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886 Women's Prodigal Liu Is Online?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

?Jianghai Paradise is located in Xindong District, not too close to the city where they are located. It takes half an hour by car.

     But Zhang Xiaotong and the three sitting in the back seat were not very boring. After a while, she quickly started the live broadcast.

     And Zhang Xiaotong apparently mentioned to the audience last night that many water friends were waiting for her to start broadcasting this morning.

     So as soon as the live broadcast started, the water friends who received the push came in, and the popularity value of the live broadcast room was like sitting on a rocket, tens of thousands of thousands of dollars!

     Sitting nearby, Liu Zilang glanced at the rear-view mirror, and inadvertently discovered that as soon as Zhang Xiaotong opened the live broadcast, Sawai Kuroko pretended to inadvertently raise his hand and close the hair near his ear.

     Then she brought her legs together slightly, raising her head and chest like a pupil doing eye exercises, looking a little strange.

     And in comparison, Misaka Kotomi is much more straightforward, she leaned close to Zhang Xiaotong's little face and kept hehehe.

     "Wow! Xiaotongjiang has finally started broadcasting!"

     "Excuse me, is this a car to have a kindergarten?"

     "Menhera sauce is also here, sisters Hua Sai Gao, this wave of earning!"

     "Where is Vic? Is Vic also there?"

     "That stubborn pigeon died last night, and he hasn't come to report today. Xiaotongjiang will soon let him die!"

     "The dog thief comes out, and the forty-meter-long stick allows you to retreat 39 meters."

     "First step back thirty-nine meters starfish, I seem to see the glory of humanism."

     "Hey, how do I feel that there is still one person next to Xiaotongjiang, is it Vic?"

     "No, that person is wearing a skirt. Vic can't wear a skirt, right?""How impossible, is Vic ashamed in the heart, today decided to give us benefits for women's clothing?"


     For a while, the friends in the live broadcast room became curious. Many people asked Zhang Xiaotong to move the camera toward "Liu Zilang" on the barrage.

     When Zhang Xiaotong saw the barrage, he couldn't help snickering in his heart, and then blinked playfully.

     "In fact, he still puts on makeup, maybe you won't recognize it."

     Hearing Zhang Xiaotong's words, Sawai Kuroko looked forward not to glance sideways, fluttering like a world of independence, as if everything around him were clouds.

     At this moment, Zhang Xiaotong suddenly pointed the front camera at her, and Sawai Kuroko suddenly stiffened, and she couldn't calm down.

     The audience in the live broadcast room was also stunned!

     "My God! Is this Vic?"

     "Cough cough cough, believe it, and don't believe it."

     "Unexpectedly, this is more beautiful than women's clothing. I can't hold it anymore."

     "Hehehe, it seems that the rumors are correct. If you really like it, what does gender matter?"

     "Wa doesn't believe it! Vic can't be so generous even with makeup."

     "Why don't you believe me? You are a boy when you look so cute, and the chest and Vic are completely in keeping with."


     Sawai Kuroko looked ahead calmly, but from the corner of his eye he secretly aimed at the barrage.

     Seeing that Shuyou seems to have mistaken her for Liu Zilang, but the front is all praises of her cute and pretty.

     Although Sawai Kuroko looks serene on the surface, she already bubbling in her heart.But the next moment, when she saw the One of them barrage, she suddenly couldn't help but complexion turned black, her small teeth clenched loudly.

     Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi also saw the barrage, and couldn't help but giggle.

     The three women chatted in the back seat for a while, unconsciously, the car came to the gate of Jianghai Paradise.

     After getting out of the car, as soon as Liu Zilang paid for the car, Misaka Kotomi excitedly raised her head to play with the tall Ferris wheel and cried out, "It's wet, so let's go to the next nest to ride the Ferris wheel!"

     Liu Zilang face turn white, turned his head and went to line up to buy tickets, deliberately pretending not to hear.


     Suddenly, there was heat in my ears.

     When he turned his head, he found that Kotomi Misaka was close to his ears and looked at him with big eyes flickering, so Liu Zilang naturally couldn't pretend not to hear.

     "You can go, but it's not necessary."

     "Wet you fear heights?"

     "The teacher is not afraid of anything."

     Zhang Xiaotong, who was holding the selfie stick and turning on the rear webcam, led the audience to watch the Ferris wheel and heard what Liu Zilang said.

     She glanced at subconsciously in his direction, just at this time Liu Zilang was also looking at her.

     The eyes of the two met, and Zhang Xiaotong's childhood memories suddenly popped up in his mind. He couldn't help but small face slightly red, and immediately lightly snorted, turning his head away.

     Liu Zilang scratched his stomach when he saw this, his face looked somewhat weird...


     Perhaps due to weekends, there are still many people in line at the gate of Jianghai Paradise.Most of them are families of three or four who take their children to play on weekends, but "family of four" like Liu Zilang and others are relatively rare.

     Although the team is long,

     After a while, you will be at the front.

     Liu Zilang had already started a live broadcast just when he was queuing, and for a while, countless water friends crowded in.

     The water friends first denounced that he was inappropriate last night, and then they clamored for Liu Zilang to show them the young lady in the amusement park.

     At this moment, it was Liu Zilang's turn to buy the ticket, so he simply put the selfie stick in Misaka Kotomi's hand next to him, "Hey, you want to see the young lady."

     At the beginning, the audience in the live broadcast room was still arguing, but after Misaka Kotomi said hello to be cute, he soon conquered the countless water friends audience in the live broadcast room, and the water friends made Zhang Xiaotong come to the same frame.

     "Xiaotongjiang Xiaotongjiang, they want to see you." Misaka Kotomi smiled and waved Zhang Xiaotong on the side.

     So soon, Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi held up their selfie sticks, and they laughed and leaned together.

     Standing at the back, Sawai Kuroko secretly stood on tiptoe, looking at the fast-rolling barrage of the two mobile phones in the live broadcast room.

     Suddenly she couldn't help but approached Misaka Kotomi and asked in a low voice, "Kotomi SAMA, is anyone looking at me?"


     Kotomi Misaka was stunned.

     She looked at the screen carefully with eyes open wide for a while, and then shook the head, "It seems that there is no..."

     Sawai Kuroko: ...

     Liu Zilang, who was buying tickets, became stiff when he heard the words and almost laughed loudly in his heart!

     Unexpectedly, this black sauce is quite stinky.

     ......After buying the tickets, the four of them entered Jianghai Paradise.

     There are many play items in the park.

     Things like Ferris wheel, roller coaster, pirate ship and haunted house are everything that should be here is here.

     Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong looked east and west like they were holding their selfie sticks. Since they are not only here for fun, but also live outdoor live broadcasts, they naturally have to interact with the audience.

     Regarding what to play, the audience in the two-person live broadcast room was like a tide of barrage!

     "Roller coaster! Roller coaster!"

     "What roller coaster, I must go to the haunted house first!"

     "Hehehe, Xiaotongjiang go to the haunted house, the haunted house is fun."


     Liu Zilang looked at his live broadcast room, and then turned to look at Zhang Xiaotong's live broadcast room, only to find that most of the water friends on the barrage were harbored evil intents to encourage them to go to the haunted house.

     He couldn't help shaking his head sighed saying.

     It’s not impossible to go to the haunted house, but these water friends are afraid to be disappointed...



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