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918 As Soon As The Airdrop Sounded, The Team Raised It For Nothing!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? Obviously, Bai Shaobin is preparing to help his teammates pull a wave of hatred before he died.

     But as soon as the smoke dissipated, there were four clear gunshots almost at the same time!

     boom! boom! boom! boom!

     When Bai Shaobin snipes a team of snipers SSR, the third-level head on his head suddenly bursts with two pieces of blood fog.

     At the next moment, two prompts flashed on the screen.

     "Tyloo-Nighthak used Kar98K to headshot Se7en-SSR!"

     "Se7en2-Vic knocked down Tyloo-Nighthak with a headshot of Kar98k!"

     On the commentary stage, the three of them suddenly cried out in surprise!

     "Oh my God! This wave is the White team snatching the SSR, Vic and Ze Shao smashing the White team!"

     "This reaction and speed are too fast! As expected of the three fastest men on the court!"

     "I think there are actually four. The SSR also fired shots just now, but it was a bit slow."

     "Yes, men should be fast or fast. In a duel between snipers, a slow step is the difference between life and death."

     "Tsk, I thought this wave of Tyloo was the most passive, but I thought that both the second team and Tyloo were on the show, and only one team was being beaten."

     "However, this wave of sacrifices made by Shao Bai is still valuable. He at least dragged the next team and the second team a little bit, otherwise it was just certain that everyone would be in the smoke."

     "Yes, now Tyloo's last fire should have a chance to go to sea."

     "Eh wait! East! The ship is coming from the east!"

     Following Da Sima's words, the director's footage quickly pulled closer to the sea from a high altitude.

     In the big screen picture.I saw a speedboat galloping along the coastline, which is naturally the IDS entering the circle from the inland river.

     The four of them heard the fierce fighting in the coastal area of Shangcheng District, and wondered whether to change the route and enter the circle.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, they happened to see Hou Dongfang, who was "To Part Forever" by the sea, entering the smoke.

     Going to the sea sounds simple.

     But in fact, unless you jump directly from a bridge or a cliff by the sea, it takes time in other cases.

     Especially when going to the sea on the beach, it needs a process of gradually sinking from shallow to deep.

     In the smoke by the sea.

     Hou Dongfang had just entered the water half of his body at this time. He was walking toward the depths when he heard the sound of a boat.

     He couldn't help being shocked!

     This Nima...Where did the ship come from?

     Listening to the sound getting closer and closer, Hou Dongfang in the smoke suddenly fell into a situation of no room to advance or to retreat.

     If he moved forward at this time, he was probably hit and killed by the boat before diving into the water.

     In the next few steps, there will be smoke, and there will be a burst of strong wind and swift rain-like bullets.

     After hesitating a little, Hou Dongfang still moved forward firmly in the water.

     The audience in the off-site and in the live broadcast room saw this scene under the director's camera, and for a while, they raised their hearts and stared at the game screen unblinkingly.


     The speedboat rushed into the smoke along the coastline!

      in the blink of an eye, the speedboat burst out from the other side of the smoke again!

     On the seashore in front of the Shangcheng District, in the sea covered by smoke at this time, there is only one floating box left behind..."IDS-Xbg drove Tyloo-Deadrunner to death!"

     Tyloo, all out!

     In a moment, everyone off the court was silent.

     After a while, Msjoy on the commentary stage rubbed his nose and couldn't help sighing, "It seems that Tyloo is not an EDG after all, and their fire hasn't been preserved."

     Rong Ye nodded, "Well, I remember that Tyloo originally wanted to chase the airdrop in this wave, but I didn't expect that the airdrop was stolen by myself, and he even took his entire team in."

     "Hehe, if you say that, the SSS side is similar." Msjoy smiled, "But they were killed by Vic alone. In comparison, I think they should be more depressed."

     Da Sima on the side laughed and said, "This wave of IDS is really lucky. I picked up 1 point for nothing when I entered the circle."

