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882 Over The Mountain! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? Seeing this witty operation, Liu Zilang also reacted somewhat, she just targeted and does not belong to oneself.

     Then it can only be a personal problem. Is there any hidden secret in this box?

     Sawai Kuroko lowered his head and held the handle of the box with both hands, his cheeks looking red.

     Forget it.

     Liu Zilang didn't think much, walked over and took the box.

     Sawai Kuroko was slightly hesitated, but still handed the box to Liu Zilang, just glanced at him vigilantly.

     Liu Zilang smiled lightly, not a word or movement faintly shook the head.

     Sawai Kuroko was startled when he saw this.

     Soon, as if someone had discovered some secret, she turned her head in a guilty conscience, but she kept peeking at the box from the corner of her eyes.

     After Liu Zilang noticed it, he couldn't help but become more curious. It seems that this box is definitely more than just a little "commodity".

     But curiosity is curiosity, and he doesn't want to peek.

     Without mentioning that the box was locked, he pointed at Kuroko Sawai who was one step and three times look back in front. He didn't dare to think about it.


     After going upstairs, Wang Qianqian has not yet returned home.

     After entering the house, Sawai Kuroko quickly bowed to thank him, and immediately took the box from Liu Zilang.

     Liu Zilang saw that she was obviously sighed in relief when she took the box, but her chest was up and down without too many.

     After getting the box, Sawai Kuroko quickly recovered her dignified and ladylike appearance.

     The eyes are still looking around, seeming to be looking for a spider's thread and horse track.

     However, Liu Zilang has been standing there for many years, she naturally impossible to find any clues.Misaka Kotomi blinked, and looked at Liu Zilang somewhat apologized, worried about causing trouble to Liu Zilang.

     Liu Zilang didn't feel anything, just shook the head with a smile.

     Seeing this, Misaka Kotomi couldn't help but let go a little, and then brought Sawai Kuroko to his own room.

     After entering the room, Sawai Kuroko put down the box and looked around in a blink of an eye. Suddenly he closes the eyes and takes a deep breath deeply, "Is this Kotomi SAMA's room?"

     And what happens in the next moment, if Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong are present, they may be directly confused!

     Sawai Kuroko suddenly jumped up and flew onto the bed, holding the quilt with both hands on the tip of her nose, and said with a fascinating expression, "This is...this is the smell of Kotomi SAMA."

     It looks like an idiot, where there is still the appearance of a dignified lady just now.

     Misaka Kotomi also lightly hit her from behind, some said while blushing, "You... Kuroko, don't be so perverted."


     Sawai Kuroko suddenly "Jiejie" rubbed her hands with a strange smile, "I have something more perverted!"

     As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly jumped up from the bed, and suddenly fell on Misaka Kotomi, her face pressed against Misaka Kotomi shamelessly against her chest, and her mouth smiled strangely, "Kotomi SAMA, why is yours still so big than mine? It's not fair to be short but big!"

     "It's not fair."

     Kotomi Misaka struggled with a red face.

     Hearing this, Sawai Kuroko suddenly stopped rubbing his chest and looked at it intently, earnestly said:

     "Both are not fair!"

     Misaka Kotomi:...Pushing Sawai Kuroko away, Misaka Kotomi turned and asked seriously, "Kuroko, how many days will you stay studying this time?"

     "Kotomi SAMA, are they going to chase me away when they just came?" Sawai Kuroko suddenly switched form, staring at her in a delicate and charming manner.

     "No no."

     Misaka Kotomi hurriedly waved her hand, and immediately hesitated, "But this is at Wet House, I'm afraid..."

     "Huh, your master is a pervert!"

     Sawai Kuroko curled his mouth, folded his hands on his chest, "You must be careful of him, I think he engages in conspiratorial activities to you."

     "Where is it, Kuroko, don't talk nonsense." Misaka Kotomi shook her head.

     Sawai Kuroko's eyes showed a wise light, and he questioned, "Then why does he keep you at home."

     "Because...because the nest can help the wet sweeping, washing and cooking..." Misaka Kotomi suddenly found a valid reason.

     Unexpectedly, Sawai Kuroko exclaimed, "Ah! Damn! He wants to enslave you!"

     "What enslavement..." Misaka Kotomi was speechless.

     "Don't worry, Kotomi SAMA, I will definitely save you." Sawai Kuroko strangely chuckled twice, gradually reluctant to rub her chest with her cheek, and suddenly started using her hands and feet together.

     When Misaka Kotomi noticed it, she felt like her body was electrocuted, and couldn't help but whispered softly.

     But the next moment, she suddenly flew a Jio and kicked Sawai Kuroko onto the bed, turned and walked outside with a dark face.

     Unexpectedly, as soon as she opened the door, she saw Zhang Xiaotong who looked like a bewildered face.Zhang Xiaotong's small face was ashamed and red, and suddenly he covered his mouth with both hands and promised in a low voice,

     "Sister Kotomi, I... I heard it accidentally, I will definitely not talk nonsense."

     After speaking, she hurried back to her own room.

     Looking at Zhang Xiaotong’s back, Kotomi Misaka dim-wittedly blankly stood in place, and suddenly I want to cry a little.


     living room.

     The housekeeping aunt has already cooked the food.

     Liu Zilang was sitting on the sofa watching TV, waiting for them to settle down and come out for dinner.

     At this moment, the screen of the mobile phone he placed aside suddenly flickered, which was obviously a message.

     Liu Zilang hit the news, only to find that it was originally sent by Li Muqiu.

     "Have you heard?"

     Liu Zilang thought he was talking about Sawai Kuroko, and he couldn't help but secretly said that not only did labor and capital have heard about it, but this guy is still in my house now.

     He was about to reply to the complaint, but at this moment, Li Muqiu sent another message.

     "SKK lost today."

     SKK lost?

     Liu Zilang was stunned.

     He didn't ask further, and quickly found the news of the European and American matches on his mobile phone.

     Since PGI is a global synchronized event, today's PGI qualifiers in Europe and the United States are also the opening match, and in today's game, the total score of SKK only got second.

     The second result is good for many teams. In fact, the top ten can enter the winner group, but for this kind of legendary FPS team of SKK.

     If you fail to get the first place in the PUBG game, you have already lost.Liu Zilang swiped the screen of his mobile phone and found that the e-sports media in Europe and the United States were hiding the sky and covering the earth vying to report a team called "GTiger", or "GT" for short.

     They boldly predicted this team's amazing three games and two chickens on the first game day, overwhelming SKK's performance, which is likely to make it the biggest dark horse in this PGI European and American qualifiers and even the PGI Global Finals!

     Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang frowned slightly and searched for the team's information.

     He soon discovered that the best performer on the first day of the team was a free man and captain named TheShine, from the magical country of Iceland.

     After reading the information, Liu Zilang's heart gradually eased, and he replied to Li Muqiu casually, not too surprised by the results of the European and American PGI qualifiers.

     Because just as China is rich in top AD and South Korea is rich in top mid laners, in the field of FPS, Europe and the United States lack top talents. The fall of a dynasty often pave the way for the arrival of a new era.

     But before going over this mountain, they need to experience far more than what they are in front of.

     Therefore, Liu Zilang is not nervous, but a faint feeling of to wipe one's eyes and wait in his heart.


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