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877 Poisonous Chicken! (in)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? "Left! Play the left team first!"

     Se7en's grandeur like rainbow rushed down from the mountainside like Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain.

     Gunshots all around!

     But they stared to death on IFTY, which threatened them most, with a fierce beating.

     At this time, there were only three people left in IFTY. The eldest brother did not know when he was killed, but they were on the same starting line as Se7en, even if one less person was not too disadvantaged.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, the four-man team SNG on the apron south of the airport suddenly appeared, forming a trapping attack on the IFTY in the middle.

     In this situation where either you die or I die, IFTY wants to avoid war anymore. It doesn't have any meaning.

     They simply fought to the death and replaced the two people on SNG's backhand.

     Suddenly, the Se7en team couldn't help overjoyed at unexpected good news!

     "Fuck! It was a friendly army just hit!"

     "Haha, we are ready to eat this chicken!"

     "South there are still two people! Take this opportunity to kill them!"

     A team of four quickly took action and quickly flew towards SNG from the line of shooting.

      At the same time, the radiation contracted from the surrounding area coincides with the boundary of the safe zone.

     The Second Last lap on the field was refreshed.

     But in such an almost empty and flat circle, it doesn't matter where the last circle is brushed.

     At least no one on the court is in charge of this circle, everyone can't stop playing.

     "Oh! After Se7en's team defeated IFTY, they took advantage of the victory and pursued it. SNG fell another one, leaving only the last lone wolf!"

     "Tuan Annihilation! One team fought SNG and one group annihilation!""Yes, the first team also fell one, but 90God can still help it to seal the cigarettes!"

     "Except for one team that is a three-person team, the rest are Yu Yong, a remnant."

     "They are still playing. It seems that this game can be ended early without overtime."

     "Well, I feel that the Se7en team is looking forward to eating chickens. After they eat chickens in the reverse direction in the last game, will they eat real chickens again in this game?"

     "The first team really played well in this game. Both the early selection of points and the processing and transfer of the later waves of battles are very spiritual."

     "Wait! Love777, the lone wolf on the EDG side, did it. He stole the gun and made up for 90 god!"

     "But the response of the first team is very fast. There's nothing about it on Love777! Wait! 17Shou is also on, where is Vic? Is he still not doing it?"

     "Let me take the opportunity to form an alliance with the beasts and beasts! If this continues, I will defeat them separately..."

     The commentator wanted to say something, but the picture-in-picture shot that the broadcaster suddenly gave in the lower right corner made his mouth choke.

     Because under the camera of the director, I saw Liu Zilang packing in poison motionless like a statue.

     At this time, he was in the third-to-last wave of poison zone. This wave of poison was very painful and his blood volume dropped rapidly.

     But in fact, apart from the last wave of poisons, the last few poisons in this version can be carried as long as you have enough medicine and fast hands.

     Liu Zilang held on at this time.

     In the finals, they all played twilight sky and dark earth, gunshots were like setting off firecrackers in the New Year, but he was just like being out of the picture."Hiss—!" On the commentary stage, Msjoy couldn't help but takes a deep breath when he saw it, "Vic...Is it because he wants to fight medicine all the time in poison?"

     The one on the side also touched his chin, "I think this is not a solution, but the problem is that there must be survivors in the finals. Only the Second Last lap is now. Is his medicine possible?"

     PDD suddenly said, "Even if the medicine is enough, but people can finally enter the circle, he still hasn't had a chance to eat chicken."

     "Unless..." Msjoy's face suddenly showed a looking thoughtful look, "Unless he didn't plan to eat chicken at all, just want to keep one second."

     "This...it's not impossible." He groaned and nodded slightly. "After all, the second team had eaten a handful of chickens in the last game. As long as they can keep second in this game, no matter how they play in the next game, Promoting to the winner group should be no problem."

     "It's just a bit confused..."

     PDD stroked his nose and smiled.

     "No way, who made the second team eat chicken in the game." Msjoy smiled, shrugged, "People can mix."

     Just when the three of them thought they were pretty close, they were all stunned in the next scene.

     Because after Liu Zilang finished playing a first aid kit, he suddenly pulled out the silenced AM behind him!

     The next moment, he shot out!

     Before the director had time to pull it over, the number of survivors on the field changed from 6 to 5.

     "Se7en2-Vic used AM headshot to kill EDG-Love777!"

     Seeing this abruptly arising kill, the audience off the field and in the live broadcast room could not help but be stunned!"Fuck! Vic is a pretty good shot!"

     "But wait...Is Vic hit the wrong person?"

     "Yes! Why did he beat Xiaoqi? Isn't this his friendly now?!"

     "What a mess! Isn't Nima helping a team?"

     "Is Vic going to be the brother of the first team in this game?"

     "This guy's next goal is not to engage in beasts and beasts, right? If he engages in beasts and beasts, he will be second.

     "Wow... That's too much brother!"


     Love777 originally had the support of 17Shou. The two had no advantage against the remaining three of the team, but they struggled on whilst at death's door, and they were waiting for the support of the next "Yijun".

     However, Liu Zilang's shot suddenly broke the balance on the court, and the pressure on the first team was greatly reduced.

     17shou was utterly defeated, and quickly retracted into the smoke, gnashing one's teeth to Liu Zilang in secret.

      At the same time, the remaining three people in the team are grinning from ear to ear.

     "It's Vic! He's helping us!"

     "Haha, it seems that Vic wants to be second."

     "Hehehe, they are all our own, then we will raise our little brother one hand."

     "But where is this guy hiding? I didn't hear the gunshots."

     "I didn't hear it clearly, but it sounded like poison."

     "No way, who is still poisoned this time?"


     Just when they were discussing spiritedly, a muffled gunfire came from somewhere coldly again!The next moment, a cloud of blood mist suddenly burst on the head of the sniper assaulter Coco in the team!

     "Se7en2-Vic knocked down Se7en-Coco with AM headshot!"

     The remaining few people on the court could not help but froze!

     On the one hand, they were shocked that Liu Zilang was actually in poison; on the other hand, they were a little bit confused about where this guy's butt was facing?

     "Is it just accidentally injured?"

     17 one's hearth is happy, the more you think, the more possible.

     Otherwise, hit this side and hit that side,

     This makes no sense at all.

     So after he hit the first aid kit, he immediately launched the offensive again, the opportunity must be seized!

     While 17shou was fighting drugs just now, and Liu Zilang was also fighting drugs here. After he found the opportunity and fired two shots very quickly, his blood volume dropped rapidly at the speed of visible to the naked eye.

     But Liu Zilang didn't use a bandage to cushion, instead he took out a first aid kit and stuck a needle on his body.

     "Is this... too late?"

     "It's a little too late, how come I feel like I'm going to be poisoned?"

     In an instant, the blood volume fell to the bottom in an instant, and then the first aid kit was still one second away!

     However, at the moment when the blood bar was about to be emptied, the blood volume suddenly jumped up again.

     It's an energy drink!

     The next moment, "Shu" all of a sudden!

     Liu Zilang's blood volume was pulled up instantly.

      rise from the dead!