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910 Sacrifice To Heaven!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? The coast, under the sunset.

     Aluka ran freely, the blood mist bursting out of his head, that was his lost life...

     "Se7en2-olves knocked down 4AM-Aluka with a headshot of Kar98k!"


     Aluka leaned forward and instantly fell uncontrollably on the beach.

     Looking at the kill prompt on the upper right of the screen, he kneeled on the beach and couldn't help being dumbfounded.

     Xiao Xing exclaimed, "I'm going! It's the second team again!"

     "Go back! Go back to the sea!" Wei Shen hurriedly said.

     At this moment, they are still some distance away from the front housing area, and they will definitely not be able to rush through. There are no shelters on the beach.

      This time, going back to the sea is not the best choice, but they can only choose to go back...

     Da da da-!

     In a blink of an eye, the gunshots on the beach became one piece!

      In hail of bullets, Xiao Xingmu turned around and ran a few steps, and suddenly cannot bear saying, "What about Alu?"

     Hearing the small eye-catching words, Aluka, who was kneeling in despair on the beach behind, couldn't help but eyes shined, as if seeing a glimmer of hope...

     Wei Shen was taken aback, gritted his teeth and said, "Don't worry about running! I'll help him seal the cigarette."

     As he spoke, a smoke bomb slipped out of the hand of Wei Shen, who was crazy snakeskin in the bomb rain.

     I saw him suddenly turn around and threw it towards Aluka behind him, and then quickly did not turn round and continued to snake skin.

     Cang Dang!

     The smoke bomb fell on the beach and rolled in front of Aluka, but Aluka was happy does not raise.He always felt that the God of Boway was not so much to help him seal the cigarettes, but to help him incense...

     Under this kind of ruthless unilateral shooting, this wave of 4AM's sea voyage plan made a lot of casualties when it landed!

     In the end, except for the lonely person who went to sea first, the two behind Wei Shen and Xiao Xingmu were all knocked down.

     No way, the firepower of Liu Zilang's four is too fierce, even if you move around in snakeskin, can you still hide all the bullets?

     If it weren't for being at the back when they landed alone and being the closest to the seaside when running, this wave of 4AM might have to be destroyed here.

     Even so, the three of Aluka, Wei Shen, and Xiao Xingmu who are now lying on the ground,

     There is definitely no way to save the lonely existence in the sea, and this time the lonely existence once again became the "lonely existence".

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Ahem... It seems that 4AM still maintains their unwritten tradition even with personnel adjustments..."

     "Hehe, you are a bit dark now."

     "Just kidding, but the 4AM wave with great difficulty found the ship from the airport, but I didn't expect it to be attacked by Se7en2 when it landed. I am really angry!"

     "Yes, it should be possible to go there now, I suggest that he swim some distance to the west before landing."

     "Well, it's impossible for Vic to seal off the coastline. He will just find a place to enter the circle later."

     "Huh? Wait a minute, won't Vic go to make up for someone to lick the bag? What is he doing back on the bridge?"


     Under the commentary and the suspicious eyes of the audience off the field, Liu Zilang, who ran to the bridge, jumped and jumped onto his happy motorcycle.The next moment, he pulled the accelerator.

     Rumbled all the way from the bridge head to the beach, directly crushing one person.

     However, he was obviously just taking the route, but he continued to gallop along the coastline.

     In the sea, Lone Cun was swimming towards the west potentially underwater, wanting to land ashore in another place.

     at this time,

      he suddenly heard the sound of cars on the shore.

     Lone Cun floated to the surface and took a look, only to find a motorcycle stopped on the shore.

     He couldn't help but was stunned when he saw this, and immediately act without taking time to think, dived into the water, and continued to swim forward with his head stuffed.

     After swimming for a while, he came up to take a breath, then turned his head to find that the motorcycle appeared on the shore again.


     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong cannot bear saying, "Vic is going to kill to the last one!"

     "He really wants to cut weeds and eliminate the roots." Msjoy joked, shaking his head and smiling, "But being alone is still a child, isn't this a bit too inhumane."

     At this moment, Da Sima on the side suddenly said in surprise, "Huh? I seem to hear the sound of other cars."

     When Rong Ye heard this, he couldn't help but takes a deep breath, "Could it be that Qiu Shen and the others also drove over here, is this too cruel?"

     "Not so?" Msjoy scratched the head in wonder.

     At this moment, the director's perspective was suddenly pulled into the air.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw two cars and a jeep galloping towards this side among the mountains and grass.

     And in the sky directly in front of them, there was a plane flying across the sky!"My God! Dream chasing boy!" Da Sima exclaimed, "Which team is this player from?"

     "I took a look..." Msjoy carefully glanced at the game's big screen, "It seems to be SSS and Tyloo!"

     "No wonder, it turned out to be these two teams."

     Rong Ye nodded slightly, "Both teams are three guarantees and one single-core team. The SSS is Lily, and Tyloo is the Nighthawks. A team like this sniper needs airdrops too much."

     "Eh...wait, this airdrop..."

     As Da Sima suddenly raised his tone of voice, the audience in the audience could not help but stare in surprise!

     Because SSS and Tyloo chased the plane and dream for more than two thousand miles, they actually landed after flying into the sea.

     What is even more inconceivable is that this airdrop actually hit the face of the lonely who was swimming in the sea with his head down.

     "I'm going, really. Airdrop smashed the face!"

     "The case is solved, it turns out that Gu Gu Cun is the Heaven Chosen One of this game!"

     "Wait, how do I feel that this airdrop was sacrificed to Aluka and Wei Shen and their three people in exchange for smashing the face."

     "2333 Then there are so many sacrifices."

     "I think it's better to have pork head meat."

     "Turtle, have you started?"


     The audience in the live broadcast room was amazed by the lonely luck, first it was mortal danger, escape alive, and now it was an airdrop...

     So many people feel that being alone must be the sacrifice of three teammates in exchange for them, and they have planted the evil Evil's Seed in their hearts, ready to have the opportunity to try it in the game.But at this time in the game, Liu Zilang saw several cars suddenly rushing into the field.

     He hurriedly said, "Quickly make up for the one in the smoke, and Kotomi will go to the bridge and drive over again."


     Misaka Kotomi closed his gun and turned and ran!

     At this time, the two teams driving over obviously did not intend to stop, but Liu Zilang was the only one riding a motorcycle on their side.

     If there was a conflict with each other next, their team would lack mobility, so he asked Misaka Kotomi to drive over on the bridge.

     When Li Muqiu heard Liu Zilang's words, he quickly cut out the grenade and threw it into the smoke.

      It should be noted, if the knocked-down person is replaced by another team, then the head kill will be robbed by others. Naturally, such small mistakes cannot be committed in the game.




     In the sound of an explosion, Aluka on the beach was also overtaken after Wei Shen and Xiao Xing...