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923 Embarrassed On All Sides! (1/7)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? The most advanced team will become everyone's common goal, this is an indisputable fact.

     It is also an indisputable fact that once the most advanced teams stand firm in the circle, they will gain a huge advantage.

     In this case, RNG, with four remaining people, chose the former.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "RNG is very active in this wave of laps, they already rushed into the smoke."

     "But the LYB and Se7en2 next door all aimed their guns at them. Now RNG is under great pressure!"

     "Oh! Ze Shao knocked down one here! RNG's handsome guy was knocked down!"

     "Then RNG will come back to save people now?"

     "No! RNG did not choose to come back to save people, they sold Shuaishuai decisively!"

     "Hehe, it seems that according to Wanyou Law of Gravitation, the most handsome person is indeed the first to fall."

     "However, the remaining three of RNG have successfully entered the circle after selling their teammates.

     "Yes, now there are only two teams, LYB and Se7en2, left in the room, a three-person team and a four-person team. What do you say about this wave?"


     Accompanied by the extremely fast real-time commentary, the radiation on the north side of the housing area suddenly shocked!

     The next moment, like the steps of a god of death, he slowly pushed toward the beach from the housing complex.

      at the same time.

     Two teams, Se7en2 and LYB, also rushed out of the housing complex and rushed to the coastal road.

     In such a situation of zero cover, there is no reason for the two teams not to fight.

     I saw that the two sides used a cloud of smoke on the road as a cover, almost fighting as they walked.The remaining three of the RNGs who had already entered the ring retaliated wildly when they saw that the people who had just beaten them in the room wanted to enter the ring.

     Da da da-!


     Da Da Da—!

     There was a pot of porridge on the beach!

     It stands to reason that the RNG in the advanced circle wait at one's ease for the exhausted enemy. After Se7en2 and LYB are about to fight, it is enough to clean up the remaining soldiers who have entered the circle. It should become the biggest winner of the three teams in this wave of urban areas.

     However, in fact, RNG's bullet was stolen before spanking, and the Emperor was dropped into the smoke by two shots.

     "4AM-Gucun knocked down RNG-Emperor with MK14!"

     Guide everything!

     In the sea, the sister-in-law was left alone in the sea, and she was half leaning over her body and nodding at QE.

     After seeing someone knocked down, he was thinking about the fighting spirit aroused by the first roll of drums.

     Unexpectedly, RNG's stare at the cat suddenly turned around and looked back in time, instantly pressing the loneliness in the sea.

     "Oh! What a pity, I almost stole ten points in this wave of being alone."

     "Yes, the cat's reaction to stare at the crotch was very quick, and he saved his teammates in time."

     "Hehe, I think these two people are quite interesting about the guns. It's like seeing two loneliness, one with high and one with low."

     "Uh... you're a bit dark now, but now you stare at the cat and shoot the gun. If Jiyunx wants to save his teammates, no one can care about LYB and Se7en2 coming from the house."

     "Yes, Se7en2 has a four-on-three wave. They have an advantage in numbers.""Huh? Wait a minute, why are there only three people on Se7en2 running poison and guns, Vic?"

     The astonishment on the stage just sounded!

     The next moment, under the camera of the director, a motorcycle rushed out from the radiation grid!

     This person is naturally Liu Zilang.

     It turned out that he was not with his teammates when he ran the poison, but suddenly turned around and forcibly carried the poison to ride the motorcycle parked at the door.

     He didn't plan to ride at the beginning, Liu Zilang felt that the motorcycle was too dynamic in this situation, and it was too beggar.

     But then and now.

     Seeing that RNG was attacked, his teammates and the next team fought anxiously in the smoke.

     Liu Zilang knew that someone had to get in ahead of time this time, or he would have to be freed up by RNG to take advantage of him at the end of the fight, so he turned around and rode the motorcycle.

     Listening to the sound of the motorcycle engine in the ear, the audience in the off-site live broadcast room was also a little dumbfounded.

     "Riding a motorcycle in the finals, are you happy?"

     "It would be great if it was a mountain circle, this circle is too peaceful to show off!"

     "Show what show, happiness is over!"

     "How do I feel that this guy is going to be cold, happiness always comes at a price."


     In the game match, Liu Zilang, riding a motorcycle, did not pick up his teammates, but brushed past Li Muqiu in the smoke like a horror, and plunged into the middle of the circle blindly.

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong slightly frowned, "Although Vic managed to get into the circle, he has nowhere to stay. He will definitely be beaten when parking.""Yes." Msjoy nodded, pushing down the glasses on the bridge of his nose, guessing, "Does this wave of Vic want to go to sea? If in that case, he still have a chance."

     "Huh? Vic didn't go to sea!"

     Da Sima on the side suddenly said.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     There was a harsh brake sound in the game screen, and Liu Zilang, riding a motorcycle, saw a "Golden Rooster Independent" next to the airdrop box on the beach, and braked to a stop.

     Suddenly, the motorcycle and the airdrop suddenly formed an angle of almost 90 degrees, just covering Liu Zilang's body.

     Of course, the side of the motorcycle is in danger of being "pedicured" at any time.

     But compared to other teams on the field that can only use smoke and seawater as a cover, Liu Zilang's situation here is much better.

     And after he parked, he licked a wave of airdrops, and suddenly a brand-new three-level set appeared on him, and he also had a cool MK14 in his hand!

     Another airdrop sister control!

      At the same time, the "3V3" of the LYB trio and Se7en2 is also coming to an end.

     Shen Zeyan seized the opportunity and knocked out one person.

     Taking advantage of the inconvenience of the other party, the three of them did not rush into the face, but turned into heroic bombers, throwing thunder into the smoke frantically.

     For a while, thunder billowed in the smoke, and the area where LYB was located suddenly became an artificial bombing zone.

     Seeing that the teammates could not be saved, the remaining two LYB hurriedly continued to throw cigarettes in the circle.

     The next moment, before the smoke dissipated, the two moved towards the outside.But even so, the person running behind was also hit by the grenade and blew up directly.

     LYB ran in front and the man looked back and glanced at, still gritted his teeth and rushed into the smoke ahead.

     The finals, especially those without bunkers.

     Rescue teammates is undoubtedly very unwise, this time only survival is the most important.

     Li Muqiu's two spearheads made up for the person outside the smoke to prevent being robbed of the head.

     Immediately afterwards, the three of them ignored the person who fell over LYB by Shen Zeyan in the smoke.

     But under Liu Zilang's gun, he quickly began to move towards the safe zone.

     But at this moment, the Emperor on the RNG side was also rescued.

     Seeing that the three of Li Muqiu wanted to enter the circle, the Emperor didn't even fight drugs, so he united his teammates to block them!

     What's more deadly at this time is the other people on the field, including Love777 who lives alone in the sea and the poisonous side, and the lone wolf who lives by LYB.

     Everyone's goal hit the three Li Muqiu who entered the circle last...

      on all sides, the songs of Chu!