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924 Turn On Foggy Day Mode! (2/7)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:


     Gunshots are coming one after another, and bullets are flying on the beach!

     Before Li Muqiu ran into the next smoke that was used as a springboard, he was stupefied by this wave of attacks from all directions!

     In this hail of bullets, the three of them kept blooming with blood, and their blood volume was like water leaking to drop a thousand zhang in one fall.


     Kotomi Misaka's pan failed to protect her small butt, and was hit by a stray bullet from the side.

     A staggered foot, the body suddenly leans forward kneels down on the ground.

      This time, let alone there is no smoke, even if there is smoke, there is no way to save them. Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan, who were bothered by themselves, ran into the smoke ahead without turning their heads.

     Li Muqiu was still roaring, "Fuck, didn't you say that you have a gun? Go ahead!"

     Behind the airdrop box, Liu Zilang's quasi-centred dragged back and forth, seeing his teammates besieged by a group of people from all angles, his eyes couldn't help but twitch.

     This is such a fool!

     Immediately afterwards, he simply ignored that much.

     My heart is full!

     Facing the RNG with the largest number of people on the field, there was a burst of very fast sister-controlled automatic guns.

     In an instant, a wave of dense bullets cut through the smoke, which immediately disrupted the rhythm of the three RNGs.

     As the strongest firepower point on the field, their rhythm broke, and Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan who were able to breathe quickly rushed into the cloud of smoke in the safe zone one after the other.

     But at this moment, Li Muqiu who was following behind was suddenly taken aback!

     Because he saw that Shen Zeyan who had entered the smoke suddenly ran towards him again, and also ran into him."There is thunder."

     Shen Zeyan's words were brief and his voice was calm.

      Li Muqiu, who entered the circle with great difficulty, was stunned, without an immediate reaction.

     Or maybe he has heard it, but it’s not easy to get into this circle. Subconsciously asked:

     "Are you talking?"


     It was not Shen Zeyan who answered him.

     A violent explosion!

     Expanding flames!

     The dust in the smoke...When this is over, everything is silent.

     Li Muqiu wants to cry but doesn't have tears kneeling in the smoke, at this time he finally understands what Shen Zeyan just said...

     But boss... that's a grenade!

     You don’t need to have a lot of ups and downs in your voice, but you can’t be a little scared, a little shocked, at least let me realize the urgency of the situation Ah!!!

      has to say, Li Muqiu is confused by the composure of his teammates...

     However, before he had time to say his last words, he was made up for by the bullets all around.

     As for Shen Zeyan, who was also affected by the explosion just now, he was lying at the junction of smoke and radiation grid.

     The upper body is in the circle, and the lower body is outside the circle.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Tsk tsk, it's a pity that LYB's Dec is a thunder, it almost killed it twice."

     "I think this wave is a bit weird. If it were to be blown up, Ze Shao who was walking in the front should be blown to death. How did he become Qiu Shen and be blown up?

     "Hehe, I found this too, it should be a communication problem.""Then there are only eight people left in the finals, three lone wolves, and five of them are Se7en2's double team and RNG's three-player team. At present, RNG's number advantage is obvious.

     "Yes, but the next circle is brushed towards the sea. There is only a small piece on the shore in the circle. It is very lucky to be alone. Currently there is only his one person in the safe zone. The luck is really good."

     "Yes, if you can survive alone, 4AM can at least keep second in this game."

     "I don't think it's easy to say. Lonely has just opened the gun and has exposed himself. If everyone throws thunder into the sea next, I am afraid it will be a bit uncomfortable to be alone."


     When the Taiwan commentator analyzed the situation in the Second Last finals, the gunfire on the court gradually subsided.

     The surviving players took advantage of the short one-minute time before the poisoning, and hurriedly recovered their state and adjusted their mentality.

     In this flat and open finals, in addition to marksmanship and reaction, mentality is also very important.


     A minute's time can't be said it's short, but it's not long.

     With the ebbing of time, the countdown to the detoxification on the field soon left only the last thirty seconds.

     And the same as the previous circle.

     In this kind of beach finals, the only way for teams outside the safety zone to enter the ring is to spread smoke.

     But the second circle is even smaller, excluding the part of the sea, and the area on the land is even smaller.

     So after the smoke spread, it felt like the entire safe area was covered by smoke. The moderate wind, beautiful sun beach inexplicably entered the "fog mode"."Well, in this lap, I think most teams enter the lap by going to the sea."

     "Yes, although everyone knows that the last safe zone is definitely on the shore, before that, the range of activities in the safe zone in the sea is undoubtedly relatively larger, and at the same time a safer zone."

     "RNG moved here! Wait, they didn't want to be in the circle!"

     "Yes, RNG wants to rely on the number of people and clear a wave of people on the shore first!"

     At this time, except for Liu Zilang, everyone in the safe zone was using smoke as a shelter.

      Thus, RNG's way of clearing people is much simpler and rude-they took advantage of the other teams to hesitate to determine the timing, directly into the smoke with guns.

      It should be noted, except for Se7en2, the others are all lone wolves.

     In fact, although Se7en2 is a two-person team, they are separated from each other.

     The three strong men of RNG took advantage of this window period and directly broke the door down and enter. The person in the smoke doesn't have any strength to fight back at all.

     Even if the one in front fell down, someone behind immediately followed up.

     At this time, the first one was the remaining lone wolf Dec of LYB not far from RNG!

     After a short but rapid gunfire, the smoke that Dec was in suddenly fell silent.

     There is a kill prompt on the top right of the screen!

     Obviously, he is already cold...

     However, with Dec’s learn a lesson from the mistakes of one's predecessor, other people who just watched the excitement became immediately alert to the violent play of RNG.

     Because RNG's purpose is obvious, they want to cannibalize their opponents one by one.Thus, when RNG wants to play the same old trick and continue to move toward the edge of the safe zone, the cloud of smoke is clear and clear.

     In the four weeks, "one side was in difficulty and all sides supported", and everyone was "crackle rattle" against RNG.

     As soon as RNG came out of smoke, it was pressed back into smoke in a blink of an eye.

     "Fuck, why are they beating us." The Emperor was lying on the ground while spraying medicine and vomiting.

     "What do you think." Jinyunx shook the head, "People are not stupid."

     "Then what shall we do next?"

     Staring at the cat asked.

     Jinyunx looked at the court, squeezed his fingers, and then said:

     "In this way, wait until we get 21 points."

     "You two go in first. I will stare at the back. I remember there are people in the smoke around the circle. You can't leave people behind your ass in the finals."

     "Well, that's all there is to it."

     Two people nodded slightly.