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888 Panic!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

?Story in the rain?

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Misaka Kotomi and Sawai Kuroko both raised their heads.


     He gave a dry cough and shrugged, "Just forget it."

     "Wet and listen to the ears!"

     Misaka Kotomi quickly got up and raised his hand.

     Sawai Kuroko lightly laughed, trying hard to be serene, indifferent.

     But after inadvertently glanced out the window, she quickly shrank like an ostrich.

     Zhang Xiaotong, instead of a word or movement, pointed the phone camera at the window and chatted with the audience in the live broadcast room.

     Liu Zilang smiled secretly when he saw this.

     But now that he had an audience, he cleared his throat immediately and talked about the widely circulated legend of the Ferris wheel.

     Legend has it that lovers who ride the Ferris wheel together will eventually end up breaking up.

     But when the Ferris wheel reaches its highest point, if you kiss your lover, you will go on forever.

     There used to be two people...

     Liu Zilang talked random nonsense and made up a non-existent short story later. He especially wanted to add a little romantic atmosphere to the two international friends to distract them.

     In the end, I didn't expect that just after the words were said, the three of them all looked at him for a moment.

     The next moment, Zhang Xiaotong's small face slightly red.

     Her gaze floated, and with an indistinct hum, she looked out the window again.

     Misaka Kotomi was also stunned.

     She squeezed the corners of her clothes with her hands at a loss, her face looked flushed, as if she had applied a faint layer of rouge, and her heart felt like countless deer were spreading their bodies."Why do you say this? Is it implying something?"

     "But why at this time suggests that being wet is really annoying."

     "Hey hey!"

     Sawai Kuroko suddenly overcome his fear of heights, and guarded Misaka Kotomi behind him like a little hen.

     She looked at Liu Zilang warily, as if she was looking at a "big gentleman."

     Seeing that the three of them reacted differently, Liu Zilang couldn't help but scratched his armpits, and smiled dryly, "Or...Shall we change the story in the rain?"

     "Huh! I don't want to listen!"

     Zhang Xiaotong suddenly turned his head to object.

     Liu Zilang was rejected and couldn't help solemnly said, "Xiaotongjiang, we want to help international friends in need, you see Qinmei and Heijiang scared..."

      hasn't even finished his sentence, Sawai Kuroko suddenly raised her chest, "Who said I was scared, I...I'm not scared at all."

     In the end, she seemed to feel that she was not persuasive, so she suddenly supported Misaka Kotomi's back, "Kotomi SAMA is not afraid, right, Kotomi SAMA!"

     Liu Zilang only felt that when he saw a blur, an endless sea suddenly appeared in front of him.

      Waves Surging Forth, shocking!

     With such a strong persuasive power, he naturally had no choice but to shut up.


     After getting off the Ferris wheel, the three went to play Merry-Go-Round these indoor amusement projects.

     Because according to the rain, after the roller coaster ride down, they didn't get much difference from the water.

     Of course, these Liu Zilang are basically watching Zhang Xiaotong three people play, let him sit on Merry-Go-Round as a big man, the picture is simply not too beautiful.A few people played from morning to noon, but the sky was not clear, but the rain was getting heavier.

     Under this circumstance, the rest of the outdoor recreation projects like roller coasters had to be missed.


     In the taxi.

     Liu Zilang and Shuiyou said goodbye and promised to broadcast the game at the speed of light immediately after the live broadcast at night, and Zhang Xiaotong closed the live broadcast when he left the amusement park.

     Looking at Zhang Xiaotong in the rearview mirror, Liu Zilang cannot bear saying, "Look at you, and you don't know if you come out to play and look at the weather forecast."

     Hearing what he said, Zhang Xiaotong bulged, rarely humming and refuting.

     The four of them did not go home immediately at noon, but found a Sichuan restaurant outside.

     As a result, the "hissing" sound continued during the meal, and Sawai Kuroko was completely convinced by the "Central Cuisine", and both eyes almost glowed green.

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang couldn't help but feel sad for their club. Baffling sent such a foodie to come back and exchange ideas...

     However, the facts quickly proved that Liu Zilang was really taken aback this time.


     After returning home in the afternoon, Sawai Kuroko quickly took out her own computer and pulled Misaka Kotomi to take her to eat chicken.

     But what makes Sawai Kuroko somewhat surprised and disappointed is that every time she said this before, Kotomi Misaka would come up and hug her thigh excitedly like a koala.

     But this time, when Misaka Kotomi heard Sawai Kuroko's words, she said carelessly, "Nest and Wet often eat chicken. Wait, I'll call them together."As soon as he finished speaking, Misaka Kotomi ran out without a hitch.

     Unexpectedly, as soon as she opened the door, there was a "meow" outside.

     A little milk cat stick one's head out and look around from the door of Zhang Xiaotong's room and glanced at outwards, and then ran over with his short legs.

     Seeing this, Misaka Kotomi immediately squatted and picked it up, rubbing affectionately on her chest.

     The small milk cat 98K licked its paws in Misaka Kotomi's arms, with a very enjoyable expression on her face.

     "Wow! What a cute cat!"

     Sawai Kuroko didn't know at what time and appeared beside him, looking at the little milk cat in Misaka Kotomi's arms, his face immediately showed a very happy expression.

     "Give you a hug," Misaka Kotomi said.

     "Ah! Is it okay?" Sawai Kuroko opened his arms somewhat anxious to take the small milk cat 98K, and reached out and gently touched its hair, "Where did the kitty come from, how did it have not seen yesterday?"

     "Oh, it's in Xiaotongjiang's room."

     Misaka Kotomi said with a smile, "This little guy is getting lazy and doesn't move when he has food. He must have just run out when there is nothing to eat."

     "You hold it first, I'll call them wet."

     After speaking, Misaka Kotomi turned and ran out.

     At this time, Sawai Kuroko's attention has been attracted by the small milk cat 98K in her arms, and she hugged her chest and stroked it carefully.

     But the little milk cat 98K doesn't enjoy as much as in Misaka Kotomi's arms, but keeps writhing, panicking and struggling to jump off.

     Sawai Kuroko is still unclear.

     Thinking that he was holding it in a wrong way, he carefully changed its position.Little milk cat 98K was fiddled with in her arms, meowing with anger in her heart!

     It keeps waving its small paws, as if threatening not to let go of labor and management and pat your chest flat!

     But this obviously does not pose any threat to Sawai Kuroko, so the little milk cat can only turn over and over in her arms...

     After a while, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door.

     "Hei Zi Hei Zi, hurry up, let's play together!" Misaka Kotomi ran back excitedly.

     As soon as the little milk cat 98K heard the voice, he hurriedly threw his paws towards Kotomi Misaka.

     But Kotomi Misaka didn't notice, and excitedly turned on the computer after entering the door.

     Sawai Kuroko elatedly hugged it and came to the computer. When the little milk cat saw it, she couldn't help tears, her face was ashamed...



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