     "Then where are they going to land from?"

     "Look at what this should be bypassing the gun line on Se7en's side and landing from the place where the lone cun has just landed. The lone cun may be a bit dangerous."

     "Yes, the poison has been refreshed now, oh! A team from the east of Shangcheng District was ambushed by 17 when entering the city."

     In the game screen, as soon as the director's camera was pulled over, there was a loud noise!


     I saw that an orange car was suddenly attacked, and a sharp turn wanted to pull it toward the north.

     As soon as they turned the corner, the whole car was ignited and exploded in an instant under the fire of 17 four people!Under the kinetic energy of the remaining strength wasn't diminished, the whole car rotated 180° to the front before it crashed to the ground. No three people in the car survived!

     "Douyu17-17shou used the M416 to detonate the vehicle and killed R-Nubi!"

     "Douyu17-17shou used M416 to detonate the vehicle and killed R-Aq!"

     "Douyu17-17shou used M416 to detonate the vehicle and killed R-tb!"

     Seeing this explosive scene, the barrage in the live broadcast of the match exploded!

     "Oli here! It's done!"

     "666, 17 this firepower is too strong!"

     "Beasts, Dajing, Style and Ma Niuniu, these four contestants are all famous gang spear kings who are famous for fighting fish. This is not like a gun!"

     "I heard that the 17 team does not have a sniper position. Except for the special situation of getting the AM, the four of them are equipped with rifles, and at most they can add a sniper."

     "Tsk tusk, four riflemen? No wonder the firepower is so powerful!"

     "This wave of 17 is in this card. It seems that no one dared to enter the circle from the east of Shangcheng District."


     In fact it is indeed so.

     With R's learn a lesson from the mistakes of one's predecessor, how dare subsequent teams enter the circle from here?

     Next, as the surrounding poison circle shrinks.

     Many teams detoured one after another, most of them chose to go around from the forested area north of the Shangcheng District.

     However, with more teams, the north of the city would inevitably be stranded, and the melee soon began.

     The upper right of the screen is constantly refreshing!

      has to say, under this special terrain, the 17th wave of venomous sides has contributed to the first wave of attrition on the court.In a blink of an eye, the number of survivors on the court dropped sharply from 48 to 29!

      At the same time, Se7en2 of the coastal puzzle building also realized the fiery situation on the east side of the city.

     Seeing that the entire team of 17 was frantically scrolling the screen, Li Muqiu immediately couldn't sit still, "Wow, this team is too rough, even the circle won't let anyone enter!"

     "I think it is necessary for us to provide a wave of humanism assistance to friends outside the circle."

     "Look at... how is it?"

     Hearing his words, Shen Zeyan didn't say anything.

     Kotomi Misaka blinked and turned to look at Liu Zilang somewhat anticipated.

     "Aid is not impossible..."

     Liu Zilang pondered, and then said, "But the one next to him is a team. We must be beaten in the past. We will solve them first."

     Indeed, if the four of Liu Zilang were to pass, they would have to pass a team downstairs.

     Unless they detour.

     But now many teams in the north are entering the circle. The situation in the upper city is tangled and complicated, and no one knows where individuals will emerge.

     Like a team, they at least know the location of each other; but if they encounter enemies who don't know their location when detouring, it will be a bit troublesome.

     Li Muqiu also realized this, and could not help being a little discouraged for a while.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, Kotomi Misaka, who has been observing in secret, suddenly shouted, "It's wet, it's out! They're out!"

     Hearing Misaka Kotomi's words, the three immediately came to the side of the building and leaned forward.

     I saw a team of four people separated by two buildings, sneaking out secretively through the back door.Obviously, the first team was also excited.

     Moreover, a team of four people who had no worries quickly took action.

     "What are you waiting for."

     A smile appeared at the corner of Liu Zilang's mouth, "We should also have an unaware of the oriole behind."



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