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939 And I!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

?98K vs. AM!

     In addition to unrestricted ammunition, both damage and effective range are not as good.

     Even the initial velocity of the bullet, 98K is slightly inferior to AM.

     That is, in other words, when both sides shoot at each other's heads at the same time, AM's sniper bullet will explode the other's head in one step.

     And this one step forward,

     It is life and death and victory or defeat.

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy sighed after Vic's step forward bravely. Looking at Shen Zeyan waiting for an opportunity behind his back against the wall, he could not help but frowned slightly, "How do I feel that Ze Shao is on the bar with the second brother?"

     "Well, it's a bit of this kind of feeling."

     Da Sima nodded on the side, then shook his head again, "I think Ze Shao can actually take a step back. You don't have to fight against other AM with a handful of 98K."

     Hearing what the two said, Master Rong stroked his chin.

     "You may have forgotten. Old viewers know that Ze Shao's style is destined to be impossible for him to back down.

     "I think even if he is holding the bird sniper that started the Military Base, he will not be able to avoid the battle in this wave."

     "Um... this is true."

     Msjoy looking thoughtful's nodded, "Some players that's it, Ning Si goes in for a while, Mosi stops for a moment, and when it stops, the spirit is gone."

     "But then again, this wave ignores the marksmanship of the two sides." Rong Ye stared at the two sides under the director's camera, "Objectively speaking, Bo Ze Shao is not as good as the 211 side whether it is a gun or a position."Msjoy nodded and said, "Yes, even if Ze Shao wins a headshot, he can't knock down his second brother, but once he has a headshot, he can immediately knock him down. The risks of the two sides are not equal."

     "Besides, Ze Shao is still playing low and high, and the ballistic drop is too serious."

     Rong Ye hesitated and continued, "I'll be honest, even if Ze Shao's shot just now 211 didn't hide, he could only hit the body at most. It's impossible to get a headshot."

     Hearing what Rong Ye said, comparing the height difference between the two sides, Msjoy and Da Sima on the side could not help but take a breath.

     They haven't noticed this just now.

     At this time, think about the 98K trajectory drop at this distance and height. Naze Shao’s quasi-center of the shot just now has almost been lifted to the sky, too right...

      In comparison, standing on the high side of the NB211, just aim at it...

     Then this is a gun with a hammer!


      has to say, the commentary and analysis on stage are very objective, but this doesn't have any effect on Shen Zeyan in the game.



     Two more gunshots!

     A thunderous sound, a dull sound like a drum!

     After a shot, Shen Zeyan retracted behind the wall very quickly, looking very stressed.

     At the top of the unfinished building.

     Standing on the top of the Lion City, the NB211 stood there without evasive, handling a butcher's cleaver with ease, changing the AM bolt in his hand, and pushing another AM bullet into the chamber.

     By this time, through the kill information just now, he already knew that the next team was the second team Se7en.Then without a doubt, the person who just shot the gun with him is either Shen Zeyan or Liu Zilang.

      In comparison, NB211 prefers the latter.

      It should be noted, SSS was killed by Liu Zilang on the beach in the last game.

     This was a big blow to the mentality of their entire team.

     If 211 can kill him in this wave of paired guns at this time, it will undoubtedly sweep away the previous haze and boost the morale of the entire team!

     Just now, Li Muqiu was knocked down with one shot, and one shot was blocked. Then he confronted Shen Zeyan twice.

     At this time, the NB211, who had not yet changed its bomb, glanced at the remaining Final Fire Magnum bullets in the magazine, the corners of his mouth could not help but a slight gleam of light flashed in his eyes.

     It's time to make a break!

     If it drags on any longer, the people on JDG should get up soon.

     Under the lens of the big screen director.

     I saw the NB211 doesn't dodge or evade with AM in his hand standing there, like a sculpture on the top of an unfinished building.

     A sculpture that bursts out murderously!

     Obviously, without a cover, he used offense instead of defense this time, With Stillness, Move.

     As long as the opponent dares to show his head again, he has the confidence to take away the opponent with a direct and straightforward shot!

     Seeing this domineering scene, the audience off-site and the audience in the live broadcast room were also a little shocked!

     "Fuck! Second brother has a strong aura!"

     "Second brother's aura must have nothing to say,'Esports Lu Bu', do you think it is a joke?"

     "Ze Shao is too bad, this kind of spear can't be played at all!"

     "And AM is really tough on the gun, and the reaction is that I will definitely not get it.""..."

     While there was a lot of discussion off the court, in the picture, Shen Zeyan leaned out behind the wall!

     Gunshots rang!

     And as if the picture is in sync!

     The roof of the unfinished building, one side of the low wall!

     The two of them made a squat operation at the moment they aimed at each other and pulled the trigger.

     This is actually related to the body without too many, just a subconscious reaction of the sniper.

     Because both sides know that while you are aiming at the other's head, the other side is also aiming at your head.

     At this instant when the gunfire sounded, everyone on the scene opened their eyes wide!

     The next moment, the helmet on Shen Zeyan's head shattered, and he suddenly fell to the ground.

     "SSS-NB211 knocked down Se7en2-olves with AM headshot!"

     One shot to kill!

     The director camera suddenly everything!

     In an instant, it was 211 on the unfinished building.

     I saw him still half squatting, there was a bullet hole in the body armor on his chest, and blood was flowing out.

     Obviously, both sides expected the other's squat, so the quasi-center aiming is the prediction point.

     And NB211 was predicted.

     Shen Zeyan, however, was unable to hit the opponent's head due to the fact that he raised his gun to the sky and prejudged it.

     But despite this,

     It's amazing to be able to hit the opponent while raising the gun without seeing people!

     And at the moment when Everything Alright resembles the dust has settled, the fans of SSS and 211 off the court have not yet come to cheer.

      without omen...

     There was a sudden change in the field!

     The top of the unfinished building.I saw 211, who was squatting there, hadn't gotten up yet.

     The dark third-level head on his head suddenly burst into an unusually eye-catching blood mist!

     Just a blink of an eye...

     The victor fell off the throne before he could be crowned!

     "Se7en2-Vic used Kar98K to headshot SSS-NB211!"


     The surroundings of the venue instantly became quiet, as if after a hurricane passed, only deathly silence remained.

     Because all this is said to be late and then soon, from Shen Zeyan's fall to the 211 death at most a second!

     At this time, the director's camera seemed to be sluggish, and he pulled it violently and gave Liu Zilang, who was holding a 98K in his hand.

     Host the commentary stage.

     Msjoy was stunned, mutter to oneself said, "I said the gunshot sounded no strange, it turned out that Vic also got in.


     Da Sima took a deep breath, "It seems that there's nothing about it in this game is a 98K unable to solve. If there is..."

     "Then one more..."

     Master Rong looked at Liu Zilang under the camera, and the complexion turned complex said.