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855 A Thunder Crosses The Sky Forever!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

It turns out that the explanation is not wrong.

     On the elevated stand, staring at the cat looking down, he immediately hugged the M4 in his hand, "Look at it, remember to come and save me!"

     He had already figured out the details of the two below, although he thought to himself that this do sth when least expected "flying grass" could kill the other two in one fell swoop.

     But the cat staring at the crotch is obviously not sure that he can survive a shot from this height.

     But danger lurks within the riches and honour, taking advantage of the situation on the field is still unclear on the VTA side.

     They must get rid of the troubles as soon as possible, or they will be more passive after waiting.

     And has to say,

     The choice of staring at the crotch cat can be said to have a very personal style, that is, dare to fight and dare to show.

     In the big screen guide lens.

     Under the shocked gazes of countless viewers off the field and in the live broadcast room, the cat suddenly jumped from the elevated stand, and jumped off with a strong grasp.

     Flying grass!

     I never thought that due to an unexpected turn of events, the thunder in Liu Zilang's hand almost warmed up at the moment when the cat jumped down.

     He suddenly leaned out of the elevated frame, leaned back slightly at the moment he leaped, and flicked his arm forcefully, and the preheating thunder in his palm whizzed out!

      In addition, at the moment when Liu Zilang threw the thunder, Li Muqiu held his Thomson up and stared at the top of the elevated, rushed out quickly.

     But at this moment, I saw the two people looking up to the top looking at the figure to drop from the sky,

     The pupils shrank, and a thick surprise flashed across his face at the same time!

     this is...Mistake Young Catfish?

     But for Li Muqiu, who had already rushed out, after a very brief surprise, he quickly raised the muzzle and aimed it into the air very quickly.

      At the same time, the cat staring at the crotch that jumped down the elevated bridge was also stunned. According to his script, this wave should be to drop from the sky, and a wave of abruptly arising back-entry directly took away the two.

     That is the perfect plan!

     However, he hadn't thought

     The other party unexpectedly rushed out in advance like a seer, there is still one. The person who stepped back is even more rushing towards him with a handful of Thomson.

     Seeing this, the cat staring at the crotch in the air didn't care so much, I saw that he held the M4 in his hand and pressed the muzzle, and in midair shot him a "da da da" waist!

     The flashing fire in the muzzle was elongated as it fell, and it looked like a person holding a lightsaber to drop from the sky!

     And Li Muqiu's Thomson is even faster!

     Of course, this submachine gun that can't be equipped with sights is more stable than Uzi when it is sighted. It can't bear to look straight.

     However, in fact, Li Muqiu, who had already been prepared, did not really count as a big shot.

     But if it’s okay to point the gun, he never thought that the other party would dare to jump off the elevated.

     Therefore, when Thomson had no sights, his muzzle vision was limited, and he was able to follow the gun accurately and effectively against the fast-descent staring cat, and he could only pull down with one breath.

     The result was not halfway, when he was hit by two bullets, he fell headlong.

     no way.The gap in equipment lies here.

     He has no head or armour, and his blood volume has just reached a safe blood volume with a bandage. Two shots really can't be more...

     On the other hand, a second-level cat staring at the crotch.

     Even if Li Muqiu kept up with the gun, at least four or five bullets would be needed to solve the opponent.

     This wave of Li Muqiu is really not injustice.

     The cat staring at the crotch in the air saw that the gun was killed, and instantly grandeur like rainbow, the fighting spirit aroused by the first roll of drums, quickly pointed the muzzle at Liu Zilang on the other side.

     But at this time, he suddenly heard a strange noise under his feet, which sounded like stepping on what thing.

     What stuff?

     Staring at the cat's heart can't help but be taken aback!

     The next moment, just listen to a loud sound!

     The flames under his feet suddenly expanded, as if someone had lit a powder keg under his feet. The fierce flames stood straight!

     Suddenly, staring at the cat like a heifer sitting on a rocket, the momentum of the fall suddenly stagnated, and immediately jumped up toward the sky at a faster speed!

      Not surprisingly, this is naturally the masterpiece of Liu Zilang's air-explosive bomb.

     However, at this moment, Liu Zilang under the elevated bridge was also shocked!

     Originally, he just wanted to try to surprise or frighten the opponent with this thunder, and of course he also made a mental preparation that could not be thrown up.

     But this scene that happened suddenly was undoubtedly he was absolutely unprepared in his heart.

     However, Liu Zilang didn't have time to think about it, and only heard a "pop" in front of him.He looked down and saw a corpse lying on the ground convulsively, staring at oneself with big innocent eyes.

     It seems to be saying,

     What are you...

      a person or an apparition!

     Looking at this sudden scene, the barrage in the live broadcast rooms of the major platforms suddenly swept away!

     "Fuck! What is this Thunder?"

     "Airblast want to know more?"

     "As expected to be the reincarnation of Thunder God, I give full marks to this Thunder!"

     "Vic, is this also in your calculations?"

     "Puff haha, staring at the cat distressedly, it turned into a sky monkey just now!"

     "Doesn't anyone care about my Qiu Shen? Vic's shameless brother is still licking!"


     During the game, after Liu Zilang saw the box in front of him, he swept everything in it in less than two seconds.

     Li Muqiu kneels down on the ground and watched from behind Liu Zilang's hands twitching frantically in front of him.

     For a while, I couldn't help but feel sad, and there was an urge to kill someone.

     Oh really!


     At this moment, after Liu Zilang sighed, his face showed a satisfied smile.

     Suddenly, he faintly sensed an inexplicable murderous aura, and his twitching hands could not help but tremble!

     After all, offline games are different from online games, and Li Muqiu is sitting next to him.

     After realizing this, Liu Zilang quickly turned around, and a smoke bomb slid out of his hand very quickly. He explained, "Old Qiu, don't worry, I want to lick a cigarette to save you."Li Muqiu looked at a second-level suit, and the Uzi in his hand was replaced by a dark Cheng Liang M4.

     After throwing a piece of smoke, Liu Zilang, who ran over, couldn't help being covered with black lines for a while!

     Labor trust bird, you drop evil!

     On the interpretive stage.

     Msjoy saw here also couldn't bear shook his head and smiled bitterly, "has to say, staring at the cat is very bold in this wave. To be honest, I just saw the midair shot down Qiu Shen, and almost thought he was going to be... . As a result, Vic is a thunder... alas!"

     "Well, Vic, if you want to say that the thunder is hit and hit, it doesn't seem to be completely." It's also good to go back to the situation of pondered just now, can't help rubbing his chin, "But you have to say that you have premeditated. It's really not..."

     "Maybe this is fate!" PDD summed up with a smile.

     "Although the effect of this wave has burst, the situation on the field is still deep water and scorching fire."

     Msjoy stared at the big screen and analyzed:

     "The handsome guy on the RNG side has been helped up. Now they are three again, and the VTA side has almost figured out the situation in Port G. I think they should take action soon..."

     "Wait! There is a sound of cars?"

     At this moment, the director shot everything suddenly.

     I saw a Sanbengzi, carrying two people speeding up, suddenly leaping into everyone's eyes.

      Without a doubt, these two people got off the car halfway through the wild area. At this time, they found Shen Zeyan and Misaka Kotomi who were hurriedly supported by Weapons and Equipment.

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