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933 Flying Fat Mantis!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? With a helmet, it is equal to protection.

     At this moment, Shen Zeyan, who is holding the bird-sniper in94, is even more aggressive, and the threat to the three people of FTD is even greater.

     Under his gun,

     Li Muqiu, carrying a pan, finally came to the person who was first knocked down by Shen Zeyan, and squatted quickly behind the bunker.

     Kneeling down in the bunker, Boo waited for a long time until his teammates rescued him, but unexpectedly waited for an enemy holding a pan.

     After the bunker.

     The two knelt and squat,

     Gazed at each other.

     Li Muqiu smiled genially, Boo's body became stiff, and his heart was ashamed...

     Soon, the screen showed Li Muqiu's reminder of using a pan to make up for people.

     The three remaining FTD are also angry!

     At this moment they finally reacted-this was a team of poor dicks who had no weapons at all, and sneaked into their territory furtively.

     Not only did they fail to sanction each other in time, they also played around like monkeys.

     Thinking about it now, a few people suddenly felt a hot feeling on their faces.

     "Grass! We were fooled by this second team!"

     "What do you say now?"

     "How to say? Fuck him!"

     "The one who just rushed over with the pan, I seem to have been shot two or three times, and the blood volume is definitely not much!"

     "Okay, then take him for surgery first!"

     Soon, the FTD side decided on the battle plan—that is, picking up soft persimmons, and killing Li Muqiu to sacrifice the flag first!However, when the three of them moved quickly towards Li Muqiu from different directions, the man who was the fastest on the court reappeared unexpectedly.

     That person is naturally Liu Zilang riding a happy motorcycle.

     Om rumble—!

     "I'll go, that guy is here again!"

     Hearing the tearing of the motorcycle engine, the FTD three people suddenly became angry with green eyes!

     Had it not been for this motorcycle to attract attention, Shen Zeyan wouldn't have stolen one coldly.

     Now that I saw the motorcycle disappeared, I dare to come back.

     The three people who believed that the motorcycle was strong in appearance but weak in reality quickly changed the target, and they just beat the motorcycle.

     DingD, who was closest to the motorcycle, suddenly turned around and rushed toward the near point!

     The next moment, the motorcycle rush forward from the back next to the Military Base administration building, suddenly soaring into the sky!

     I saw Liu Zilang riding on a motorcycle in the back seat, holding a handful of Uzi in one hand.

     Directing DingD rushing over on the ground is a burst of wild winds and rain-like bursts of fire!

     In an instant, like rain hitting the beach, the bullets rustled away!

     "Thick lines! The Flying Mantis of a man!"

     "Wow, this flying grass is a little bit handsome!"

     "Wait, but how do I feel Vic missed a shot?"

     "It seems that Nima missed the shot...Is this shooting method from teacher Ma?"

     At this time, it is not only the water friends in the live broadcast room.

     Even the audience off the court spotted Liu Zilang's "Flying Mantis" wave and suddenly became a baboon.

     Everyone couldn't help being shocked dumbstruck!Generally speaking, when the Malaysian monkey marksmanship comes out, the picture is definitely ugly.

     But Liu Zilang's style of painting is very strange.

     Obviously a group of spears, but the picture looks handsome and turbulent!

     "How handsome Oh!!!"

     On the commentary stage, Da Sima eyes shined!

     This wave of operation by Liu Zilang is like a pointing light, guiding him in the direction of a brand-new in boundless darkness!

     Yes indeed!

     What does horse have to do?

      Handsome Finishing!

     In the game match, DingD, who was walking in a crazy snakeskin position to avoid the opponent's blast, looked at his own blood volume, and suddenly found that the opponent swept a shuttle and he was still full of blood.

     On the other hand, he couldn't help being proud of his own body and position, but on the other hand he secretly despised Liu Zilang.

     What Flying Mantis?

     Just this marksmanship... with an undeserved reputation.

     At this moment, DingD sent a message coldly, and a shadow appeared under his feet.

     He froze for 0.1 second,

     Can't help but look up and glanced at.

     This look directly made him look stupid!

     I saw the motorcycle in the sky in his field of vision, constantly zooming...zooming...

     Zoom in again!

     The one shivers in DingD's mind, who reacted, just pulled out his legs to dodge, when he was photographed by a wheelie.


     DingD's knees softened, and his whole body instantly knelt down uncontrollably.

     "The Se7en2-Vic driving vehicle overwhelmed FTD-DingD!"


     Seeing this abruptly arising picture, there was an uproar in the audience seats around the venue!"Oh~! I understand!"

     On the commentary stage, Da Sima exclaimed!

     Rong Ye was taken aback, cannot bear ask, "Teacher Ma What do you know?! Already?"

     "Vic is not Flying Mantis." Da Sima stared at the game screen with scorching eyes, and said confidently, "He is Flying Mantis!"

     Hearing Da Sima's words, the commentary on the stage and the audience off the stage couldn't help being stunned!

     What do you mean?

     "I get it too!"

     Rong Ye suddenly reacted over there.

     "Flying Mantis kills the opponent, and the Flying Mantis directly crushes the opponent, so this wave of Vic is the ultimate Flying Mantis!"

     "Yes, yes, yes!" Da Sima repeatedly nodded, his face is full of student that can be taught.

     "Then say that..."

     Msjoy suddenly put forward a bold conjecture, "You said that the wave of Vic's horses just now was deliberately empty guns, just to force the opponent to move and crush the opponent.

     Hearing this, Da Sima and Rong Ye couldn't help but the corners of their mouths twisted, your guess is really bold!

      at the same time,

     The audience in the live broadcast room of the event was speechless, and all kinds of barrage were frantically raised.

     "The gun line is sealed away? I learned it!"

     "Fat Mantis laughs at Skr. Teacher Ma is worthy of being a commentator. PCPI really picked up a ghost this time!"

     "233 Flying Fat Mantis, I'm convinced! Who can stand it even if people bring a car more than a thousand catties?"

     "Fortunately, you are suggesting that Vic is a fat man? Be careful that Master Lang beats you into a concussion?""Hua Mei Nan? Are you chucking up?"

     "I think there is nothing wrong with the beautiful boy, prprprpr..."


     In the game, after Liu Zilang crushed one to death, Li Muqiu picked up the gun and started the medicine.

     Suddenly, the situation of FTD on the field suddenly changed abruptly.

     Only two of them left remembered this moment-this is the second team of Se7en, the second team that is said to be countless times stronger than the first team!

     Hit or run?

     This is not a problem.

     In this situation, being alive is the most important thing.

     Therefore, the two FTD decisively sold their teammates and quickly withdrew towards the door of Military Base.

     Their car was parked there, and it was also a hope for the two to escape!

     But under this circumstance, there is no reason for Liu Zilang and the others to let them go opposite.

     At this time, the four of them completely the guest acts as host, with the help of Liu Zilang's motorcycle, as the autumn gale sweeps away the fallen leaves, generally chasing FTD is a wave of Pursuit of Death.

     Soon, the Military Base was cleared.

     And also at this time, Liu Zilang and the others were delayed because of the time on the road and here.

     The first wave of poison has shrunk from the safe area around the map towards the Lion City.