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870 Is This Person... A God?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

?I'm coming!

     In just three words, it seemed like a light pierced through a dense cloud.

     However, the next moment, when Li Muqiu looked in the direction of Liu Zilang, his pupils couldn't help but shrink.

     What the hell? ? ?

      In addition, in the game screen on the big screen, Li Muqiu's first perspective was given due to the battle director under the overhead.

     Seeing this shocking glimpse of Li Muqiu, the director was also completely shocked, and quickly cut the camera over.

     So the next moment, in the big screen picture, I saw Liu Zilang stepping on the airdrop box, slowly floating noiselessly landed from the air.

     Countless spectators off the court saw this scene with their eyes widened in horror, their faces stunned!

     This person... is a god?

     However, after a period of consternation, the commentaries on the stage realized the more critical issue. Then, Liu Zilang cut into the battlefield from this incredible angle.

     It is very likely that it has the effect of One Strike, One Kill and even to upend heaven and earth just like the small eye-catching sneak attack on Shen Zeyan!

     as expected!

     At the next moment, Liu Zilang on the airdrop box suddenly had a dark green sniper with a silencer and lengthened in his hand, and the second-level head on his head turned into a black third-level head.

     "My God, it's AM!"

     The situation on the court just now kept conflicting, and even the director forgot to see what was in the airdrop box.

     But looking at the AM born out of thin air in Liu Zilang's hand, the audience off the court, including the commentary on the stage, still does not know what is in this airdrop box.Obviously, this airdrop box not only contains AM and third-level head, but also provides Liu Zilang with a sniper silencer.

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy couldn’t help but take a deep breath, “This is a bit dangerous on the 4AM side. Although they searched the airport, all three of them have tertiary heads, but now no one can hold Vic’s shot. ."

     "Well, it is true in theory."

     The one on the side is nodded, and immediately continues, "But now both sides are moving, can Vic get a headshot with a shot, this is not good..."

     Also good hasn't even finished his sentence,

     There was a gunshot on the court!

     This shot is heavy!

     This shot is boring!

     This shot doesn't have any omen!

     But this shot hit the airport fence unbiased and was pulling Aluka along the highway!


     Under the immense power of Magnum's sniper bullet, the dark and hard tertiary head on Aluka's head was torn to pieces like paper, and a bright blood burst out of his head!

     The next moment, he staggered under his feet and suddenly fell to the ground.

     "Se7en2-Vic knocked down 4AM-Aluka with an AM headshot!"

      has to say, this shot without omen completely stunned the 4AM people!

     After all, think about it, who would be guarded against an airdrop box that symbolizes hopes and dreams?

     Therefore, in the short blink of an eye from the sound of the dull gunfire to the moment when Aluka suddenly fell to the ground,

     4AM The other three people quickly stopped the offensive. When searching for the attackers according to the source of the gunfire, all the places they looked at were not a soul in sight.Under their first reaction, doesn't have any person found Liu Zilang on the airdrop box.

     But Liu Zilang didn't expect that he could cross the sea by a trick. After a shot, he quickly pulled the bolt and changed the bomb. At the same time, he shouted to Li Muqiu, "Don't run! Help me distract them!"

     Li Muqiu also recovered his wits from shock.

     He didn't ask how Liu Zilang appeared on the airdrop box, but held the AK in his backhand, and shot Wei Shen, who was closest to him, with a burst of fire!

      At the same time, Wei Shenzheng was looking for the sneak attacker in doubt. He had some thoughts in his mind, but whatever the case also grasped the essentials.

     Suddenly, he looked at the airdrop box again, his face suddenly revealed a hard to believe look!

     Damn it!

      will not so rough?

     But when he thought about who that person was... he suddenly felt that the other person seemed to have been so rough!

     He was about to give a warning to his teammates,

     at this time,

     Gunshots suddenly sounded behind him!

     One shivers in Wei Shen's heart, his body slammed down like a Conditioned Reflex.

     Fortunately, he was close to the steps under the elevated bridge, and this tactic of lying down instantly avoided Li Muqiu's gun line.

     But despite this, his blood volume was also knocked out more than half.

     However, at this time, Wei Shen didn't care about himself, but hurriedly exclaimed in his voice, "Be careful of airdrops!"

     Watch out for airdrops?

     What do you mean?

     These words immediately made people eye-catching and lonely stunned. If it is in reality, if there is an air drop, it may indeed need to be careful to be hit.

     But in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds,Airdrops can't kill people.

     What should I be careful about?

     Thinking of this, Xiao Xingmu subconsciously glanced at the airdrop. The next moment, he couldn't help but suddenly shrink his pupils, and his whole body suddenly became cold with cold hands and feet!

     Because in his field of vision, the airdrop box continued to drop with the height, and a person above Sudden Appearance was facing him with a terrifying sniper!

     Xiao Ming just about to react.


     There was a dull gunshot in my ears.

      It should be noted, AM's bullet speed is even better than 98K.

     Hearing gunshots at this distance basically means that the bullet has reached the forehead.

     as expected.

     Seeing that his dodge action hadn't been completed yet, the third-level head on his head crashed into a cloud of blood!

     "Se7en2-Vic knocked down 4AM-CPT with AM headshot!"

     Double kill!

     Seeing the sudden Reversing Cosmos change on the field, countless spectators off the field were shocked and opened their mouths...

     For a while, I forgot to exclaim and fell into a strange silence!

     It was the first time that they saw someone who could use the airdrop box to make such a degree of terror!

     In the game game, the small eye-catching fell to the ground again, but the remaining two people of 4AM woke up instantly while their hearts were shaken.

     There is no need to remind the lonely side, and quickly pull the gun and aim at Liu Zilang.

     The airdrop was about to land at this time, and Liu Zilang standing on the airdrop box was naturally exposed.


     The crisp 98K gunfire sounded!Although the reaction of Lone Cun was not slow, Liu Zilang was obviously faster this time.

     Almost at the moment when the gun was lonely pulled towards him, Liu Zilang jumped from the airdrop box.

     At this moment, Li Muqiu, who was not far away, couldn't hit Wei Shen. Seeing that Liu Zilang was attacked, he pointed the gun of the AK at Lonely again.

     Da Da Da—!

     The muzzle of the AK trembled sharply.

     But under Li Muqiu's precise gun control, the dense bullets were still crushed in a small area and exploded away!

     After the lone shot, he was pulling the bolt. The moment the gun sounded, he immediately responded.

     Although he couldn't avoid the gun line when he lay down in this position, there was a cloud of smoke not far from him - it was thrown by Li Muqiu when he fled.

     So Gu Cun hurriedly made three steps and two steps, and she got in very quickly.

     But as soon as I entered the smoke, I felt alone... as if I accidentally hit someone.



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