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931 My Name Is MT!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? If after a long journey, it is a blow to find that the resource point you have chosen is preempted.

     So at this time, the first safety zone in Southeast Coast was swiped into the field, which was another blow for them.

     Under the double blow, the pain of Liu Zilang and others was no less than that of Pigff just now.

     "What should we do? How about we change place?"

     Li Muqiu scratched the head.

     Misaka Kotomi stared vigilantly inside the Military Base, carefully guarding against any unexpected barrels.

     Liu Zilang scratched his hips and looked at the somewhat terrifying Military Base in silence.

     "I think we can still fight."

     "You can pull it down!" Li Muqiu curled his lips and couldn't help but retort, "We are empty hand, empty fist, if we go in, don't we have to be caught in a nest?"

     "Yes, you really can't go in together."

     Liu Zilang nodded slightly with a smile on his face, as if he had already prepared:

     "In this way... I will ride a motorcycle in to help you attract your attention, and you will take the opportunity to find a gun. This place is so big, it is less than half of the search on the other side."

     "Ah, you are not too dangerous to be wet." Misaka Kotomi immediately worried.

     "It's okay." Liu Zilang takes a deep breath, "This is what a teacher should do."

     Hearing what he said, Kotomi Misaka looked at Liu Zilang in a daze, and suddenly felt that the wet and wretched figure suddenly became tall and majestic...

     "Silly, you Xiao Qinmei."

     Li Muqiu on the side was abruptly tearing down the stage, "If something happens to us, he will definitely slip away first.""Nonsense!" Liu Zilang said awe-inspiringly, "Am I that kind of person?"

     Misaka Kotomi stared at Liu Zilang's old face carefully and blinked her big shiny eyes..

     In the next moment, Liu Zilang scratched his stomach in a jealous manner, a little speechless.

     But even though they said no, several people in the end still is accepted Liu Zilang's proposal.

     Om rumble—!

     I saw Liu Zilang riding a happy motorcycle and rushing in through a gate of the Military Base.

     Li Muqiu, Shen Zeyan and Misaka Kotomi took the opportunity to fumble into the Military Base from the other direction.


      at the same time, Military Base.

     In this game, FTD originally thought that no one would come to this remote place, so after arriving, they dispersed to improve search efficiency.

     At this moment, they suddenly heard a roar of motorcycles.

     "No, someone is here." Boo complexion changed, "Everyone must gather together."

     "Well, hold the group first, don't grab the order for the other party." DiXi nodded.

     "Come to Military Base so late?" DingD hesitated, "Will this team have no guns yet?"

     "Probably not." Boo not a word or movement shook the head, "Don't forget, our car is at the door. It's impossible to miss it when you come across."

     "Yes." DiXi nodded, "The other party is not a second fool. If you don't have a gun, you can't know someone will come in."

     Hearing what DiXi said, the others couldn't help but nodded, feeling that the analysis made sense.

      This time, they did not blindly follow the direction of the car to find the car,Instead, they marked a middle point first, and the four quickly moved closer to gather there.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Oh! FTD's response is very cautious, they are now trying to gather together."

     "Yes, the second team opened up the 13th formation and forced to break into the Military Base with someone. I guess they wanted Vic to ride a motorcycle to attract the enemy's attention, and teammates took the opportunity to search for guns."

     "It deserves to be the second team, it's really reckless."

     "Yes, if this wave is placed on another team and sees someone the quick-footed climb up first, it must have turned around and left."

     "The problem now is that FTD seems to be a little unmoved. They are very disciplined and didn't follow the sound of the car to find Vic. Now Qiu Shen and the others have to be careful. They will get cold when they meet people."

     "Oh! Wait! Autumn God and the others... he seems to be going to meet LaLa, the FTD sniper."

     "Crap! LaLa has a gun here. If you encounter it, it will be a unilateral massacre."

     Accompanied by the commentary, countless audiences off the court also stared nervously at the big screen on the stage.

     Under the camera of the director, I saw LaLa of FTD holding UMP9 in his hand and SKS on his back.

     While running, I kept pulling the angle of view, observing the surrounding situation.

     Suddenly, his pupils shrank suddenly!

     Near Okura in the front, a figure flickering in an instant.

     "Someone! I saw someone here!" LaLa immediately yelled in her voice.

     "Don't panic, don't panic! Hold on, we're over!" DiXi said.

     "Punctuate on the map! Quick!" Boo said calmly.LaLa takes a deep breath, calms down, and immediately punctuates with Okura.

     Seeing this, the other three teammates who had originally planned to join together quickly surrounded them vigilantly and cautiously from all directions.

     LaLa felt that the other party hadn't noticed him yet, so he carefully touched Okura after marking.

     Back door of Okura.

     Li Muqiu and their three people walked into the warehouse in a row with cats lying down.

     And the figure of flickering in an instant that LaLa just saw is naturally Misaka Kotomi ranked last.

     After several people entered the Military Base, they searched several places in a row.

     Unfortunately, both the tent and the house have been searched.

     When they saw this, they knew immediately that they could not go back to the enemy's old path, and that they might not even be able to drink the soup.

     So the three quickly changed directions, but they happened to be seen by LaLa who wanted to gather.

     But the three of them didn't know yet.

     After entering Okura, Misaka Kotomi immediately exclaimed with joy, "Haha, I haven't been searched here!"

     "Finally found a place that was not searched." Li Muqiu was overjoyed when he saw it.

     However, he calmed down very quickly and analyzed, "Basically all of us were searched this way, only here was not searched."

     "Well, I think the other party changed directions after searching the house we passed by."

     "In that case, the housing area in the northeast should not be searched either."

      In order to confirm his guess, Li Muqiu didn't grab resources with the two in Okura.Instead, he quickly walked through Okura and ran out through another door.

     Unexpectedly the next moment!

     As soon as he left the house, Li Muqiu retracted faster than before.

     Shen Zeyan saw his strangeness and couldn't help but look up at him.

     Li Muqiu said in a daze, "I just...like saw someone touch it."

      ?Ah?!" Misaka Kotomi was dumbfounded, "The dens were discovered? "

     "If the other side is not here to go shopping, it should have been discovered."

     Li Muqiu spoke until here, and immediately flustered and exasperated and said to Liu Zilang, "Didn't you mean to pull the blame? Why are you here?"

     "Ah? Are you OT?" Liu Zilang said.

     After speaking, he saw that Li Muqiu was a little violent, and he hurried to find some help, "Don't panic, don't panic, watch me pull them all back with a mockery."


     Liu Zilang, who was riding a motorcycle, honked frantically.

     And just when the two were rushing trash talk, Shen Zeyan had already picked up the in94 on the ground.

     I saw him quickly put his back behind the door,

     A pair of narrow eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a vaguely dangerous meaning.