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949 Time And Space Rift?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? "Oh! Jiuyan threw a thunder!"

     "This there a chance?"

     The commentary on the stage suddenly lengthened the tone, and the audience off the stage also stared!

     Kang Dang—!

     The grenade landed,

     Motorcycle from not far away, whistling and coming.

     In the next moment, just listen to "boom" a loud sound!

     The swelling fire, the roaring explosion, and the dust, all of which swallowed the motorbike roaring from the road in a blink of an eye...

     It's cold!

     When everyone saw this, their hearts sank!

     Under such a violent explosion, Liu Zilang had no reason to survive.

     However, thinking of the explosion that had just entered the city, a strange emotion arose in the hearts of the audience inexplicably.

     Soon they knew where this strangeness came from...

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     I saw a motorcycle suddenly flew out of the flames and rolled towards the sky, looking like it was blown up by an explosion.

     Seeing this shot no less than a good Hollywood blockbuster, the audience around the venue opened their mouths in surprise!

     "Fuck! Vic is going to Spiralling Ascension to Heaven's rhythm!"

     "It deserves to be a hot man, so heroic to death!"


     But soon, the commentary on the stage suddenly discovered an anomaly.

     "It's not right!" Msjoy said somewhat stunned, "Vic doesn't seem to be losing blood?"

     "There are still cars!"

     The Lord Rong on the side also opened his mouth in surprise, "This kind of explosion, Vic's motorcycle didn't explode!? Can you believe this?"at this time,

     People are a little incapable of believing, and the scalp appears like being struck by lightning.

     Under the director’s lens of God, I saw that motorcycle in midair rolled over for a few laps.

     It was "Duang" that suddenly fell to the top of the two-story building on the side of the road.

     On the roof,

      there is still one airdrop with red smoke!

     Seeing this caught off guard scene, not only the audience off the court, but also the many players around the airdrop on the court were all blinded!

     EDG over there.

     Milkbaby said inconceivable, "You blew that biker... on the roof?"

     "Liu Pian buddy! Didn't expect you to have this craft?" Jhin, who had just been shot headshot by Shen Zeyan, was also full of surprise.

     But after speaking, he reacted again and couldn't help but roll one's eyes,

     "No, why didn't you say that you have this hand? I didn't expect that you with strong features also betrayed the revolution."


     Jiuyan's Adam's apple, who was the subject, rolled down, but he was a bit speechless and his face was full of bewilderment.

     In the next moment, he suddenly reacted and couldn't help but raise his hand and pat the brains of his teammate next to him!

     "It's not right! The labor and management just wanted to blow him up!"

     "Fuck..." The teammate was suddenly angry!

     "Bug! It's definitely a bug!"

     Unexpectedly, Jiuyan slapped his backhand again, flustered and exasperated, "Since he is already flying, it means I must blow him up."

     "But since it was bombed, why should he not die?"The teammates were being filmed and wanted to stage a "real PK", but they all responded after hearing Jiuyan's words!

     Yes indeed!

     Why is he not dead?

     This kid is not Superman, it makes no sense that he will not die if he is blown up!

     Love777 in the team pondered for a moment, and quickly raised his hand to indicate to the referee behind him.

     In the PICI competition, there were a total of 20 referees on the scene, and each team had one behind the bench, who was responsible for solving the temporary problems of each team.

     Seeing Love777 raising his hand, the referee quickly contacted the backstage after confirming in the headset.

     The next moment, the big screen on the stage was stuck, and there was a pause countdown.

     This is also two weeks after the PCPI started,

     The first timeout!

     At the scene, the audience was watching Liu Zilang on the top of the building walking towards the alluring airdrop box with red smoke, like a bridal room and ornamented candles. The groom at night walked towards the bride wearing a red hijab...

     But the main show hasn't started yet,

     The picture freezes.

     For a time, countless audiences off the field and in the live broadcast room started to talk.

     "What the hell? Stuck?"

     "It's a chicken feather, this is not a video again, it should be a pause."

     "Madan! Pause at what time is not good, but at this time pause."

     "That's right! The labor-management pants are all taken off, so you show me this?"

     "Uh... listen to the explanation, it seems that EDG applied for a timeout."

     "EDG? Is it the will of a hot man?""Hiss-! I won't wait for a time-space rift... Swallow the airdrop, right?"

     "Turtle, do you start? You are gone, believe it or not?!"


     Just when the game was suspended and the audience was bored off the court.

     In the backstage, a round of video confirmation and playback began.

     In fact.

     At this time, it's not only EDG who has doubts.

     The three commentators on the stage were also puzzled by the bombing of Liu Zilang into the sky in the explosion just now, but they were also puzzled by the failure to kill him.

     Is this guy...really a legendary member of the hidden user?

     But when they watched the explosion replay, for a time, the three commentaries couldn't help but weird expression, some look at each other in dismay...

      At the same time, the backstage quickly responded to the referees behind EDG, telling them that the explosion just now has been confirmed doesn't have any problems or bugs. Players who still have questions can confirm themselves after the game.

     Hearing this reply, the EDG four were a little dumbfounded...

     For this kind of game, there must be technical support provided by official game data personnel, so they have no reason to doubt the fairness of the background judgment.

     But just now what exactly is it ghost? !

      at the same time,

     On the big screen behind the stage.

     When the paused screen resumes, the next screen will not appear first.

     Rather, as if time was reversed, I returned to the scene of the motorbike on the road just now and the grenade landed.

     Upon seeing this situation, countless audiences off the court could not help but be stunned instantly!"Fogweed! Thick lines! Legendary time and space rift!"

     "Could it be...could it be that..."

     "Is it a hammer! This is obviously a slow-motion playback just now, a group of sunspots!"

     "Huh? It seems to be true, hehehe."

     "We want to watch Vic take the airdrop! What's the replay of this!"


     All of a sudden, the audience and friends in the live broadcast room all started to discuss.

     But soon, they knew why the director would replay this scene...

      At this brief moment, everyone's eyes were staring directly at the game screen, as if seeing something inconceivable.

     Everyone clearly and clearly saw that before the grenade fell on the road and exploded,

     Liu Zilang suddenly shook the front of the car and ran into a roadblock on the side of the road. The speeding motorcycle instantly turned into the air!

     And the next moment... the grenade that fell almost directly under the motorcycle exploded, and the intense fire and black smoke expanded!