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897 A Life Without Regrets! (Thanks To The Support Of The Cute Master Of "Long Yan Shang Ha")
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? Zhang Xiaotong takes aim very seriously, and his quasi-mind is firmly locked on the opponent.

     But she did not shoot.

     Because she was waiting for Liu Zilang's signal.

     In this game with three professional players, Zhang Xiaotong's technical improvement will not be mentioned for the time being.

     But the discipline has been improved, basically sitting down and obeying all actions.

     If this were to be placed before, she would mostly shoot when she saw people not saying anything further.

     However, Zhang Xiaotong glanced for a while, and what he waited for was not to shoot, but to say "get in the car".

     This is naturally what Liu Zilang said.

     Hearing his words, not only Zhang Xiaotong, but Misaka Kotomi and Sawai Kuroko were also stunned.

     Shouldn't the four of them have Full Firepower at this time, and just drop each other in a second?


     What car are you getting in?

     Just when the three girls were puzzled, Liu Zilang had already jumped on the orange AE86.

     The next moment, he backed up to the three of them, "No time to explain, get in the car."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Misaka Kotomi hurriedly jumped up.

     Zhang Xiaotong hesitated, still put the gun away and got on the car.

     "Where are we going?" Sawai Kuroko cannot bear ask, "What about the motorcycle?"

     Liu Zilang didn't even look at it, act without taking time to think, and said, "It's all in the finals, what kind of motorcycle do you want!"

     When Sawai Kuroko thought, it seemed to be the same. Seeing that the three of them were waiting for her in the car, she naturally didn't have much to ask anything, so she could only jump in the car quickly.


     Liu Zilang kicked the accelerator and the AE86 engine roared.The next moment, I saw the whole car roaring towards the edge of the safety zone north to Drove over.

     "What the hell? Vic doesn't want to go on patrol on the drug side?"

     "Emmm, I think it's not without this possibility!"

     "Wow! That's too rough, it just treats other players inappropriately!"

     Seeing Liu Zilang's operation of reverse poisoning, the water friends in the live broadcast room started to discuss it.

      At the same time, the three people on the rooftop of the prison building naturally heard the sound of cars.

     "Be careful, there seems to be a car behind."

     "Well, I heard it, but how do I feel further and further away from us?"

     "It's further and further, maybe it was passing by and was scared away by our gunfire."

     "Then leave them alone, and kill the four-man team at the prison gate."

     "Come on, this is our destiny, we must eat chicken!"

     Obviously, this team belongs to the people who dare to fight and fight, and he doesn't care if you are Vic or the face value chicken king. This chicken is ready for labor and management today!

     However, just as they concentrated on shooting the guns in front of them and prepared to wait for the next lap to refresh, the sound of the hōng lóng lóng's car engine suddenly heard again.

     At this moment, the three people on the rooftop were setting up guns and did not immediately turn their heads.

     When one of them suddenly felt something wrong, after turning his head and glanced at, his pupils suddenly shrank!


     Upon hearing this exclamation, the other two also turned their heads subconsciously.

     The next moment, they were instantly dumbfounded!In Liu Zilang's live broadcast room, many friends only saw Liu Zilang rushed over to the edge of the cliff just now after driving for half a circle in reverse.

     In fact, seeing this, everyone had a bold guess.

     However, even so, when everyone saw Liu Zilang driving the orange AE86 standing straight from the cliff like a roller coaster, the barrage of the live broadcast room also exploded!

      At the same time, Zhang Xiaotong and the three of them in the car were a little confused when they rushed out of the car!

     However, looking at the three people on the rooftop who were getting closer and closer, they were the first to react to Misaka Kotomi who had been with Liu Zilang for so long.

     Seeing that the car was still in the air, she leaned forward and took out a handful of death karma. The three people on the roof were shot like a laser gun.

     On the roof.

     After the three of them reacted from Liu Zilang's to drop from the sky's car skills, they were about to shoot him down.

     With the combined efforts of the three, as long as the gun is stable enough, it is not impossible to even blow it up directly.

     However, Kotomi Misaka's advance shot, although not very accurate, disrupted the opponent's position.

     "Well done ."

     Liu Zilang smiled and applauded slightly, when Zhang Xiaotong and Sawai Kuroko also peeked out of the car window.

     For a time, under the violent Firepower Suppression of the three people, the other party was basically unable to effectively restrict the roller coaster to drop from the sky.

     Cang Dang!

     In the next instant, the speeding car crashed to the ground.


     The four of them jumped out of the car instantly, raising their guns in a burst of fire.In this kind of stubborn, bayonet situation, one more person would have a great advantage.

     What's more, there is also a gap in the standards of the two sides. In a blink of an eye, these three people were turned to the ground.

     "Xiaotongjiang used MK14 to knock down Jeerry!"

     "Menhera sauce knocked down CCV with SCAR-L!"

     "Vic123 used M24 to kill a generation of chicken kings!"

     Seeing the last kill displayed on the upper right of the screen, the three players are all bad.

     "Fuck! It's the one who keeps on screen!"

     "Hiss—! Then this wave of death is not wrong."

     "Well, these people have things, and they hit me with M24 so close."

     Although they don't know Liu Zilang, the ID has been refreshing since the start of the game.

     At that time, these three people reacted, there are masters in this game!

     They have also imagined more than once in the mind how they would respond when they encounter this team.

     However, it was not until now that they realized that when they encountered this kind of opponents not needed at all, they just had to struggle a little bit.

     Therefore, after knowing that it was in the hands of Liu Zilang, the unwillingness and regret in the hearts of the three disappeared instantly.

     This is like martial arts world person competing with others. If you accidentally die in the hands of an insignificant soldier on the side of the road, you will definitely be very angry and aggrieved.

     But if it is killed by a big hunk like Dongfang Bubai, even if it is a spike, there will be a feeling of death without regret...


     On the rooftop of the prison building.After getting rid of this team, Liu Zilang and their three people soon Dove occupying the Magpie Nest, occupying the highest point in the next safe zone.

     Except for the slopes and cliffs at the back, as long as people come to the left and right sides and in the front, they will be taken in the entire scene.

     At this time, the countdown to this wave of poisonous contraction is less than half a minute. Once the poisonous contraction, the slopes and cliffs behind will instantly become a dead place.

     So if they are still in the safe zone after the poisoning is finished, the Second Last finals are still in the safe zone, then they are really Mandate of Heaven Returns in this game.

     It's a pity that things are not as expected, or that Kotomi Misaka, the "Jedi Koi", once again lost to the "Jedi Non-Chief" who was exhausted by Sawai Kuroko.

     After half a minute, the radiation grid coincides with the edge of the safe zone, and the next circle is refreshed.

     However, the circle did not reach the prison building where they were located, but to the two workshops on the right side of the prison near the sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces.



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