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919 I'm Your Friends, But You Want To Fuck Me...
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? The east side of Shangcheng District.

     Looking at the poison ring slowly pushed over from a distance, the 17 four people who were stuck in the poisonous side of the city were like crocodiles who had just eaten on the river beach, and hiccuped contentedly.

     "Wow! This wave is cool!"


     "I just can't lick the bag, there is blue thin."

     "It's okay. Someone's head points are pretty good. I just did three of them."

     "I don't know if there is anyone in the back, It should be about the same, it's in the circle."

     "Not necessarily, wait."

     In 17's voice, the four of you chatted with each other.

     At this moment, there was another rush of car sounds from the east of Shangcheng.

     The next moment, I saw a motorbike heading, followed by a bouncing car and a car, and three cars quickly flew away towards the Shangcheng District.

     17 When the four people saw this, they couldn't help but mind shook!

     "Business is coming again!"

     "It looks like these cars belong to the same team. They dare to charge like this without knowing that we are stuck here."

     "Then don't use motorcycles, put the car behind, and wait for it to be served directly."

     "Eh! That's a good idea!"

     Ever since, the leading motorcycle that burst out of the poison is getting closer and closer.

     But here in Shangcheng District, it's quiet, and it doesn't have any.

     On the contrary, the gunshots from the north side of the city continued, and it sounded very intense.

     However, in comparison, the quietness here in Chengdong seemed somewhat abnormal.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Oh! IFTY is coming out of the poison now!""Yes, Big Brother A+ rides a motorcycle to the forefront. This wave of 17 is a bit insidious. They want to lure the enemy to go deeper."

     "I don't think this is a problem. The problem is that the first team of Sai Wenqi touched it, and there is still an unaware of the oriole behind the second team."

     "Yes, if the 17 wave is too devoted to playing with IFTY, something will happen."

     "Oh! Brother has already parked on the edge of the upper town!"

     "The first and second teams behind the ass also touched one after the other. This wave is likely to be a big mess!"


     Under the lens of the director.

     I saw that the leading motorcycle stopped abruptly against the wall, jumped the next person from above, and quickly glanced around with the gun.

     Obviously, this abnormal silence has aroused IFTY's alertness.

     However, 17 squatted very concealed at this time, A+ looked around with the gun, and could not find the other side's trace.

     At this time, the poison behind was already approaching, so naturally he could not let his teammates wait in the poison.

     So after A+ said "careful", the three people who followed immediately drove to follow.

     The next moment, without omen!

     The sound of gunshots was instantly overwhelming!

     In the picture, 17 four people suddenly picked up four rifles and instantly set fire to the car behind them.

     In a blink of an eye, the car at the back of IFTY tilted underneath and blew up directly.

     IFTY can't help but dumbfounded!

     They finally understood why Chengbei played like wildfire, but Chengdong, which was the closest to the circle in the straight line, was deserted.

     This firepower...Who can stand it?Fortunately, the A+ side reacted very quickly, and the 17 side was a reverse sweep, giving some pressure in time.

     Taking advantage of this opportunity, Beng Beng TK drove around and avoided the gun line from the south of the city.

     But as soon as TK walked around, he saw a group of people sticking to the corner of the high-rise building in the south of the city, secretly touching this side!

     "Crap! TK is going to be cold in this wave!" called out in alarm on the commentary stage.

     The next moment, a strange scene appeared!

     TK and the first team of four obviously saw each other, but not only did TK not shoot, the four of the first team did not shoot either.

     After both sides looked at each other, they both looked away...

     For a while, everyone off the court saw this scene and couldn't help but feel a little confused!

     On the commentary stage, Da Sima scratched the head, "What does it mean for a team? Don't you want to pick up the head for nothing?"

     Rong Ye takes a deep breath and showed a surprised expression, "Don't be a little head, that team wants a big head. It seems that they are eating 17, so they don't want to expose themselves in advance."

     "That's right." Msjoy nodded on the side, "and I think TK should have understood the other's intentions. The enemy's enemy is his friend. He must be happy to see it happen, so he did not expose his opponent."

     "Then this wave is interesting."

     Rong Ye suddenly said with a smile, "The current situation is that 17 has eaten IFTY to death, the first team has eaten 17 to death, but they don't know at all the second team is also following."

     "Huh? The second team seems to be separated by 31. Vic single-handed from the north side. Do they want a back and forth flanking?""Will 22 be better if you hit the front and back flanks? At 31, I think Vic may be a bit weak, unless the second team wants three people to play front, and Vic is responsible for sneak attack in the dark."


     While explaining and analyzing the battle situation, the camera has shifted to 17 here.

     Under the camera of the director, I saw 17 wins and chased, and quickly rushed out of the bunker, chasing A+ was a fierce attack.

     In this kind of strong wind and swift rain-like offensive, even though TK has a gun from time to time.

     However, A+ was still chased and retreated steadily, leaving its motorcycle and fled around the house in embarrassment.

     "Big brother, don't panic! Someone on the other side steals them!"

     "you saw it?"

     "Well, I just saw a team touch it."

     "Okay, let's fight back, let these guys chase me!"

     With the news of TK, knowing that "reinforcement" was touching the opposite side at the moment, A+ felt calm.

     But what he never expected was that the "reinforcement" was touched.

     However, it was not his opponent who was touched first, but himself.

     Whoops whoops—!

     Bullets burst from behind like Rainstorm Flower!

     A+ noticed the movement behind him, and as soon as he turned around, he was knocked down by a sudden bullet.

     "Se7en-90God used AKM to knock down ITFY-APLUSVABLE!"

     Seeing the scene of caught off guard, both A+ and TK couldn't help being dumbfounded!

     This Nima...what about the friendly army?

     A+'s lips trembled, in the end still unable to speak.In fact, not only them, but the team of four who had just shot down A+ were also dumbfounded.

      It's not right!

     This person does not seem to be 17!

     "Fuck, we called the wrong person!" 90god was speechless for a while.

     Although he was the one who killed the head just now, when the shot was fired, the big guy shot the gun together!

     "Could it be that the person we just saw was A+?" SSR touched his chin. "But why did he run here so quickly, cough cough... this is a bit embarrassing."

     Because they originally wanted to touch 17 without knowing it, now that they hit the wrong person, it undoubtedly means that they are already exposed!

     "Forget it, just make it up." CoCo in the team said.

     With that, he lifted the UMP9 in his hand and directly turned A+ into a box.

     TK not far away witnessed this scene, and his heart was suddenly furious!

     I treat you as my friends, but you want to fuck my big brother!

     Damn Ah!!!



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