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885 Quickly Make Up For The Wetness!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? The next day, the sky is bright.

     Misaka Kotomi got up early, and excitedly came to Liu Zilang's room, pulling Liu Zilang's arm and shaking for a while, almost shaking him off the bed.

     "Get up wet wet!"

     "Why get up so early? I'll sleep a little longer." Liu Zilang rubbed his sleepy eyes, looked at the sky outside the window, turned his back to her and continued to sleep.

     Unexpectedly, Misaka Kotomi refused to agree.

     She walked quietly on tiptoe and climbed onto the bed, her little butt sat on Liu Zilang's waist, who was turned sideways with her back to her, and shook for a while, "It's wet, Xiaotong and Heizi are up, we are all waiting for you. "

     She tried to "pressure" Liu Zilang in this way.

     Liu Zilang was so shaken by her that her body was about to fall apart, no matter where she could sleep, she couldn't help turning around and want to teach her.

     I didn't expect to turn over,

     Misaka Kotomi's little butt fell flat, and suddenly sat on his lower abdomen.

     what-! Oh oh oh!

     Liu Zilang suddenly felt the pressure he shouldn't have at his age, and couldn't help shouting in pain.

     Not only was he forcibly pressed, but he was almost sat out even after dinner overnight.

      Open eyes, watching Kotomi Misaka, who was blushing and standing under the bed, suddenly jumping out of the bed "swish".

     Liu Zilang takes a deep breath, and the corner of his mouth twitches slightly and said, "Come here, I promise not to kill you."

     "Wo...Wo can't go over!" Misaka Kotomi finished speaking, and hurried to the outside.

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang couldn't help being speechless, raised his head and slapped himself on the forehead.

     Sinister!I knew I shouldn't have agreed to go to Jianghai Paradise.


     But now that he has been woken up, Liu Zilang's head is also awake at this time. If he goes to sleep again, maybe the three outsiders will come in together.

     The consequences are simply unbearable.!

     Scratching his messy hair, Liu Zilang got out of bed and put on slippers, ready to wash up first.

     However, he walked out of the room and took a look, only to find that the living room was empty and peaceful, except for a noise from the kitchen.

     As soon as I walked to the door of the bathroom, I heard "zhī ya" in my ear and turned his head to find that Zhang Xiaotong had just gotten up.

     Zhang Xiaotong was wearing the familiar koala pajamas, his eyes were slightly closed and he got up, his face was not awake.

     She walked forward swaying with her shoulders slumped, and she didn't find Liu Zilang until she got closer.

     But after she saw Liu Zilang, she still dazed for a moment, with her small face up and blinking eyes, looking stupid.


     When Liu Zilang saw this cannot help but laugh, he still rarely saw such a cute Zhang Xiaotong.

     Hearing laughter, Zhang Xiaotong also reacted.

     After seeing Liu Zilang who was smiling, she was dumbfounded, and suddenly lowered her head and walked by Liu Zilang pretending to be nothing.


     Before the vanity.

     Zhang Xiaotong was squeezing toothpaste in front of the mirror, and looked left and right in the mirror.

     He seemed to wonder why Liu Zilang looked at her and smiled, thinking that he had something on his face when he just got up.

     "Cough..." Liu Zilang coughed.Zhang Xiaotong immediately stopped looking in the mirror, lowered her head and concentrated on squeezing toothpaste, as if to pretend that he was not seen.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help being amused when he saw this. He could not help but walked over to pick up Peppa's blue tooth cup and began to squeeze toothpaste.

     The sink at home is not too big, but it can fit two people together.

     After noticing Liu Zilang's movements, Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help stiffening and shrank subconsciously to the side.

     After squeezing the toothpaste, watching Zhang Xiaotong bow his head and brush his teeth with single-hearted devotion, there is foam around his small mouth.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help chuckled in his heart and couldn't help but want to tease her.

     So he deliberately leaned against Zhang Xiaotong, and then followed the old man's manner, holding the front of the forehead with his index and middle fingers, and then slowly wiped the hairline back, and clicked the The tongue said, "It's so handsome! Don't play or black, Jianghai is the best!"


     As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Xiaotong burst into laughter, and all of a sudden sprayed foam on the front mirror, and the toothbrush in his hand fell into the sink.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but stunned when he saw this.

     Although he just wanted to tease her, he didn't expect the effect to be so remarkable.

     Wait... It's not right!

     Liu Zilang suddenly complexion turned black.

     Hemp egg!

     Is what labor and management say so funny?

     After Zhang Xiaotong coughed a few times, he suddenly turned his head, his pink face glared at him dissatisfied.

     Then she picked up the cup and refilled the water, gūlū gūlū rinsed her mouth, then put down the toothbrush cup and turned around and went out.Liu Zilang shrugged, helped her wipe the foam on the mirror, and then rinsed cleanly.

     But after washing up, when he arrived in the living room, I saw Kotomi Misaka walking out of the kitchen with a bowl of porridge.

     After seeing Liu Zilang, she put the porridge in front of him like a child made mistakes, and lowered her head embarrassedly, "Sorry for being wet, Wo...wo didn't mean it."

     After sitting down, Liu Zilang ahem'ed, squinting his eyes and said, "I won't kill you again next time."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Misaka Kotomi knew that he was no longer angry, so she grinningly said, "It's damp, this is the porridge specially prepared for you, so make up."

     Liu Zilang lowered his head and couldn't help but his eyes twitched slightly.

     In addition to red beans and red dates, the porridge also contains a lot of bright red wolfberry...


     In a strange look, after Liu Zilang ate the "nutritious porridge" Misaka Kotomi prepared for him with difficulty, several people went back to the room to change their clothes.

     Thinking of the outdoor live broadcast today, after returning to the room, Liu Zilang thought about it or carried a bag with a power bank and a flexible selfie stick in it.

     After waiting for a while at the door, Kotomi Misaka came out first.

     This Guapi woke up Liu Zilang early in the morning, and couldn't wait to play, so there was no idea to change clothes.

     Soon, Zhang Xiaotong and Sawai Kuroko also walked out one after the other one after the other. The three of them didn't wear any makeup, but they were lively and lovely, full of youthfulness.

     But look carefully, there are also differences.Zhang Xiaotong looks like a little girl in school, while Kotomi Misaka wears more at home, like an otaku who hasn't been out for a long time.

     In comparison, Sawai Kuroko's dress is closer to the Tokyo City girl.

     She still wears double ponytails, but with a brown sun hat on her head and a light blue dress with unknown but beautiful flowers.

     Below is a pair of white small pointed-toe low-heeled shoes with a white bag hanging on the shoulder, which looks simple and gorgeous.

     Of course, Liu Zilang didn't pay much attention to these.

     When he saw that all three of them had arrived, he went downstairs and stopped a taxi, and then drove in the direction of Jianghai Paradise in his memory.

     While the car was driving, Zhang Xiaotong fiddled with his mobile phone in the back seat and started the outdoor live broadcast.

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