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925 The Grenade Is Like A Smoke, The Magic Is Boundless! (3/7)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? Under the director's God's perspective, there are only fifteen seconds left in the countdown to the poison circle on the field.

     Once the surrounding radiation grid began to shrink again, the first person on the court to eat poison was Shen Zeyan, who was half of his body outside the circle, and then Love777 who was also on the side of the poison.

     So at this time, they are also the most dangerous.

     In comparison, Love777 is relatively safe, at least no one is staring at him.

     Shen Zeyan is different.

     RNG's Jinyunx's gun is already in the preview frame, as long as he appears, it will hit the face with a bullet.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "The poison is about to shrink, and Ze Shao seems to have to explain here."

     "Yes, Jinyunx's trick is too old and hot. The preview gun is placed here, making it clear that he is going to kill Ze Shao."

     "Ze Shao's situation is too passive now, I think I can try to throw cigarettes."

     "Wait...Ze Shao's projectile... he doesn't seem to have smoke bombs anymore."

     Under the lens of the director.

     I saw that in the display of throwing objects on Shen Zeyan's body, the column of smoke bombs was absolutely "0".

     Msjoy frowned slightly when he saw this, and suddenly divine light flashes, "Hey! That's right! I remember Qiu Shen just got filled with smoke, there should be smoke in his box?"

     As soon as the commentary fell, Shen Zeyan took a few steps forward and came to Li Muqiu's box.

     However, the next moment, when Shen Zeyan picked up what thing from the box.

     Seeing the smoke bombs that were still "0" in Shen Zeyan's throw, the audience could not help being silent.Obviously, there is no smoke in Li Muqiu's box.

     It turned out that Li Muqiu threw it so high when he was just out of the city, the smoke bomb on his body had been burned out long ago...

     Moreover, in order to save space during the game, Li Muqiu and others would not carry too many smoke bombs unless necessary. They only need to bring a lethal grenade.

     Under normal circumstances, work such as spreading cigarettes and sealing cigarettes has been taken over by Misaka Kotomi. If Shen Zeyan now carries the poison and licks Misaka Kotomi's bag, he will definitely find no less than five smoke bombs...

     However, the next wave of poison will be refreshed without mentioning it. Even the wave of poison behind him may not be able to get out after he enters, so it is definitely impossible to carry poison and lick the bag.

     Just when everyone had begun to mourn for Shen Zeyan, he suddenly took out a grenade.

     "Thunder thunder at this distance? And there is still no field of vision, is this a bit reluctant?"

     "Is it impossible to thunder?"

     "Uh...Zilei won't let the opponent score points? There seems to be this kind of routine..."

     When everyone was bewildered and uncertain, Shen Zeyan's grenade in the smoke warmed up for a few seconds, suddenly raised his hand, and threw the grenade toward the front.

     And at the moment he threw the grenade, people suddenly moved with the thunder, charging out of the smoke like electricity!

     Everyone off the court could not help being surprised!

     The next moment, I just listened to the "boom" a loud sound, the smoke went to the front and the flames soared into the sky, and thick gunpowder smoke suddenly rose!

      has to say, Shen Zeyan's thunder is not a high throw, so the throw distance is a bit close.

     But the smoke from the gunpowder just blocked the sight of Jiyunx on RNG's side.All of a sudden, the advantages of Jiyunx's preview and advance gun collapse instantly!

     And he was even more attracted by the grenade gain the upper hand by a show of strength, unconsciously attracted a little attention.

     Shen Zeyan's eyes slightly narrowed, when the smoke dissipated, he pulled the trigger as fast as lightning!


     Fire and gun flames!

     A sniper bullet jumped out of the gun!

     Fly over a distance of nearly 100 meters between his fingers, and hit Jiyunx's head accurately and well-known.


     Jiyunx's dazzling second-level head suddenly shattered. The SKS in his hand fired a shot, his knees softened, and his body knelt on his body uncontrollably.

     On the other hand, Shen Zeyan's side, almost at the moment when the shot was fired, he confidently closed the shot, and then quickly walked around towards Liu Zilang who was diagonally forward.

      At the same time, the poison behind it just started to shrink at this time!

     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, countless audiences off the field and in the live broadcast room were shocked!

     "My God! Ze Shao is using a grenade as a cigarette?"

     "Wow! This confidence is so handsome! I'm wet, how about you?"

     "The brain rushes to the duck! Shen Zeyan's woman will never admit defeat!"

     "Shut up before calling my husband! The law does not allow bigamy!"


      has to say, once the guide lens was given to Shen Zeyan, the barrage in the live broadcast of the game changed in style and became the home of countless female fans and wives.

      Having said that, Shen Zeyan's operation is really refreshing!In the game, when Jiyunx on the RNG side fell, the rhythm of the whole team entering the lap immediately became chaotic.

     "What's the situation on your side, isn't it about the card people?" The Emperor was puzzled.

     Jiyunx couldn't help face turned red, and said, "I seem to be shown."

     Staring at the cat, he glanced at the kill prompt, "Forget it, that guy is Ze Shao, it's normal to be shown."

     "Normal Jier!" Jiyunx said immediately, "Labor and management show back sooner or later."

     "You get up first before talking." The staring cat couldn't help but said cheerfully.

     This guy is an optimist, no matter at what time, he will not be nervous, and the operation in his hand is really good, he is a free-position comprehensive player.

     But at this time the poison behind has shrunk, even if no one hits them, the rescue comes without enough time.

     After looking back, Staring Cat and Emperor immediately chose to sell their teammates and rushed into the smoke in the safe area.

      at the same time.

     Liu Zilang also protected Shen Zeyan from entering the circle, while he himself chose to enter the sea at this time.

     In this way, they have people on the beach in the water and on the beach in this sea and land finals, and they can take care of each other.

     After a while, the Second Last wave coincided with the boundary of the safe zone, and the last circle was refreshed!

     As expected, the circle was brushed on the beach.

     In fact, it doesn't matter where the circle brush is at this time.

     Because in this last wave of three minutes and fifteen seconds of poison reduction countdown, the remaining four teams and six people on the field will not wait until the last wave of poison shrinkage, and the battle will be resolved in advance.The reason why we didn't fight immediately at this time was because everyone threw too much smoke into this small safe area on the beach during the drug run, and entered the "fog mode" of reaching for the pitch-dark.

     People on the beach can't see people, and those in the sea can see but can't shoot.

     Once the smoke becomes thin and even dispersed, the horn of battle will be blown instantly!

      Before that, everyone guessed at each other's position and threw thunder at each other.

     In the sea, Liu Zilang is snorkeling with Lonely and EDG's lone wolf Love777.

     They can see each other, but they can't shoot or throw thunder.

     However, Liu Zilang soon thought of his idea.

     That’s him to report,

     Shen Zeyan on the shore is in charge of frying the fish!