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867 Invisible When Moving!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

words exceede 5100I saw the fifth factory building, the C-shaped building No. 2 and the K-shaped building... even in the dense bushes on the grass south of the elevated, where people from different teams were standing there.

     Host the commentary stage.

     Upon seeing this, Msjoy couldn't help but said with a smile, "Tsk, this feels like Ten Sides Ambush."

     "No way, after all, the double yolk eggs are so tempting." PDD said with a smile, "I was shocked when I saw the double yolk eggs, let alone the players."

     "Well, the grassy bushes in the front of the C building and the elevated are small eye-catching 4AM." It's also good to look at the big screen picture, and continue to say, "The K building is a few players from Team 17. It’s the second airdrop."

     "Yes, it's the MG team with five small factories. I don't think this team is here to grab the airdrop, but it seems to be sniping people."

     "In addition, Vic, Ze Shao, and Qiu Shen from the second team of Se7en have just arrived. It seems hard to say which team will end up with the airdrop."


     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!


     Liu Zilang drove the Sanbengzi drifting and flicked his tail on the elevated steps.

     There must be demons when things go wrong.

     Although there was no attack along the way, the three of Liu Zilang did not relax vigilance.

     Instead, he became more careful.

     Before the car stopped, the three of them jumped off one after another, and quickly found shelters.

     And because they rushed right after seeing the airdrop, the speed of the tricycle was faster.

     So when they arrived here, the airdrop was still at a relatively high position.But Liu Zilang and the others are not in a hurry.

     In fact, even if the airdrop is on the ground, they dare not touch it directly.

     Because whether it was the first airdrop or the second airdrop, both were in the open space between the elevated and the A-building. It could be said that the air leaked from all sides and were beaten in all directions, but anyone staring here could hit them.

     under these circumstances,

     How can they act blindly without thinking?

     Liu Zilang raised his eyes and glanced at the sky. He didn't think much about this airdrop. After all, if there is a big sniper in the airdrop, the sniper must be given priority.

      Thought until here, he looked at the elevated bridge in front of him and couldn't help but said, "You guys help me, I'll go up, and when I get the airdrop, I will help you to raise the gun."

     After speaking, he did not close the cigarettes, and rushed over directly towards the spiral staircase.

     Because the spiral ladder goes from bottom to top,

     Even if Liu Zilang threw a cigarette to seal the bottom, he would definitely be exposed when he climbed up.

     So instead of

     It would be better to go straight up and forget it.

     Ding Ding Ding—!

     There was a rapid sound from the soles of the feet and the spiral staircase, perhaps mixed with the rapid heartbeat.

     Liu Zilang, who was holding 98K in his hand, didn't look everywhere, but stared at the road on the spiral ladder, calculating in heart, and there are still a few floors to reach the top.

     The reason why he was holding the 98K pull bolt is not a rifle, because once he was attacked on the spiral ladder, he was bound to be attacked from all around.Then he won't have the opportunity to stand there and stand with others and shoot. This time, the 98K, which needs to be bolted and bolted, will undoubtedly meet his needs for one shot for one region/place.

     Halfway through,

     The airport is still quiet and noiseless.

     For a moment, Liu Zilang even had the illusion that there was really only their team.

     The next moment, he knew he was wrong!

     Whoops whoops—!

      without omen...

     A rain of bullets suddenly came from the direction of Wuxiaochang splitting the head and covering the face, and "ding ding dang dang" struck a dazzling spark on the deputy and the iron fence of the spiral ladder!


     A bloody mist burst out of Liu Zilang's body!

      Obviously, the slender iron fence cannot be a shelter this time, and the narrow corridor restricts his walking space.

     If Liu Zilang is an iron-headed baby, and rushes directly up, then he might be beaten into a hornet's nest before people reach the top.

     Fortunately, he had long expected this situation to happen, and he didn't panic in his heart.

     The ghost knife opened!

     Moving position, invisible.

     Looking back!

      ? huò huò huò ...comfortable!

     I saw him Listening In On Arguments From Afar, quickly determined the position of one of them, and then he raised the muzzle very quickly, the moment the eightfold mirror was opened, act without taking time to think, he shot out!


     In the crisp and tough gunfire, a sniper bullet hit the opponent's hail of bullets and cut through the sky.

     However, this shot did not hit anyone because the opponent just retracted.But this is enough for Liu Zilang.

     When he was pulling the bolt to change the bomb, the people continued to rush up along the spiral staircase without leaving any way.

     In fact additionally.

     At the moment when Liu Zilang was attacked, Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu, who were staying on the overhead, also quickly set up guns.


     Shen Zeyan shot out!

     The MG in the direction of the fifth factory was unable to dodge, and the dark third-level head was shot immediately.

     And when Shen Zeyan pulled the bolt to change the bullet, Li Muqiu's SKS also flashed wildly with muzzle light and fireworks!

     The yellow-orange-orange bullet shell quickly fell off, and in a blink of an eye there was a wave of extremely fast bursts!

     At this time, he coordinated with Liu Zilang, who changed a shot when he was running on the spiral ladder. As soon as the firepower of the three people started to fight, the four MGs in the direction of the fifth factory were crushed!

     Seeing this fierce scene, whether it's the 4AM in the C-shaped building 2 or the 17-team in the K-shaped building...

     Both teams couldn't help but be secretly surprised!

     Although the four-character "Firepower Suppression" is simple, it is based on strength, not to mention that there are only three people in the elevated team.

     This team...

     There seems to be Diao Meng!



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