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894 The Waves Alone Are Not As Good As The Waves!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? The battle between Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong had just ended. He was helping people here, but the battle between Sawai Kuroko and Misaka Kotomi had just begun.

     The team of friends they faced was the team that had just invaded from the swimming pool next door.

     Seeing Zhang Xiaotong's thunder and three kills, the excitement in Misaka Kotomi's heart instantly defeated the fear, and rushed up with the thunder.

     But this team of water friends is not a fool.

     Seeing the sound of the grenade exploding in the school and the screen swiping at the top right of the screen, they quickly reacted to each other's routine, and the team chatting voice suddenly exploded!

     "I'm going! Xiaotongjiang three kills?"

     "It's a girl controlling a bomb. Xiaotong sauce is blackened. Fortunately, it wasn't us just now."

     "No! Someone seems to be rushing over again!"

     "I just went to the live broadcast room and watched it. That is Menhera sauce! She has thunder in her hand, don't let her come over!

     All of a sudden, the teammates suddenly became nervous.

     Behind Misaka Kotomi, Sawai Kuroko followed with an AK to protect her.

     Next, it stands to reason that as a professional player, Sawai Kuroko can suppress these passerby players enough and to spare even if they are not top-notch.

     But this is an FPS game after all. Knowing that Kotomi Misaka was a self-destructed infantry, all the water friends showed the momentum of not wanting the life and defended them bravely.

     In this case, Sawai Kuroko was outnumbered by enemies, and only knocked out one of the opponents, and in a blink of an eye, the remaining blood was pressed back.

     Misaka Kotomi suffered all of a sudden.This guy rushed halfway, raised the head to look like a laser gun, and the bullets flew around, as if facing a group of firepower, so scared that she threw the thunder halfway, turned her head and ran away.

     The four saw that Sawai Kuroko was thrown back with a gun, and were about to kill Kotomi Misaka first, but suddenly an unidentified flying object flew in front of them.

     "No! It's a grenade!" There was an exclamation in the voice, and the four of them squeezed into the door in a panic.

     But It should be noted, the entrance of the small school room is not well-off. After a strong psychological struggle, the four people rushed out with the mentality of view death as a return home.

     At this moment, he suddenly faced a small-scale destruction weapon such as a grenade. For a while, even the person who had just been knocked down by Zesawa Kuroko used his hands and feet together, and crawled towards the door in a panic.

     In a hurry, three running and one kneeling were unexpectedly blocked at the door.

     "I'm going! Don't get me stuck!"

     "Big Brother, you are the one who stuck us! Retreat!"

     "I can't go back! Who is pushing my ass behind!"


     Just when the voices of the four people were noisy, a snapping sound suddenly sounded in the ears!

     Hearing this voice, the four water friends couldn't help but "ge-deng"!


     Accompanied by the violent explosion, the flames and air waves behind instantly expanded!

     The three stuck at the door, together with a water friend kneeling on the ground, finally entered this time, but were blown into it.

     "Menhera sauce killed you with a grenade and let you go crazy!""Menhera sauce used a grenade to blow up the cold king of society!"


     Seeing this blockbuster kill prompt, Misaka Kotomi, who was scared to turn her head and ran away, couldn't help stare blankly. To be honest, she didn't expect the other side to be stuck at the door.

     Seeing the four kills that jumped out on the screen, she was still a little confused at this moment.

     Why is it fat?

     Why is my Lei so spicy?

     And Sawai Kuroko happened to witness the scene just now. She grew her mouth slightly and looked at Kotomi Misaka somewhat surprised, in the heart cannot help guessing that she did it all right?

      It should be noted, Sawai Kuroko and Misaka Kotomi met earlier than Liu Zilang.

     The two became good friends online before they entered the professional circle. After learning that they lived in the same city, they often played with Ji offline.

     So in terms of understanding, Sawai Kuroko feels that she must know her best.

     In the professional spirit of gaming, Sawai Kuroko feels that Kotomi Misaka is more persistent than herself.

     This is something she admires especially, because she has never seen anyone like Kotomi Misaka keep on fighting despite continual setbacks, keep on fighting in spite of all setbacks.

     But this also proves from the side that Kotomi Misaka's talents are all at the spiritual level, and the reality level is really not good.

     However a scholar who has been away for three days, see you so today.

     Sawai Kuroko suddenly realized that Kotomi Misaka had become different, and remembered what she had told herself not long ago that she had followed the wet practice in China recently.

     Is this the result of practice?

     ......At the same time, Liu Zilang originally saw that the two of them were in a wrong situation, so he wanted to put down Zhang Xiaotong and rush to support him.

     But at this moment, seeing Misaka Kotomi's thunder to upend heaven and earth, she couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, and said with great comfort, "This wave is okay, worthy of being my disciple of Thor."

     "Hehehe, it's all wet and taught well." Misaka Kotomi twisted her butt triumphantly, seemingly seldom heard Liu Zilang's praise.

     At this time, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong, the three of them, became the only survivors of the four teams in the school.

     Next, the four of them were picking and choosing among the boxes in the school like a double eleven shopping spree.

     Liu Zilang not only collected a second-level defense and a second-level bag, he was originally naked body, he also picked up a set of fancy clothes on the water friend, and in a blink of an eye he became the most beautiful cub in the village.

     And because the positions of several people are relatively close to the center of the map, although the first circle of this game is brushed to the right as a whole, radiating around the lumber yard, but their school is just on the edge of the circle.

     However, in the passerby game, staying quietly in the safety zone and waiting for the next circle to be refreshed is obviously not Liu Zilang's style.

     He found a motorcycle on the road between the school and the jigsaw building, but this kind of two-wheeled motorcycle naturally cannot do four people.

     But after Liu Zilang strolled around with Zhang Xiaotong, he soon drove back an orange AE86.

     "Get in the car!"

     "Wet, where are the dens going?"

     Kotomi Misaka excitedly jumped onto the AE86, and after Zhang Xiaotong drove the car back, he returned to Liu Zilang's back seat without any pitfalls."Go to the Horseshoe Mountain air-raid shelter and take a look." Liu Zilang act without taking time to think.

     Sawai Kuroko has no objection to this.

     Since seeing Liu Zilang's deranged tactics just now, she feels that she must talk less and see more now, and feel the foundation of Liu Zilang.

     But when Misaka Kotomi didn't expect Liu Zilang to have a wave-like episode at all, and based on the principle that a single wave is not as good as many waves, he took them to wave together.


     In a blink of an eye, the motorcycle and the AE86 started one after the other, with Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong in front, and Misaka Kotomi and Sawai Kuroko following behind.

     But before a few people ran far, the small map in the lower right corner suddenly became red!