can Qiu Shen avoid it?"

     As the commentary suddenly stretched the tone of the words, the audience in the off-site and in the live broadcast room couldn't help but raise their minds, staring at the thrilling scene closely.

     In the picture, the moment Li Muqiu ran off the road, the jeep behind him whizzed and smashed from behind him!

     But at this moment,

     Saw Li Muqiu's body suddenly leaped forward and squatted down on the ground very quickly!

      prostrate oneself in admiration!

     Whoosh—!The next moment, I saw that Jeep was almost behind his back and flew over suddenly!

     If there is slow motion playback at this time,

     One could even see that the tires of the jeep were almost wiping the clothes behind Li Muqiu's back, and the limit flew past him incomparably!


     Seeing this scene of Thrilling Stimulation, the audience could not help but set off a burst of exclamation!

     "My God! Autumn God used a tactic to lie down and hide!"

     "This terrain! This reaction! It's a wave of textbook-level tactics to fall down!"

     "But wait! QG has teammates coming over, it's Leee, their sniper!"

     "Crap! Leee just seems to have fallen on a wild spot next to the reservoir, he found the gun!"

     In the game.


     Li Muqiu, who was lying on the ground, mortal danger, escape alive, panting heavily, suddenly a burst of ecstasy rose in his heart!

     He slowly climbed up from the ground, two balls of flames burning in his eyes.

     Indifferent people!

      thank you I used to despise me!

     Let me not bow my head, more exciting life...


      without omen...

     Li Muqiu's mental activity was accompanied by a crisp gunshot, suddenly with a grunting sound it stops!

     Under the camera of the director,

     I saw a blood hole on the back of his head coldly, gūlū gūlū bleeding out.


     Li Muqiu, who had just gotten up from the ground, softened his knees and instantly fell to the ground again.

     "QG-Leee used Kar98k to headshot Se7en2-Lech!"Seeing the killing message on the screen, the expression on Li Muqiu's face instantly solidified!

     The flames in his eyes also went out, it seemed as if it was suddenly "old" a lot...

     Damn it!

     "The other side got a gun?" In the voice, Liu Zilang's voice sounded some hesitation.

     Obviously, if this is the case at the beginning, most teams will probably choose to abandon their teammates.

     Because in any case, this is also an FPS shooting game, not some Jedi Speed.

     If you don’t have a gun, you have to bow your head no matter what your strength is.

     Li Muqiu heard Liu Zilang's words, but seemed to ignite a glimmer of hope. He just wanted to explain that the other party seemed to have only a 98K.

     But when he remembered that he was just so high-spirited and vigorous, he suddenly asked for help at this moment, which was really too embarrassing.

     So he decided to retreat in order to advance, lowered his head and gritted his teeth and said with difficulty:

     "You...go away! Leave me alone!"

     "Go! Go!"


     Suddenly, a voice came.


     Li Muqiu, who closed his eyes, was taken aback!


     and many more!

     This is What does it mean?

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