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904 Never Seen Such An Iron Man!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? Host the commentary stage.

     Seeing that Liu Zilang suddenly rushed out of the building without returning, the three commentators couldn't help but look at each other in dismay.

     "Vic, what is this going to do?"

     "Did it slip away? No way?"

     "I guess there may be no thunder. He wants to find Lei Gonglou."

     "But Love777 on the EDG side has been helped up, they probably not stayed in the building for too long."

     "Then Vic has to go and return soon. If EDG counterattacks then, few of them may suffer."


     At this moment, the director's camera suddenly cut Liu Zilang from the puzzle building again.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw that Liu Zilang had run to the road without knowing at what time, jumped on a motorcycle on the road without a sound, and immediately raised the accelerator.


     Amid the roar of the motorcycle engine, Liu Zilang riding a motorcycle rushed back in the direction he came from like an arrow from the string.

     "What is this ghost?"

     Msjoy stared at the game screen blankly.

     On the side, Master Rong suddenly uttered an "Oh", but he was somewhat unbelievable guessing even himself.

     "Vic shouldn't this wave be..."


     The second floor of the puzzle.

     After EDG's Jhin helped up Love777, he was playing a first aid kit right now.

     Milkbaby, who had just searched for a gun in the building, found two guns. At this time, he and Jiuyan framed the corridor.

     "Has the other side left yet?" Love777 asked."Un." Jiuyan nodded, who was on the second floor, said slightly frowned, "But I listened to the steps, it seemed that someone ran out just now."

     "It's okay, wait until I finish the blood." Love777 said, "Whoever has more guns, please give me one."

     "I have it here." Milkbaby responded.

     "That way, hold on first." Love777 said, "It reflects that they can't come up, and they don't dare to rush."

     Jiuyan shrugged the shoulders on the second floor, said with a smile, "I hope they rush."

      spoke until here, the EDG four also came out of the tension of the attack at the beginning,

     But suddenly, Milkbaby was stunned, cannot bear ask, "Did you hear... the sound of motorcycles?"

     When he said this, the sound of the car had entered the ears of four people from far and near.

     "Could it be that another team came to the city?"

     "No, I think it should be the man who just went out to find the car and came back."

     "Looking for a car? Are they going to leave?"


     Just when the EDG four in the building were suddenly confused.

     On the road outside the building.

     Liu Zilang, who was riding a motorcycle, rushed forward at full speed in the direction of the puzzle building, and was near Chichi in a blink of an eye.

     "Why are you riding a motorcycle?" Li Muqiu in the building was also a little dumbfounded.

     "It's too late to explain, eh Ruibodi, ready or not?" Liu Zilang on the motorcycle suddenly took a deep breath.

     "What are you going to do?" Li Muqiu was stunned.

     "Ready to rush!" Liu Zilang act without taking time to think.As soon as his voice fell, the speeding motorcycle hit the debris in front of the building, and the body suddenly became unbalanced, soaring high into the air!

     "It's now!" Liu Zilang gave an order.

     "Huh?" Li Muqiu was stunned.

     "It's wet!"

     However, Kotomi Misaka complexion turned solemn, not saying anything further, rushed up with a Uzi.

     "Xiao Qinmei wait!"

     Li Muqiu secretly said this Tiehanhan.

     But he still gritted his teeth and followed, and Shen Zeyan also followed closely behind sb or sth.

     The corridor entrance on the second floor.

     The two EDGs were wondering where the sound of the car came from and where it was going.

     At this moment, there was a sudden rush of footsteps downstairs.

     Jiuyan's expression suddenly shrank, "No, the other side is going to attack the building!"

     "Hold on, we're down." Love777 and Jhin upstairs quickly said.

     In the next instant, there was a loud gunshot in the corridor!

     Da Da Da—!

     Da da da-!

     Jiuyan and Milkbaby are left and right!

     The fire from the muzzle flickered, and the bullet pierced the air with a "swish swish", intertwined into two Death Beams!

     Under normal circumstances, facing this kind of Firepower Suppression, almost no one dares to put a bold face on it.

     It's a pity that they met a superb kid!

     In the wide-eyed eyes of the two EDGs, Kotomi Misaka was holding a Uzi submachine gun, spitting fire, and rushing forward.

     She rushed up the stairs just two steps before she "plopped" kneels down on the ground.

     "EDG-Jiuyan used SCAR-L to knock down Se7en2-Menhera!"However, even after being knocked down, Misaka Kotomi still maintained the "head iron posture", climbing up the stairs little by little.

     The audience off the court saw this brave scene and couldn't help sucking in a mouthful of Liangpi!

     "Menhera sauce is too iron!"

     "This is not an iron head baby, this is an iron head baby 2.0!"

     "Tsk tusk! The old man has never seen such an iron man."

     Of course, saying that Misaka Kotomi's "head iron" is only subjective. From an objective point of view, Misaka Kotomi fell to the ground and continued to climb up but also made room for Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan behind.

     However, in this kind of corridor battle, the opponent used firepower to blockade, and they did not have a deadly sniper, not to mention Misaka Kotomi, the same is true for Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan behind, they were beaten before the gun was pulled past the corner. .

     EDG also spotted this, so the two secure in the knowledge that one has backing guarded the corridor.

     At this time, after knocking down Misaka Kotomi first, the two EDGs at the entrance of the corridor did not rush to make up.

     One is that Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan who followed make them unable to make a move;

     Second, after they defeated Misaka Kotomi, their appetite suddenly increased, and they wanted the fighting spirit aroused by the first roll of drums to eat the two behind.

     But at this moment,

      without omen ground!

      With a burst of motor engine roaring, a loud sound suddenly came from the balcony behind him!

     There seems to be a what thing,

     He fell heavily on the balcony outside.

     Hearing this voice, the two EDGs at the entrance of the corridor couldn't help but "ge-deng" in their hearts!

     However, they hadn't reacted yet, and suddenly gunshots rang out from behind!Suddenly—!

     In the guide lens of the big screen, under the shocking eyes of countless audiences.

     Liu Zilang, who rushed to the balcony on a motorcycle, took out the UMP9 in his hand as soon as he got out of the car. Behind the two EDGs was a wave of Full Firepower's "look back and dig"!

     "Se7en2-Vic knocked down EDG-Jiuyan with UMP9!"

     After knocking down one person, the remaining Milkbaby subconsciously wanted to turn around and fight back.

     However, he was ignoring the front, but Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan in the corridor fell to the ground instantly.

      At the same time, Love777 and Jhin who came down from the top rooftop of EDG were also stunned.

     When they first came downstairs, they saw their teammate knocked down one person, and thought that the following big advantage wanted to descend following up the victory with hot pursuit.

     As a result, I didn't expect to walk to the third floor, and the two teammates were dropped to the ground in a blink of an eye.

     This special (of market prices etc) to rapidly fluctuate is too sudden!

     And the most important thing is that Love777 originally planned to come down to Milkbaby to get a gun.

     Right now his teammate fell to the ground suddenly,

     Although there are two EDGs left, only Jhin has a UMP9 in his hands.

     In this case, the thoughts turned around, all kinds of thoughts writhed through the hearts of the two remaining EDG...


     This everything,

     But they are all condensed into one word!