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896 Ouwuwei Reappear The World! (Thanks To The Lord Of "Zi Yan Shang Ha")
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

?Learn to meow?

     That's so common. These days, a young lady will meow meow.

     Maybe it's not only the little sister.

     Learn to bark?

     That would be too simple and not challenging.

     Learn to call a pig?

     This is interesting, but it seems to lack a little meaning...

      Turn over in one's mind, Liu Zilang suddenly a thought flashed through the mind, looked at the two with a smile and asked, "Have you heard of Evil Dragon Roaring?"

     "Evil Dragon Roaring?"

     Misaka Kotomi asked dumbfoundedly.

     Sawai Kuroko's eyes twitched, and he asked with a black line, "This is what you want us to learn?"

     "What happened? if you agree to bet you must accept to lose." Liu Zilang shrugged the shoulders, "Of course, I also can't do anything about it."

     Hearing this, Sawai Kuroko's stomach was about to vomit, and she swallowed with difficulty.

     Because as a professional female player, she looks down on people who can't afford to lose.

     But even so, Sawai Kuroko couldn't help but questioned, "We say it is easy to learn animal names. What kind of animal is a dragon?"

     Yes indeed?

     What kind of animal is a dragon?

     However, when faced with this problem, Liu Zilang pondered for two seconds, and then solemnly replied:

     "A flying reptile."


     Zhang Xiaotong cannot help but laugh loudly.

     Sawai Kuroko is even full of black lines, but she has no reason to refute.

     No way, if you agree to bet you must accept to lose, you can only call.

     However, what Evil Dragon Roaring is like, Sawai Kuroko really doesn't know, she is trying to shirk this.But at this moment, Misaka Kotomi made a sudden "whoop" coldly.

     Immediately afterwards, she wailed like a little wolf dog.

     Hearing this call, Sawai Kuroko was ashamed for an instant, but Misaka Kotomi had already screamed, and it would be even more difficult if she didn't scream.

     "Oh... Ooo..." At first, Sawai Kuroko was not used to it.

     But soon she lost her shame, closed her eyes and bit her teeth, and followed Misaka Kotomi and "whooping" together.

     At this moment, the little milk cat 98K, who was put aside by her, saw the situation beside her and couldn't help but "meow" suspiciously, looking very puzzled.

     And hearing this "Evil Dragon Roaring", the audience in the live broadcast room was frozen to death!

     "Puff haha, 98K is angry."

     "Little milk cat: You are grabbing this Sir's job!"

     "By the way, Menhera sauce's voice is too cute!"

     "Hehehe, I prefer the sound of black sauce, and it feels like a kind of honey training."

     "Vic is too evil, he secretly played with training! But I like it, hehehe!"

     "Where's the blame for the army? Aow, go!"


     I don't know who brought the rhythm, and in a blink of an eye, the barrage of the live broadcast room was full of "Woo".

     Liu Zilang was amused for a while when he heard the two men wailing nonstop.

     He tried to suffocate a smile,

     After holding back for a long time, he finally burst out laughing.Hearing his laughter, the two people's "a grunting sound" suddenly with a grunting sound it stops, Misaka Kotomi bulged his face with dissatisfaction, "Wet bullying!"

     Sawai Kuroko flushed and looked as if he had done something terrible. Wanting to come this wave of "Oh Woo" had a tremendous impact on her soul.


     Liu Zilang gave a dry cough and said with a smile, "Okay, let's stop here, now the sky fire has stopped, we should seize the moment to patrol."

     So next, a few people drove around the safe area to hunt and kill the players who had no car running poison.

     Those players did not expect that there would be a player from almost a professional team doing trouble here.

     Think about I know, right. Except for Zhang Xiaotong, the other three in the team are professional players, so lethality in this kind of passerby game is not so strong!

     Next, the second lap, the third lap...one until the end, when the third last lap,

     Players on the field saw that there were only 20 people left in the mountain finals. Not only Presence of Mind in the Face of Disasters, but also I want to cry a little.

     Liu Zilang led the three women along the edge of the finals all the way to kill. The screen called "Vic123" at the top right of the screen never stopped.

     And since the last California game, how many players in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds did not know that Liu Zilang usually uses ID in the game?

     "Fuck! Why did you meet this killer? Do you still have to read the calendar before playing games?"

     "I'm so angry! I really want to hit him, but I can't beat him..."

     "..."For a time, the surviving players not only did not have the joy of entering the finals.

     On the contrary, he felt like a little piglet waiting to be slaughtered, being pressed by a pig-killing knife.

     Of course, not everyone is pessimistic, also some people having high fighting spirit, set one's heart on sth want to do Liu Zilang a shot.

     The rest are players who don’t watch live broadcasts and don’t pay attention to events at all. Ignorance is a bliss.

     I am still happy to see people suddenly become fewer people. After all, from theoretically speaking, there are fewer competitors, and their probability of eating chicken is relatively higher.

     Of course, this is only theoretical.


      At this moment, Liu Zilang and the others are on the Horseshoe Mountain behind the prison.

     The finals of this game shifted from the logging yard at the beginning to the prison here,

      Not surprisingly, the two remaining circles should be near a few factories or prison buildings. Of course, half of them are not ruled out on the hillside.

     But in any case, it is naturally the best that this kind of circle can enter the housing area.

     At this moment, Investigator Ji Misaka Kotomi suddenly said loudly, "Wet! Over there! There are people in the building!"

     The "building" she was talking about at this time was naturally the tallest four-story building in the middle of the prison.

     Liu Zilang looked in the direction of Misaka Kotomi, and he saw three people walking out of the corridor and appeared in on the roof of the building.

     After the team arrived on the rooftop, they cautiously looked around, trying to rule out potential threats in advance.

     They watched for a week, and soon discovered the threat-a team of four appeared on the barbed wire at the front entrance of the prison.The next moment, the gunfire suddenly sounded!

     When the team found the target, they immediately attacked it.

     But Thus, they unconsciously missed the biggest threat of the game.

     Seeing the other team's unscrupulous play, Zhang Xiaotong secretly raised the colorful sister in his hand-this was grabbed from the airdrop with other teams on the third lap.

     Liu Zilang took M24 in this game, and sister control naturally gave it to Zhang Xiaotong.

     Unexpectedly, Zhang Xiaotong had bought his sister-controlled skin long ago, and the special effects were turned on as soon as he got it. It looked so cool.

     At that time, Kotomi Misaka was okay, but the Harako whom Sawai Kuroko envied almost stayed.

     Then her eyes suddenly became firm, as if she had found a goal-that is, to get a champion skin of her own. Perhaps this is all her career pursuits.

     On the cliff, Zhang Xiaotong looked at the field of vision in the sister-controlled eight-fold mirror, with an unprecedented seriousness on her face.

     This is the first time she has gotten this gun for so long since she started with her sister's skin control!



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