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887 Little Story In The Rain
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? Next, as expected.

     Zhang Xiaotong was not afraid of this when she was a seven or eight-year-old little Lolita, and naturally it is even less likely to be afraid at this time.

     The four people drove the live broadcast and walked around in the haunted house, except for Sawai Kuroko who was frightened and flustered, Zhang Xiaotong who had developed immunity and the thick-skinned Kotomi Misaka happy laughter and cheerful voices.

     Liu Zilang watched his mind with his eyes and nose, and entered a state of motionlessness.

     This not only disappointed the live broadcast of those harbored evil intents, but even the staff members who played ghosts everywhere in the haunted house also had a sense of frustration inexplicably, but fortunately, there is still one, Sawai Kuroko let them talk about comfort. ...

     After coming out of the haunted house without any surprise, Liu Zilang found that the sky outside gradually dimmed.

     When I came in the morning, the sun shines brightly, clear and boundless sky, but now it is dizzy and the sky is full of dark clouds.

     No way, the weather changes in coastal cities like Jianghai have always been unpredictable.

     Kotomi Misaka raised her head, scratched the head, "It's wet...it won't rain, right?"

     Hearing Misaka Kotomi's words, Liu Zilang corner of the mouth twitched, slightly scolded, "don't be a crow's beak, we didn't bring an umbrella today."

     Unexpectedly, as soon as he finished speaking, a chill suddenly appeared on his cheeks. Liu Zilang subconsciously looked up, only to find raindrops floating in the sky.

     Misaka Kotomi obviously discovered this too. She cannot bear shrinks her neck and chuckles embarrassingly.

     Liu Zilang's heart was twisted.

     What to say... This special cat is not a koi, it is clearly a crow's mouth!However, compared to Liu Zilang's speechlessness, Zhang Xiaotong was still very interested, and even seemed a little excited.

     She held the selfie stick high and turned around twice, and said to the water friend grinningly in the live broadcast room, "It's raining! It's raining! Everyone, go home and pick up your clothes!"

     Liu Zilang seldom saw her so happy, and he glanced at her differently.

     Perceiving Liu Zilang's gaze, Zhang Xiaotong's smile on face couldn't help but froze, and then quickly converged, turning his head and glanced at him deadpan.

     Liu Zilang: ...

     It's a pity that this little girl doesn't learn to change her face!

     Liu Zilang was funny in his heart, but he didn't care about it. He thought for a bit still said to the water friends in the live broadcast room, "It's raining. I don't know if it will get bigger and bigger. We may have to find a place to hide from the rain. "

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, the water friends in the live broadcast room had not had time to protest.

     The three of Zhang Xiaotong and the others looked anxious for a while, it was obvious that they were dispelled when Xing Xing started.

     "It's wet... I think it's raining but nothing else." Misaka Kotomi dim-wittedly raised her head and looked upward, opening her arms and eyes narrowing, "It's raining so romantic."


     Liu Zilang knocked on her forehead and said with a sullen expression, "It won't be romantic if you are soaked in soup."


     Misaka Kotomi stuck out the tongue.

     Seeing Liu Zilang's movements, Sawai Kuroko on the side suddenly showed an expression of anger, and the small fists hanging on both sides were clenched tightly.

     Damn it!

     Actually violated her in front of her!Is it tolerable or unbearable!

     But just when she wanted to take action to defend her sovereignty, Liu Zilang suddenly proposed, "This way...or we will go to the Ferris wheel first, even if it rains suddenly."

     "Ferris wheel?"

     Sawai Kuroko was slightly startled.

     Although Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi looked at the ferris wheel when they were queuing outside, they were the most happy, but she was actually looking forward to it, who had never said anything.

     Hearing Liu Zilang's proposal to ride on the Ferris wheel at this time, Sawai Kuroko's clenched small fist could not help but loosen, and his eyes were uncertain between Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi.

     Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi didn't want to hide from the rain, and they agreed to this proposal.

     So next, the group of four walked towards the Ferris wheel.


     Human thinking is always connected.

     Seeing The Sky Must Rain, there was a long queue outside immediately outside the enclosed play area like a haunted house or a Ferris wheel.

     The four of Liu Zilang lined up for a good while, and finally it was their turn. This time, the rain falling from the sky has turned into raindrops.

     Liu Zilang noticed that the hair of the three of them was more or less stained with a little rain, but the high mood was not affected, and they still looked like they became exhilarated.

     Soon, the four walked into a red box.

     "By the way, do any of you have a fear of heights?" Before the start of the Ferris wheel, Liu Zilang suddenly opened the mouth to ask.

     Zhang Xiaotong was chatting with the water friends in the live broadcast room. Hearing that he was just glanced at him and silent, Sawai Kuroko was also polite and lightly smiled towards him.Misaka Kotomi sat beside him triumphantly twisting her small butt, and slapped her chest, "Don't worry, I'm not afraid of it!"

     "Well, when I didn't ask."

     Liu Zilang shrugged the shoulders.

     At this moment, Sawai Kuroko didn't know what he saw, and a smile suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth.

     "Langjun, are you afraid of heights?"

     "A joke." Liu Zilang sneered. "I have feared nothing in Heaven or Earth for someone's life, so I am afraid of heights?"

     Hearing Sawai Kuroko's words, the audience in the live broadcast room was hilarious!

     "Langjun? This seems to have something!"

     "Vic is more afraid of heights than absolute fear. He just pretended to ask someone else, obviously wanting to make excuses for himself."

     "Hey...think about it, it seems that it's not without reason."

     "Hey, the dog thief is really cunning!"


     Liu Zilang glanced at the barrage in the live broadcast room and was about to say something.

     At this time, I only heard a "clang".

     The door was closed.

     Next, with a burst of "creaking" rotating sound, the small box quickly left the ground, and the height gradually began to rise.

     The sky outside the window is still black clouds really dense, and the raindrops start to get bigger without knowing what the wind blows on the glass of the box.

     Zhang Xiaotong, Kotomi Misaka, and Kuroko Sawai looked out the window at first, instead of turning their heads to chat with the audience on chirp chirp twitter twitter.However, when things on the ground gradually turned into small black spots, except for Zhang Xiaotong who was still looking out the window free and unconstrained, Misaka Kotomi and Sawai Kuroko talk less and less, and their heads can't help. Up.

     Obviously, they are a bit square.

     In fact, I can't blame the two of them.

     After all, the weather outside is so gloomy, with constant rain and cold wind, and the sun and blue sky are no longer visible, and it is as dark as End of the World.

     And the higher the height, the more obvious the feeling, coupled with the sealing and depression of the small box, undoubtedly deepening this fear.

     In this case, even if you are not afraid of heights, I am afraid you will be scared of heights.

     However, Liu Zilang seemed to be an old monk at this moment. From the moment the Ferris wheel turned, he had never looked out the window, so the expression on his face was still calm as usual.

     Seeing the panicked two, Liu Zilang couldn't help but smile indifferent, "Don't panic, don't panic, O'Neill will tell you a little story in the rain."