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940 Let You Lick More Comfortable!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Has to say, NB211 this game is a bit miserable, just like King Kong hitting a plane, climb to the top of the Empire Tower with great difficulty.

     As a result, he just got up, before he had time to enjoy himself, he was headshot unpreparedly.

     And the most painful thing is that NB211 went through hardships with the help of teammates to climb to the top.

     Now once he fell to the ground, not to mention Liu Zilang and others who glare like a tiger watching his prey, JDG was also helped up.

     It is impossible for teammates to go up the stairs and rescue him like NB211.

     As for him climbing down...

     If this kind of possibility really exists, I am afraid that the blood will have flowed out when he comes down.

     On the commentary stage, Da Sima looked at Liu Zilang who was helping people, and couldn't help but exclaimed, "Vic is really good at seizing the opportunity. This shot can be said to be very spiritual."

     Msjoy said with a smile, "I just saw him block a shot for Qiu Shen, and thought he was going to fight drugs or help people, but I didn't expect him to be secretly looking for opportunities on the edge of the smoke."

     "I think the most amazing thing is not this..."

     On the side, Lord Rong suddenly takes a deep breath, "It's that he suddenly burst 211 with a shot without attempting a shot before. This is the most inconceivable."

     Hearing this, everyone in the field couldn't help but talk.

      It should be noted, even when Shen Zeyan had just met with NB211, he passed several calibrations before hitting someone with the last shot.

     However, Liu Zilang's hand was a shot into the soul, and directly exploded the opponent when NB211 squatted.

     Now want to come...This is really scary!

     "Could this guy learn from Ze Shao's few shot attempts?"

     "Hi...This is too illusory."

     "I think this is not without Kuoneng!"

     "But after all, my Qiu Shen is the most stable, always being beaten."

     "Hiahiahia~Are you demons?"

     "Doesn't anyone care about my second brother? He will be hung there and dried into a mummy."

     "It's not enough, it's not necessary to put some bandages on it to dry into a mummy."

     "That's, I wonder if my second brother can't put a bandage like this now."


     In the game.

     When Liu Zilang helped Shen Zeyan up, the safety zone on the court was also refreshed.

     The next circle is both reasonable and somewhat contrary to expectation.

     Because this safe area has a southeast corner circle, the two overseas islands are still in the safe area.

     After seeing the next safe zone, Li Muqiu couldn't help but smash it, smash it, "This circle... won't it really go overseas?"

     Liu Zilang declined to comment, "Don't worry about it for now, lick the bag and get ready."

     "What are you going to prepare?" Li Muqiu was taken aback.

     "Did you see the man in the unfinished building?"

     Liu Zilang rubbed his hands and chuckled, "That's how Ada doesn't love it!"

     "It's right that Ada doesn't slip away from admiration." Li Muqiu roll one's eyes, "The question is how do you get it up?"

     "Who said we have to go up and get it by ourselves." Liu Zilang suddenly started up like a weasel.words exceede 5100Who really wants to die here!

     Om rumbling—!

     At this moment, there was a sudden rush of cars in the Lion City.

     At the next moment, under the camera of the director, I saw a sports car and a desert jeep driving out along the road that crossed the Lion City.

     SSS and JDG in the city also heard the sound of cars, and several people in the two teams couldn't help but wonder.

     JDG’s team voice.

     "That's the second team car, right?"

     "It shouldn't be, they just left?"

     "They just ate LGD, and now they must be a fat batch. It is normal to leave."

     "Yes, I will shrink the poison later, I will always have a bad feeling in the next circle."

     "Should we go too?"

     Seeing that even the second team began to transfer, several people from JDG decided to run the poison first.

     Although AM is a good thing, it has to be used for life.

     In the event that an orphan circle is really used in the end, they are late in the circle after taking the AM and are killed by someone outside the circle, that is to pick up the package for others to express.

     After the decision was made, the four of JDG quickly got into the car and drove around the street towards the outside of Lion City.

      Thus, in a blink of an eye, the three teams in Lion City left two teams, and it seems that there is only one SSS left.

     But even so,

     SSS is too late to save people.

     There was only a trace of the rescue blood bar on the 211 side. When the teammates climbed up the stairs and arrived at the scene, it was estimated that they could only see a box, and then licked a wave of packets with tears.

     But since it's a bag lick,

     Why do you want to climb up to lick?At the top of the unfinished building, I saw NB211 climb to the edge of the unfinished building, glanced at the "deep breath" below, suddenly took a deep breath, closed his legs and kicked, and jumped down!

     On the big screen, the director just caught his jump, and for a while, the audience off-site and in the live broadcast room could not help but cried out in surprise!

     "Second brother...Second brother is trying to make his teammates lick his bag!"

     "Wow! Why don't I have a teammate like my second brother."

     "Morality reaching up to the clouds, the second brother is really handsome in this jump! I will become fans in the future!


     During the game, the three of SSS also ran directly below the unfinished building.

     Looking at the box of 211 to drop from the sky, the three of them couldn't help but feel grief, and immediately rushed on like a hungry tiger.


     "Second brother, you can go without worry!"

     "We will take your gun and continue walking!"

     "Fogweed! Your hand speed is too fast, save me some 5.56 bullets!"

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