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881 The Great Gentleman Prodigal Liu!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

?Go to your place tonight.

     Liu Zilang looked at her differently.

     Sawai Kuroko noticed his gaze, and the corner of his mouth rose slightly involuntarily in a demonstration.

     At this moment, Kotomi Misaka glanced at Liu Zilang, and suddenly her face blushed and somewhat shy said coyly, "Nest...Nest and wetness live together."

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but his face was taken aback.

     Live together, live together.

     Why are you blushing?

     and many more...

     It seems something's wrong!

     Sure enough, these words suddenly seemed like thunder from a clear sky, Sawai Kuroko stare blankly, suddenly widened her eyes, torn by grief and indignation blurted out, "You are living together?"

     Zhang Xiaotong on the side saw the appearance of Sawai Kuroko, and he tilted his head and explained, "Yes, the three of us are together."

     "Three together?" Sawai Kuroko angrily turned the head and looks to Liu Zilang as if struck by lightning.

     Liu Zilang is a little understood.

     He couldn't help scratching his butt, and explained with a wry smile, "Hei Sauce, it's not what you think, actually there is still one girl with us."

     "You are the black sauce..."

     Halfway through the conversation, she was suddenly stunned, looking at Liu Zilang with a hard to believe face, her lips trembled and said, "Also... there is still one?"


     Big pervert!

     The ultimate metamorphosis of the invincible universe!

     At this moment, Sawai Kuroko's perception of life, world outlook and values, and love outlook collapsed suddenly!She was stuffed into a taxi stopped by Liu Zilang by the three of them like a walking corpse, and looked like she no longer looked like a dignified lady when she first met.

     After for a good while, she recovered his wits in Misaka Kotomi’s explanation.

     The taxi driver is a young man between 15-16 years old, and he seems to like to watch e-sports.

     As soon as I got on the car, I recognized Liu Zilang, who has recently been publicly upright and grand in major events.

     But gradually, after listening to Misaka Kotomi intentionally or unintentionally, the young man's face suddenly changed.

     He looked behind him in the rearview mirror, and looked at Liu Zilang, who was sitting on the co-pilot with a serene face, and then thought of himself who was about to be promoted to the "magister" at the age of twenty-six, and inexplicably gave birth to something in his heart. Angry sad!

     What is so good about this guy?

     Isn't he just a little taller than me, handsomer, better at the game, and maybe he has more money?

     Is it that twenty-six-year-old me...

      Thought until here, the young man suddenly couldn't think anymore, because it rained suddenly in his heart.


     Back seat.

     Sawai Kuroko also turned around.

     However, she still wandered back and forth between Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi suspiciously, trying to see some flaws.

     She believed that Zhang Xiaotong was her younger sister.

     But there is nothing new under the sun. It should be said that Kotomi Misaka and the other girl who lives under the same roof and the man sitting in front are just pure male-female relationships.

     Then she didn't believe it!

     So Sawai Kuroko calmed down, relaxed the enemy's vigilance, and wanted to follow the past to find out.She is confident that there's nothing about it can escape the eyes of her detective Heizi. If there is, then there must be no such dimension.

     Of course, Sawai Kuroko did not forget the main purpose of this trip to the sea.

     She fumbled for her bag and quickly found an invitation letter. It was Jiang Hai who invited her to represent the GTR club in Japan to exchange and learn, including Se7en.

     "Nami-kun, please take a look at this." Sawai Kuroko resumed as usual, handed over the invitation letter in a calm tone.

     Liu Zilang took it backhand from the front passenger seat, but he sensed a fleeting resistance during the handover.

     He corner of the mouth twitched, he thought this "little black" wouldn't think I was a pervert, right?

     Speaking of it, he doesn't mind being perverted.

     I just mind being wronged.

     After looking at Se7en on the invitation letter, Liu Zilang couldn't help but twitch his eyes.

     The heart said that Boss Su is not okay with troubles. Ask a Japanese silly girl to learn and communicate.

     After reading the invitation letter, he put it back, not a word or movement, and returned it without mentioning that he was Se7en.

     But I never thought that Kotomi Misaka, a silly apprentice, would sell him to the sky long ago, and he was also sold directly from the factory and sold directly on the spot, pointing to Liu Zilang happily.

     "Heizi, Heizi, Vic is Se7en's wet nest, so let's take the nests together."

     Sawai Kuroko noticed the pride and pride that Misaka Kotomi had when he mentioned Liu Zilang, and she couldn't help but feel like eating lemon. She was the one who occupied this position before.But she had decided not to expose it too soon, and she was only ahem'ed gently in her nose.

     After about half an hour’s drive, the group of four arrived at the doorstep.

     After paying and getting off the car, Liu Zilang wanted to ask if she could help her find a hotel.

     But remembering that after Zhang Xiaotong opened the gift, he found that it was the joy of a figure that she liked. Looking at the intimate appearance of the three at this time, he still chose to swallow this problem rationally.

     But seeing Zhang Xiaotong holding hands to do it, the three of them are going upstairs excitedly.

     Liu Zilang suddenly remembered that he had brought a trolley case with him when he came, but now he got into the car with empty hands and left. He couldn't help shook the head and turned to the trunk to take out the case.

     Hearing the movement behind him, Sawai Kuroko suddenly complexion big change!

     She ran over in three steps and two steps in two steps, and took the trolley case from Liu Zilang.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but froze, thinking she was embarrassed, smiled and stretched out his hand, "Heijiang, you and them will go up first, I'm a good person to do it to the end, help you get it up.

     After snatching the trolley case, Sawai Kuroko vigilantly checked the zipper lock and found that they were all secured before letting out a relaxed breath.

     Then when she spoke, she was a little stuttered, ", I...I can do it myself."

     Seeing her nervous look, Liu Zilang couldn't help but mutter in his heart.

     Then I couldn't help but complexion turned black!

     Because when you travel, valuables are usually carried with you, and the trolley box is usually filled with personal change of clothes and daily necessities.Look at her vigilant look at this moment... Ma Dan, this little black doesn't really treat me as a pervert, right?

     Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi in front also turned around, glanced at them with somewhat uncertain faces, and then walked over and said, "Then let's help you get them together."

     But I never thought that Sawai Kuroko hurriedly waved his hand, looking nervous and guilty, and said, "No need, no need, I can take it myself, this is very light...look."

     With that, she made a gesture to pick up the box with one hand.

     After all, she is not a strange girl, and this trolley case is not the kind of accompanying suitcase.

     It was the slightly larger box that was consigned, with a label on it.

     She just raised it with one hand, but within a second she let it go again.


     The surrounding air suddenly became quiet.