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866 There Is Nothing An Airdrop Can't...
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Both the on-stage commentary and the off-field audience were still running silently at the bridgehead "Guardian Boss" with his sister-in-law, secretly regretting that they missed a wave of Se7en2 four-person attack on the bridge.

     Never thought that when the director camera was given to Se7en2 again, suddenly the eyes of countless audiences off the scene almost looked straight!

     "I'm not mistaken? This is...Sanbengzi?"

     "That's not right! How can Sanbengzi sit with four people? Don't lie to me if I read less!"

     "I'm afraid it's not the Indian Sanbangzi?"


     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw Shen Zeyan riding a bike on the slowly moving three-bowl at the bridge head, Misaka Kotomi sitting in the back seat, and Li Muqiu in the No. 3 "prince seat".

     All this is relatively normal.

     However, the existence of Liu Zilang has changed the style of the entire painting all at once.

     At this time, he was squatting behind Li Muqiu in a "****" position and slowly moving forward with the motorcycle, shaking his body from side to side, humming in his mouth, "If I were a DJ, would you love me, you? Will you love me..."

     Under Liu Zilang's "Magic Sounds", Li Muqiu was so annoyed with the urge to turn around and give him a sudden, even Shen Zeyan's face looked dark.

     Only Misaka Kotomi "chuckled" like a little hen, and looked at Liu Zilang with crescent-like smiley eyes full of little stars, and shouted excitedly.

     "Hooting hooting!"

     "Wet what are you singing!"

     Liu Zilang paused when he heard the words, a smile turned up at the corner of his mouth, "Qing Zang Plateau of Fahrenheit, have you heard of it?""Ah...no..." Misaka Kotomi flushed and shook her head embarrassedly, looking ashamed of her ignorance.

     Instead, she raised her smiley face and foolishly chuckled, "Wet sing so loudly!"


     Li Muqiu tilted his mouth and squinted at Misaka Kotomi who was silly.

     "Ask what love in the world is, alas..."

     He sighed saying, beeping quietly, "If this is not the case, I really like it, who would like to be a dog licker."

     "If I were a DJ..."

     Halfway through Liu Zilang's excitement, he didn't hear the words clearly. He turned around and asked, "What?"

     "I said..."

     Li Muqiu's words reached his lips, his eyes rolled, and he asked tentatively.

     "How about... Let's... change?"

     Liu Zilang slapped his chest, and Very Honest said, "No problem ah, who do we follow."

     But unexpectedly hearing this, Li Muqiu glanced at him suspiciously.

     Because in his impression, once Liu Zilang promised such a direct and straightforward, it would be no good.

     But he couldn't bear the temptation.

     Li Muqiu said that as long as he was careful, he would never make any major mistakes.

     So soon...

     Liu Zilang changed to the No. 3 "princely position". Li Muqiu squatted behind him.

     At this time, they naturally did not know that the director was playing so many teams that were not OB, but they gave them the shots.

     Therefore, the audience and commentators off the field saw Liu Zilang shaking upright, and suddenly changed positions with Li Muqiu. For a while, everyone could not help but look at each other in dismay.

     "What's the situation? Has it changed?""Could it be the secret of what else is there? Otherwise, Sanbengzi doesn't make sense to be four people."

     In the doubtful eyes of countless people off the court, Shen Zeyan was unmoved, driving his Rambo Three Jumper like a cold president.


     At this time, the second safety zone on the field was centered on the boiler room of the airport, and Liu Zilang, where the four people entered the circle, was selected in the research institute on the mountainside of the east side of the airport.

     But when entering the lap, there was an accident on the court.

     That was when Sanbengzi rode halfway, Li Muqiu suddenly slipped and fell off the car, and immediately fell directly to the ground.

      Under the caught off guard, he kneels down on the ground was a little dumbfounded.

     But after taking a look at Liu Zilang, who was extremely calm, Li Muqiu reacted quickly and couldn't help but glared at him angrily, "Madan! You are so crude and cheating me!"

     "Have it?"

     Liu Zilang's face is somewhat at a loss.

     However, the others had already jumped out of the car and optimistically grabbed Li Muqiu's dog head.

      "Oh!" Liu Zilang suddenly slapped his head, as if he had just remembered whats the matter, "Forgot to tell you. Standing in this position 4, the car will fall off too fast."

     "But it doesn't necessarily fall."

      He spoke until here, he shrugged the shoulders, "I didn't expect you to have such a good character."

     Li Muqiu: ...

     You are so cool, this is murder!

     After experiencing some small twists and turns (of a defect etc) to be of no great matter, the four of them finally reached the destination of the trip, the research institute on the hillside, using a three jumper.At this moment, the second wave of poison on the court has begun to shrink.

      "All right, now all our teams have successfully shifted to the airport island, and there are no other teams on the land side."

     "Although the third lap has not yet been brushed, there are only ten teams with 35 players left on the field. The attrition has already passed by half."

     "Yes, it is indeed easy for airport circles like this kind of route to advance the attrition time point accordingly."

     "Speaking of this game, the Se7en team and 4AM parachuting on the airport island may become the biggest winners. So far, both of them have made the top ten without a shot."

     "Now let's see how to brush the next circle. If it is in the airport, I guess the final finals should be the boiler room and the south silo..."

     While explaining and analyzing the situation on the field, the airport suddenly heard a roar of aircraft!

     "Wet! There is an airdrop!"

     Misaka Kotomi didn't scream "Lost lost" this time.

     Maybe she went back and searched the Internet before she knew the wide-ranging and profound of the Chinese language.

     Hearing Misaka Kotomi's voice, Liu Zilang and others stared at her for an instant.

     I saw a transport plane approaching from the direction of West Bridge, and suddenly dropped an airdrop when passing over the elevated airport.

     Seeing this, a few people couldn't help but some hesitation.

     Although their team is not the kind of "single-core" team with snipers as the core.

     However, if there is a big sniper like AM in the airdrop to equip Shen Zeyan, it will undoubtedly greatly improve the overall strength of their team.Next, whether it is a transfer or a confrontation, they will have a dominant power.

     The problem is that the elevated distance is far from them.

     If you pass blindly like this, it will be hard to say what you encounter along the way.

     The other is that the four of them only have a triple jumper, so obviously they can't play "Asan Tactics" in this situation.

     Then, if one were to snatch this airdrop, one of the four of them would be a "left-behind child."

     And just when they were hesitating, when the plane crossed the overhead and reached the sky near the K-building, a black spot suddenly appeared below.

     Another bear!

     hiss-! This is a double yolk!


     Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu swallowed together!

      As everyone knows, there's nothing about it in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, it is an airdrop that cannot be determined.

     If so, then one more time.



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