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914 That Man Is Back!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? In the game.

     Liu Zilang naturally heard the footsteps coming from behind him. But at the moment the gunshot sounded, he didn't choose to fight for the reaction.

     Instead, he jumped and jumped on the jeep beside him.


     In the next instant, NB211's killing intent bullet suddenly shot from behind!

     But what NB211 hadn't thought is,

     As soon as he fired a shot, the hazy figure in front of him suddenly disappeared.

     What the hell?

     He couldn't help being stunned!

     Immediately afterwards, there was a sudden burst in my heart!

     At this moment, 211 quickly reacted and quickly pulled the gun to the right!

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     I saw Liu Zilang who jumped into the car suddenly leaned out from the window, facing the NB211 in the front of the car, it was a very fast three-shot burst!

     211 Even if he reacted in time, compared to the no time to deal with it when he hit Liu Zilang just now, he was caught off guard by Liu Zilang at this moment, and the situation on both sides suddenly changed.


     Da da da-!

     Fire flickered in the muzzle of both sides, which looked unusually bright and conspicuous in the smoke.

     The next moment, under the bright fire light, NB211's face suddenly dimmed.

     Two bloody mists burst out of his body, and he staggered under his feet, and his body fell uncontrollably back to the ground.

     "Se7en2-Vic used M16A4 to kill SSS-NB211!"

     "Se7en2-Vic used M16A4 to kill SSS-Louls!"


     "Se7en2-Vic finally killed SSS-SaSa using UMP9!"At the top right of the screen, a series of kill prompts began to roll over!

     Kill the team alone!

     Following the California World Games, Liu Zilang once again reproduced a wave of solo team destruction.

     Seeing this shocking scene, the audience off-site and in the live broadcast room were all stunned!

      It should be noted, Professional League is not the kind of passerby game where the anchor singles four rows.

     You can show to get rich if you just hold a spray on the ground, so that passerby players can't take care of themselves.

      Professional players cooperate with each other and have rules, advance and retreat at will, and it is difficult to be arrogantly shown by one person.

     Therefore, in the first round of the PCPI group stage last week, Liu Zilang did well despite his outstanding performance.

     But the three games also cooperated with Shen Zeyan and others, and there was no amazing operation of single-player destroying the team.

     However today,

     In this round of the winner group finals.

     Liu Zilang was actually a wave of three times entering and leaving, recreating the horrific operation of the solo team destroying the California game.


     "Here is fat! A hot man is fat!"

     "Excuse me, here is the live broadcast room of the spokesperson of the flower show, Liu Zilong?"

     "Turtle, you guys are licking it!"

     "Can't lick the dog House, but I decided not to house!"


     In a blink of an eye, the barrage of the live broadcast burst open.

     During the game, everyone on the beach was also a little dumbfounded.

     What about "Three Heroes battle Lü Bu"?

     How did it become a solo show of "Zilong charging seven times through the ranks of armies" in a blink of an eye?On Se7en2, Li Muqiu couldn't help but jealous when he saw Liu Zilang sloshing in the smoke, and he felt jealous...

     Misaka Kotomi looked full of joy too, but seeing Liu Zilang licking happily, she couldn't help but bulging her face, and whispered, "It's wet, leave some for the den, for the den point."

      at the same time.

     There were two cars on the coast one after the other, and the four Tyloo, who were side by side as shelters, were also speechless for a while.

     "That's an SSS with a team of 211, right?" Freeman Hou Dongfang asked somewhat uncertain.

     Assaulter Ergou swallowed, "Uh...it should be, they seem to be here with us."

     "That... White team, let's not fuck them?" Another assaulter hesitated.

     Hearing the words of the three teammates, Bai Shaobin looked at the place where the SSS was destroyed.

     After groaning for two seconds, he jumped into the car behind, "You can do it, but it's not necessary. Let's go, let's get some points."

     Three people: ...

     However, the visual impact of Liu Zilang's solo team just now was too strong for them.

     At this time, a lonely existence in the water and Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu on the shore were added.

      Let them fight each other this time, the three of them were really a little panicked.

     "What the White team said is that it is really unnecessary." Ergou jumped into the car.

     "It's so bad." Ziming nodded slightly. "We are not reckless, don't pay attention to him."

     Hou Dongfang disdainfully said:

     "To be honest, if it weren't for you just stopped me, I took the opportunity to go up and fuck him."As the four of them spoke, they got into Bai Shaobin's car one after another.

     Although they drove two cars in this wave.

     But the car in front of it had a puncture when it shot at the three of Li Muqiu.

     Of course, in retaliation they also exploded the tire of Misaka Kotomi's little yellow car.

     However, a veteran team like Tyloo fought with ample experience. They had two cars one after the other. At this time, one of them was damaged but there was another spare.

     After the four people got into the car, Bai Shaobin marked a point in Shangcheng District and immediately kicked the accelerator.

     At this moment, without omen, there was a burst of gunfire on the field.

     As soon as the Tyloo quad was started, one of the rear tires was blown up.

     Seeing this scene, the audience was taken aback, immediately thought it was Liu Zilang.

     Because the angle of the three of Li Muqiu was blocked by the bunker, they definitely couldn't get the car.

     But Liu Zilang can.

     In addition, from the motive of committing the crime, Liu Zilang is undoubtedly the most suspected person.

     However, Bai Shaobin and the others knew that they were not Liu Zilang, but someone else.

     The next moment, the director's lens everything.

     In the picture, I saw a person carrying a sister-in-law on the shore, half of his body exposed to the sea.

     He was carrying a handful of sister-in-law, and pointed at the car that had a tire burst as soon as it started!

     This person is naturally alone.

     Needless to say, the lonely marksmanship, he seemed to have a lot of experience with the gun of sister control. He first fired a few shots very quickly, and quickly cut it into a fully automatic shot against the chassis with a wave of pressure guns!

     Puff—!In a blink of an eye, another tire on the same side was also blown out, the body suddenly tilted, and sparks were rubbing frantically with the wheels and gravel on one side!

     The four of Bai Shaobin in the car couldn't help being confused!

     At the same time, it is even more furious!


     You took all the airdrops.

     You still won't let us go?

     The four of them caught fire in their hearts, and immediately stopped and jumped off the side of the sea.

     However, they just raised their guns and glanced towards the surface of the sea. They were lonely, but they had no personal shadows.

     Obviously, he dived again.

     Seeing this scene under the director's lens, the audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help laughing!

     "Wow, Gu Gu Cun is also skinned!"

     "Hey hey, run away after a fetus, really red chicken!"

     "4AM is really a big dye vat, even the kid Gu Gu Cun has failed to learn."

     "I feel sorry for the white team, who did I piss off!"


     At this moment, there was a sound of cars in the direction of the smoke.

     The next moment, I saw a Jeep bursting out of smoke, like a wild dog running off the rein, rushed over in the direction of Tyloo.

     Everyone was shocked when they saw this!

     Here again? !