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903 There Will Be No 7 (below)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

?According to Se7en's performance in each previous game, there is no lack of happiness where there is this team.

     So in the development period before the game, the director's shots naturally took care of them.

     So, when Liu Zilang landed on the ground and picked up the grenade like a brick, the audience in the audience was shocked when he saw it!

     "A thunder landed? What is this ghost?"

     "I have a hunch that Vic is starting to make trouble again."

     "Life is endless and troubles are endless, puff, puff!"

     "Hey, there seems to be someone in the building next door!"

     Of course there are people in the building next door.

     If there was no one, Liu Zilang would not have thrown a thunder on him.


      a snapping sound!

     The grenade's insurance was removed.

     Liu Zilang raised his hand thunder, squinted at the sky above the building next door, and silently calculated the time.

     The next moment, the corner of his mouth crooked.

     Go you!

     After a swish, the grenade came out, noiselessly flying towards the sky above the building next door!

     In the voice of EDG.

     Love777 is observing the surroundings calmly and rationally, speaking quickly to report to the team.

     "A team jumped up to the city with us, the first team in Port G, and there are two teams in the lower city..."

     His hasn't even finished his sentence, the voice of his teammate suddenly came in his voice.

     "Be careful next door, there is someone next door to you!"

     Hearing the reminder from his teammates, Love777 was not too surprised. When he was observing the surroundings, he naturally saw the man next door.

     But he does not intend to settle here,After a while, just drift to the side and avoid it.

     At this moment, Love777, who felt a little strange in his heart, suddenly glanced under him subconsciously.


     Accompanied by a loud sound in the ear, there is a ball of fire and smoke that shocks the eye, astonishes the heart!

     "Se7en2-Vic used a grenade to blow up EDG-Love777!"

     At the next moment, Love777 suddenly took off the parachute in the air and crashed to the top of the building.

     The audience in the live broadcast room saw this scene, and they couldn't help but flash up the barrage in surprise!

     "Fuck, Vic has Thunder God Possession again?"

     "This guy's grenade is really ridiculous!"

     "What grenade, it's a mortar!

     "I feel sorry for my junior seven, and he fell right after the start. Will there be no 7 after this game?"

     "This omen is a bit wrong. If the small 7 falls down, does it mean that EDG's Inextinguishable Gold Being is broken?"


     In the game, fortunately, Love777 was not too high from the top of the building. After he was blown down and forced to land, the health bar waiting for rescue was only dropped off.

     "Quick! I can save it!" Love777 hurriedly shouted in her voice.

      At the same time, he who fell on the top of the puzzle building next door quickly climbed behind the wall and avoided Liu Zilang's gun line.

     Next, even if Liu Zilang finds the gun, unless he goes downstairs and runs up to his building, it is impossible to hit him from the top of the building.

     But before that, the three teammates of EDG who landed in the upper city area have already quickly supported them, whether they have guns or not.After the four rushed into the building, they didn't make more stops on the first floor, but swarmed upstairs.

     The next moment, I saw Jiuyan, holding an AK in his hand, crouching at the corridor of the second floor.

     Milkbaby, who couldn't find the gun, was looking for a gun on the second floor. With Jhin of UMP9 in his hand, he rushed to the top of the building and squatted down to save people.

     On the commentary stage, seeing the series of emergency responses from EDG, Lord Rong couldn't help but exclaimed, "Pretty, this wave of EDG handling is very nice!"

     "Yes, and the defense they chose at the second floor crossing is also very detailed." Msjoy nodded, interface continued to analyze, "Because the puzzle building has a front door on the first floor and two back doors at the back. If you want to defend it At least three people."

     "But this wave of EDG's defense on the second floor is very spiritual. They only need one person to guard the corridor, so they can allocate more people to do other things."

     "That's right, and Se7en2 wants to go upstairs in the puzzle building, except through the corridor without other means."

     Hearing what the two said, Da Sima had been silent and slightly frowned suddenly, "In that case, aren't the four of EDG all in the same building? Could this be..."

     Da Sima hasn't even finished his sentence,

     Msjoy and Rong Ye looked at each other with some differences, and then took a breath of air-conditioning!

     "No, according to Teacher Ma, is Se7en2 preparing to use surrounding a target only to attack its reinforcements and EDG to catch everything in the one net?""Well... if it is reasonable, in the upper city area with complex terrain and tall buildings, it is indeed the most effective way to destroy a team."

     "But I think Vic just picked up the mine just now, shouldn't have start the routine then?"

     Hearing what Msjoy said, Lord Rong and Da Sima also nodded, because this was also their biggest doubt.

     That is, the Lei upstairs and Love777 who flew next door were accidental. It was obviously impossible for Liu Zilang to predict all of this before landing. What they said was probably just over-interpretation.

     Unless, Liu Zilang formulated this tactic very quickly when he hit Love777...

     Regarding this point, the commentary on the stage is not clear, and the audience off the field is also not clear about this. Maybe it can only be known after the game has a chance to interview.

     However, what the Se7en2 four people did next was infinitely close to the speculations on stage.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     After Se7en2 found the gun, they did not continue to search and develop, but posted it very quickly.

     Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu one each back door, Misaka Kotomi and Liu Zilang were at the front door, and the four people surrounded the building where EDG was located from the front and rear goalkeepers.


     Liu Zilang gave an order in his voice.

     The next moment, the four of them broke the door down and enter extremely quickly and rushed in directly from the front and back.

     "No one in front!"

     "Not even behind!"

     Li Muqiu suddenly felt a little painful and said, "I'll go! These people are very chicken thieves, they should be on the second floor!"Soon, the four gathered at the top of the stairs.

     But looking at the corridor ahead, the atmosphere in the team was a bit silent.

     Who will go first?

     Misaka Kotomi shrank back quietly, and Li Muqiu also took a step back.

      It should be noted, the only way to the upstairs is the corridor, the other side only needs to hold two guns there, theoretically speaking, one will die.

     Throwing thunder is not impossible, but it depends on chance, because there are still two rooms above the corridor, and the other party has enough space to escape.

     Liu Zilang looked at the corridor and pondered for two seconds, just about to speak, but found that there was no one beside him except Shen Zeyan...

     Hemp egg!

     Can't these guys be brave?

     Looking at Shen Zeyan, Liu Zilang wanted to speak but stopped, but he wanted to stop.

     That sentence still can't open the mouth...

     But at this moment, he suddenly remembered something, turned and rushed outside.

     Misaka Kotomi and Li Muqiu couldn't help being stunned!

     "Where are you going?"

     "Keep it! Go back for the teacher."