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943 Don't Shake It When It's Wet!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

?Under the attack of the coordinate outside and inside offensives of Se7en2, the last fire of SSS could not be saved.

     Especially SaSa in the team, when he got the AM and prepared to do a big game.

     Unexpectedly, Liu Zilang was stunned by Liu Zilang without firing a shot. The degree of aggrievedness in my heart was as you can well imagine.

     "66666, take notes and take notes, it turns out that there is such a routine."

     "Needless to say, it must have been Vic's idea again. It's really maddening!"

     "SSS: MMP, can you still play the game?"

     "The mentality has exploded, and it feels more uncomfortable than being singled out on the court."

     "Single-player destroying a team can at least resist and struggle for a while, so that even the opportunity to resist is gone."


     All of a sudden, the barrage flew up in the live broadcast rooms of major platforms.


     In the game.

     Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu also jumped down and sneered at the two boxes on the ground.

     While Shen Zeyan was still there, AM would naturally give priority to snipers.

     However, after a few people licked their bags, the various equipment on their bodies took off again.

     Except for medical consumables, the accessories of the weapons in hand are basically fully equipped.


     There was a whistling sound from the road.

     Liu Zilang jumped into the sports car, honked a few times, and urged, "Get in the car."


     Kotomi Misaka jumped up quickly.

     Li Muqiu said, "You go first, Ze Shao and I drive the jeep behind.""Want us to explore the way?"

     Liu Zilang glanced at him like a smile yet not a smile, but his mouth simply said, "Yes, then you have to follow up."

     With that said, he marked a point on the coastal port town, and immediately kicked the accelerator and drove straight along the road towards there.

     In the game scene on the big screen of the stage, the scene of the director at this time gave a God's perspective of the map.

     I saw the icons representing each team on the map were moving towards the coastal town.

     After all, in this corner-cutting circle, the next safe zone is likely to become an "orphan".

     Host the commentary stage.

     Msjoy cannot help but laugh and said, "Currently it is already shrinking, and most of the teams on the field have already entered the circle. It seems that everyone is also very familiar with the system's ability to circulate."

     "Hehe, it is true."

     Rong Ye nodded, looked at the map and analyzed, "It is mainly clear to everyone that it is safest to move this kind of circle to a port town, whether it is brushed or not."

     "If the next circle passes, then you can go ahead and not be excessively passive."

     "And taking a step back, even if the circle doesn't go past, this place is close to the center of the safe zone, and it's a steady profit no matter how you look at it."

      "Oh!" At this moment, Da Sima suddenly exclaimed, "There is an airdrop! An airdrop is coming."

     Accompanied by Da Sima's shouting, the audiences off-site and in the live broadcast room were also attracted attention.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw a plane coming from the direction of Lion City, slowly crossing the sky.However, the airdrop was still on the plane, and it didn't fall until it approached the coastal town.

     At this moment, the director suddenly pressed the camera down.

     The next moment, I saw a sports car speeding along the road appeared in the eyes of everyone.

      Not surprisingly, this is naturally Se7en2's Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi.

     On the sports car, Kotomi Misaka, who was sitting in the co-pilot, looked up at the plane in the sky with big eyes and unblinked, whispering "Quickly fall, quickly fall"...

     Liu Zilang was amused, looking at the town in front of him, he quickly turned and got off the road.

     Because they were just in the Lion City, they entered the city relatively late, and the poison was about to be wiped before they began to transfer, and they did not encounter anyone on the way.

     Then Liu Zilang has every reason to believe that most of the remaining 14 teams on the field have already entered the lap.

     If he continues to rush in along the road this time, he will not consider other teams as human...

     At this time, the point he chose to enter the city was the housing area on the edge of the port town. Next, he only needed to find a place where no one was parking, and then take a good spot here to meet the two people behind Li Muqiu.

     However, although Liu Zilang's vigilance is good, he miscalculated the population density of the port town.

     Or more directly...

     The character of the two is too bad!

     Under the lens of the director.

     Seeing that they hadn't even approached the housing area, fire suddenly burst into the corner of the house in front.

     In the next moment, the gunshots in front of us were loud!

     "Oh! Vic and they were blocked!""It's the first team! It's the Se7en team!"

     "The first team is a bit too enthusiastic. When the brothers enter the city, is the welcoming ceremony so grand?"

     Whoops whoops—!

     Intensive bombing rain is coming!


     A stray bullet exploded blood mist on Liu Zilang's body, and his blood volume instantly dropped by a small amount.

     Fortunately, he now has a three-level one, and this shot did not hit the key, so he looks relatively healthy.

     "It's wet! Someone ahead!"

     Misaka Kotomi's eyes quickly retracted from the plane, and her voice sounded panicked.

      Under high-speed driving, Liu Zilang, who was driving a sports car, went crazy with snakeskin, and his thoughts kept rolling.

     Finally, he gritted his teeth and kicked the accelerator again, and decided to attack!

     Because they have been exposed at this time, if they go back to find a cover in the wild at this time, then when the other teams in the town are attracted by the cover, they will not face the team in front.

     But it's not okay to go straight back and forth like an iron-headed baby.

     As the distance gets closer, the opponent's bullet hit rate will definitely get higher and higher, and maybe the car will be blown before entering the city.

     In the screen of the director.

     I saw Liu Zilang draw an irregular arc in the wild. Although the car always maintained this high-speed speeding state, the distance between the two sides did not narrow too much.

     His this aspect is to avoid the opponent's bullets, while the other is to wait for Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan behind.After the jeep at the back came over, Liu Zilang greeted him in his voice, flicking abruptly, and immediately rushed over towards the city without any reduction in speed.

     At this time, the two cars rushed into the city at the same time, and the other party would definitely not dare to let any one of them rush closer.

     Once the opponent's firepower is dispersed, the pressure on Liu Zilang's side will naturally decrease.

     And they are not the ones who will not fight back.

     I saw Kotomi Misaka leaning out of the car window, holding a full holographic M4, and there was a burst of bursts of fire towards the front.

     However, the terrain in the wild is rugged, and Kotomi Misaka is Mobile Shooting, and accuracy cannot be guaranteed at all.

     A shuttle bullet is almost half way down!

     Not only did Misaka Kotomi miss her with a single shot, but she also got two shots on her body.

      she cannot bear yelling with a bulging bun face, "It's wet, don't shake it, you can't bear it!"

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