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898 Can't Get In
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? On Jedi Island.

     Large tracts of land are covered by radiation.

     It was supposed to be the prison of Land of Sins, but it has temporarily become the only Taoyuan Pure Land on the island.

     At this time, there were still more than half a minute before the poison was broadcast, and there were only 12 players from five teams left on the field.

      Without a doubt, Liu Zilang and others who still maintain the four-man team at this moment undoubtedly have an absolute number advantage in this game.

     Except for them, everyone else is a single-wolf and a two-man team, only has one three-man team.

     Now that the safe area has been brushed to the position of the double warehouse on the right, Liu Zilang and the others are naturally impossible to squat on the roof of the prison building. The four people have already arrived downstairs.

     At the front door of the prison building, they stood behind the door with their backs against the wall in pairs.

     "Now there shouldn't have people behind."

     Looking at the court, Liu Zilang frowned slightly and analyzed, "The remaining people have either already entered the circle, or they are waiting for the opportunity to enter the circle at Sancang on the left."

     "What do the nests do if they are wet?" Misaka Kotomi said.

     "Well...you go to explore the way ahead?" Liu Zilang said suddenly.

      "Ah?" Misaka Kotomi's bun face immediately became swollen, and she whispered dissatisfiedly, "If you get wet, you will sell nests."

     "What are you talking about." Liu Zilang pointed his ears, he complexion turned stiff, and said solemnly, "This is training you. You have not thought, why don't I let Xiaotong go?"

     Hearing this, not only Misaka Kotomi, but also Zhang Xiaotong secretly pricked up his ears, and his eyes turned and squirted...

     "Huh? Why?"

     Misaka Kotomi tilted the head curiously.Unexpectedly, Liu Zilang hasn't answered yet, but Sawai Kuroko flipped a supercillious look towards her.

     "Not because of you stupid!"

     Misaka Kotomi immediately flushed, and argued, "Nest...no sow!"

     "Yes, yes, don't listen to her."

     Liu Zilang looked at her kindly and encouraged, "You are the smartest apprentice to be a teacher."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's unrelenting praise, Misaka Kotomi couldn't help but jump for joy.

     But she suddenly recovered his wits and blinked somewhat dazed, huh? I haven’t heard of wet also has other apprentice...

      Thought until here, Kotomi Misaka immediately looked like a discouraged ball, and she couldn't help but entangled in her heart, "Wet still bullying the silly, not right not right, huh! The silly is not!"

     After a while, a secretive figure appeared outside the prison building.

     She saw her cat on her waist, like Captain Timo, and fumbled towards the warehouse near the inside of the double warehouse on the right side of the prison.

     Seeing this scene, the water friends in the live broadcast couldn't help being speechless.

     "Vic, the dog thief is not human, and he actually asked Menhera to find the way."

     "The key is Menhera sauce. He said no, but his body is very honest!"

     "Menhera sauce: It smells so good!"

     The main entrance of the prison.

     Liu Zilang and Sawai Kuroko squatted behind the door, holding a black long silencer M24 in his hand, and Sawai Kuroko a rifle M4 in his hand.

     The two were obviously helping Kotomi Misaka set up a gun, and the iron sniper was equipped with a rifle, which just made up for the lack of continuous firepower output.Zhang Xiaotong is also holding her cool sister, but her task at the moment is open.

     Although Liu Zilang judged that there would be no one behind, but in case some players don't take the usual path, they have to be guarded.

     Ahead, Kotomi Misaka looked like a mouse crossing the street, looking around at every step, for fear that someone would suddenly pop out of her and hold her down.

     "Wet, I feel a little flustered."

     "Don't panic, just rub outside, don't go in there is no danger."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Misaka Kotomi immediately summoned his courage and took another small step.

     At this moment, without omen, there was a gunshot from Sancang on the diagonally opposite left!

     "It's wet and someone hits a nest!" Misaka Kotomi exclaimed, and hurriedly ran back.

     Liu Zilang's eyes condensed, and the moment he heard the gunshot, he suddenly pulled the gun!

     In the next moment, the quasi-centre of the M24 in his hand has moved to the head of a person at the door of the warehouse in the middle of the three warehouses on the left side of the prison.


     Liu Zilang shot out!

      in a flash,

     A sniper bullet burst out!


     Under the huge impact, the second-level head on a person's head at the door of the warehouse was instantly shattered, and the whole person suddenly fell to his knees on the ground.

     "Vic123 uses the M24 headshot to knock down the ash and the fertilizer will volatilize!"

     What a quick response and hand speed!

     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, Sawai Kuroko, who was holding the M4 in his hand, couldn't help but be slightly surprised!

      It should be noted, she just heard the gunshot, immediately Listening In On Arguments From Afar pulled the gun to aim.However, the moment she opened the mirror, a cloud of blood exploded in her vision.

     But at the moment she can't think about more,

     Because Liu Zilang exploded one shot instantly, but there was still one person at the other side's door.

     After the teammate fell to the ground, the man did not immediately retract to help others.

     But staring at Misaka Kotomi who ran back was a violent beating, obviously trying to avenge his teammates.

     But after Sawai Kuroko's M4 hit, the man's neck burst into blood.

     When he realized that something is wrong and wanted to flash back and back, he was shot again in the arm.

     In an instant, the man leaned forward to the ground, and in a blink of an eye, he doubled with his teammates and left.

     "You played well." Liu Zilang squinted and smiled.

     If it was the past, Sawai Kuroko would be proud to hear this.

     But she was completely suppressed just by reacting and firing shots at the same starting line with Liu Zilang.

     So when I heard these words, where I could feel proud, I even felt a little ridiculous in my heart.

     "Huh-!" Misaka Kotomi ran back like a piglet, and took a few breaths.

     Her blood volume has been extremely crippled, if it weren't for Sawai Kuroko to be timely, she would have to fall to the ground in this wave.

     But Kotomi Misaka just ran back, before he had time to fight the medicine, Liu Zilang said, "Don't fight, go ahead."

     "Huh? The nest... the nest is out of blood." Misaka Kotomi was taken aback."There is no time. The poison will be brushed in less than ten seconds." After Liu Zilang loaded the M24 pull bolt in his hand, he replaced it with a rifle M16, "We are in front of this wave, you just need to follow behind."

     When Misaka Kotomi heard this, she couldn't help but relax, and hurriedly followed up.

     At this time, there were only four teams and 10 people left on the field. Liu Zilang rushed over to the double warehouse on the right side of the prison with M16 in his arms.

     After a few people walked only a few steps, the radiation grid behind them followed.

     A three-person team at the warehouse also realized that there was movement, and quickly got stuck in their guns.

     As a team in the safe zone, they are bound to prevent Liu Zilang and others from entering the circle.

      at the same time,

     Sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces on the right.

     A lone wolf was also pushed to the edge of the cliff step by step by the radiation behind it.