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938 Who Else? !
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The second brother is not the second brother Guan, but the NB211 called "e-sports Lu Bu"!

     At this moment, I saw him seizing the opportunity and going straight up the spiral staircase.

     But when JDG saw that someone wanted to make an airdrop, how could they easily agree?

     Whoops whoops—!

     Bullets are coming!

     The three people under the SSS hurriedly followed the gunfire and found a location to help with the gun, but even so, they could not suppress the attack of the other four.

     But since 211 dared to rush up at this time, he naturally had his own support.

     Under the lens of the director.

     I saw that 211 was holding a 98K in his arms while running along the spiral staircase of the unfinished building.

     Facing the bullet rain from below, he did not stop even slowing down his running speed.

     It's just that at a certain moment when you got on the corner of the spiral staircase, NB211 suddenly stopped!

     Suddenly raised the 98K in his hand!

     Open the mirror!


     Pull the trigger for an instant,

     A sniper bullet burst out of the chamber!

     One person from JDG is holding M16 from a certain angle, like strong wind and swift rain.

      without omen...

     A burst of blood burst out of his head!

     "SSS-NB211 used Kar98k headshot to knock down JDG-YDD!"

     Seeing this abruptly arising picture, Msjoy on the commentary stage was not cried out in surprise!

     "My God! The second brother reacted too quickly with this shot! He instantly snatched one of JDG!"

     "Then the situation on the court is different now. JDG must save people."Rong Ye stared at the game screen, calmly analyzed, "Then they will reduce the firepower barrier to 211. It seems that this airdrop is already in 211's bag."

     Da Sima smashed, smashed his mouth, "Fifteen times the silencer AM, plus a third-stage head, it's envious of drooling!"

     The fact is indeed so.

     After someone fell to the ground at JDG, one helped, and the remaining two were stared to death by the three under SSS. There was no chance to stop 211 from taking the airdrop.

     NB211 rushed all the way up the spiral staircase, and soon came to the place where the airdrop was on the top of the unfinished platform, and rushed up in three steps and two steps.

     "Fuck!" The moment when the airdrop was opened, NB211 couldn't help but explode.

     "Second brother, what is the airdrop?" the team with the guns below asked eagerly.

     "It's worth it!"

     The NB211 was replaced with a fifteen times silencer AM at hand speed very quickly, and brought the brand-new three-stage head.

     Standing on the top of the Lion City, he looked around and looked forward to him, and a kind of "AM in hand, World Is Mine" pride rose in his heart instantly.

     At this moment, there are only three words in his heart:

     Who else? ? !

     Immediately after that, it was not the JDG who just stopped him from taking the airdrop that jumped into his eyes first.

     But the LGD group had just been wiped out, and the four Liu Zilang who were licking their bags at this time.

     I saw NB211 holding up AM, and the corners of his mouth curled up with a subtle arc.


     The deep and deep AM gunfire sounded, like a muffled thunder rolling in the clouds of Lion City.

     In an instant, the bullet pierced the sky!

     Directly at the center of the earth!Li Muqiu, who was licking his bag, didn't even react, and was shot on the ground in a flash.

     "SSS-NB211 knocked down Se7en2-Lech with AM headshot!"

     "Fuck... can you hit here too?"

      Under the caught off guard, Li Muqiu, who was suddenly brought down, was shocked!

     Since they were the last to enter the city, it is not clear that the reason why the three Lions City teams fought was due to an airdrop. Naturally, it was even less clear that the airdrop dropped to the highest point in the Lion City.

     However, after the NB211 gun was fired, it was silenced as soon as possible. The gunshot sounded very vague, but several people responded quickly.

     Because Li Muqiu was just licking his bag in the bunker, the other party could still hit him in this situation, so excluding the impossibility factor of going through the wall, the only thing left was the high and low.

     Liu Zilang quickly pulled his perspective towards a high place. Relying on his strong observation and visual capture ability, he quickly found the NB211 standing on top of the Lion City.


     NB211 pulled a bolt and pushed another Magnum sniper bullet into the chamber!

     Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang quickly reminded, "Be careful, that person is at the top of the unfinished building in the south-east direction!"

     He was talking, but people had already rushed towards Li Muqiu in three steps and two steps!


     Thunder is rolling in the clouds again!

     A sniper bullet cut through the sky and screamed towards Li Muqiu's head!

     However, at the moment when the bullet came, a figure suddenly stood in between the two!


     Bullet torn body armor,

     A harsh sound pierced through the flesh and blood.You must know that once AM hits the body, even the third-level A can instantly take 60 percent of the blood volume, let alone Liu Zilang's body is only the second-level A.

     In an instant, I saw him a mouthful of blood spewing out!

     The second-level armor on his body is shattered layer by layer, and the blood volume to drop a thousand zhang in one fall is directly red!

     However, because of his limit of one block, Li Muqiu was spared the bad luck of being made up after being knocked down.

     Seeing this extremely thrilling picture, the barrage in the live broadcast room of the match suddenly exploded!

     "6666! Vic is a good teammate who moved China!"

     "What a good teammate! This is so clearly Strength of Love!"

     "It's worthy of being the Twin Stars of Sai Wenqi of the year, and it really is full of love!"

     "You have started, the rotten girl is really scary!"


     In the game.

      Li Muqiu, kneels down on the ground, looked at Liu Zilang's big ass standing in front of him, and for the first time a kind and familiar feeling was in his heart.

     He just wanted to say that you have something to do with it, but when he says it becomes "A Lang...

     However, after he finished speaking, Liu Zilang suddenly contemptuously said, "how can it be you again, it's down, it's too mixed..."

     "..." Li Muqiu was speechless for a while.

     Can you blame me for this? Who knew that someone would climb to such a high school man and ape, Tarzan?

     And who knows that the ratio is placed on that many people not to fight, but to give labor and management a shot!

     This Nima is aimed at bare naked!

     For handsome ratio!

     Without giving the two people a chance to cheer, Shen Zeyan on the side threw a smoke bomb over.

     Cang Dang!Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     The smoke spit out, and there was an instant white cloud around them.

     The top of the unfinished building.

     The NB211, which was blocked just now, was a bolt changer. Upon a glance, it was discovered that the target was already covered by smoke.

     But at this moment, the corner of his vision saw Shen Zeyan on the side.

     However, before his muzzle was pulled over, there was a clear gunshot from Shen Zeyan!


     The moment NB211's field of vision passed, the reaction and consciousness from the sniper made him smell a hint of crisis, and he suddenly crouched.

     The next moment, I only heard a "swish" in my ear, and a sniper bullet flew past his head!

     After a quick response and avoiding a shot, NB211 suddenly got up!

     Raise the gun and take a shot!

     Zhunxin slammed it over!

     However, at this moment, the opponent had already hid behind the wall with his back, and only half of the muzzle exposed in his vision.

     Obviously, the opponent did not completely give up the offense after stealing a shot.

     98K still not satisfied?

     NB211 rubbed the dark green sniper in his hand, and a smile gradually appeared at the corner of his mouth.