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950 It's So Heartbreaking!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

?Then in other words...The wave of Liu Zilanggang was actually "going to heaven on his own."

     That grenade actually from start to finish, apart from adding a little visual effect, it didn't blow up to Liu Zilang.

     Of course, maybe to some extent.

     The billowing air wave that expanded after the grenade exploded also gave him a little Bang.

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy said with a wry smile, "This is the playback shot cut out by our director. The EDG team just asked whether there was a bug when the grenade exploded, but I believe everyone has seen it..."

     "I can only say that Vic is really capable of making trouble." Rong Ye smiled and shook the head. "Who would have thought that he would use a motorcycle to fly to the top of such a high building. !"

     "Inconceivable indeed!"

     Da Sima said with a smile, "Of course, I think it's the mine that is more inconceivable, and it happened to fall under the car when Vic took off."

     "I can only say that Vic Fuk is dead."

     Msjoy couldn't help but said with emotion, "If Vic didn't choose to ‘make trouble’ in this place just now, he must be in the sky now..."

     Hearing this, the audience off the field looked at the man who took out the AM from the airdrop box after the playback screen was over. For a while, they felt mixed feelings in their hearts...

     In the game.

     After Liu Zilang replaced 98K in his hand with AM, standing on a high place, he suddenly became proud of him!

     But suddenly, he remembered the NB211 that was killed just after he got the AM on the top of the unfinished building in Lion City.There was a tremor in his heart, he hurriedly got down from his heart, and began to play silently.

     There are obviously more than one or two teams around.

     If someone can hit him at a certain angle, then he will have to be killed like NB211.

     At this moment, Kotomi Misaka couldn't help but asked curiously, "It's wet, have you got the airdrop? What's in the airdrop?"

     "Aida does not slip away from admiration!" Liu Zilang asked while changing the bomb, "By the way, also one Geely suit, who wants it?"

     In the desert map, Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan naturally don't wear auspicious clothes.

     A little green in the yellow, except for some special terrain, is basically a proper target.

     Kotomi Misaka waited and glanced secretly.

     Seeing that neither Li Muqiu nor Shen Zeyan responded, she quickly raised her hand happily.

     "Wet! I want it! I want it!"

     Liu Zilang heard the words, smashed his mouth, nodded, "Sure, then I will bring it to you when I go down, let alone, this auspicious suit matches you well.


     Kotomi Misaka blushed embarrassedly, "It's wet...Do you think Den is suitable for being a scout?"

     "Scout?" Liu Zilang was taken aback, then shook the head, earnestly said, "No, you are our MT!"


     Kotomi Misaka muttered, as if she didn't understand what does it mean.

     Liu Zilang didn't explain too much. At this moment, the AM's gun in his hand had been pushed into the bullet.

      At the same time, the EDG closest to the airdrop saw the meat on the lips being babbling away,For a while, apart from Love777 who helped their teammates, Jiuyan and Milkbaby avoided Shen Zeyan's gun line across the street, and carefully fumbled over with their guns.

     "Be careful, that guy should have picked up the airdrop." Milkbaby warned.

     "What are you afraid of picking up the airdrop? It's impossible that there are nuclear weapons in the airdrop." Jiuyan sneered.

     "It seems to be too." Milkbaby nodded slightly, and suddenly asked again, "By the way, what if he doesn't come down?"

     "Don't come down?!" Jiuyan took out a grenade and licked his lips. "If he can't be killed this time, then I really have to ask what's going on backstage."

     At the time of speaking, both of them had touched the small building not far away.

     But Liu Zilang really didn't go down at this time.

     Holding AM in his arms, he lay on the roof and twisted his angle of view around.

     In his guess, people around would definitely move after seeing him get the airdrop.

     Then he can use this AM to give them a big surprise while the other party still does not know what he gets from the airdrop!

     as expected.

     The next moment, Liu Zilang saw the figure of flickering in an instant from the window on the top floor of a building near the sea—someone tried to pull the gun line up high.

     He couldn't help eyes shined,

     Quickly raised the muzzle!


     When the other party was exposed from the window again, there seemed to be thunder in the desert under the scorching sun!

     At the next moment, the window burst into blood, and a knockdown message appeared!

     "Se7en2-Vic knocked down RNG-shuishui with AM headshot!""Oh my God! Vic is too sensitive too, he discovered this?"

     "I just saw the building on Shuishui just high enough to see Vic, and thought that this wave could hit him a no time to deal with it."

     "This guy is simply an empire eagle eye! There is nothing special about this."

     Just when the audience was surprised,

     The two EDGs who were close to the court could not help but swallowed in fright.

     Of course, they were not surprised by the gunshot that just rang out, but by the AM in Liu Zilang's hands.

     Several people at EDG know that Shen Zeyan of the second team already has an AM, and now Liu Zilang has another one.

     So in the middle and late stages of the game, who can stand it?

     "No! Can't let that guy take this AM!"


     The Leila ring in Jiuyan's hand!

     After a few seconds of warming up in his hand, he threw his hand to the top of the building.

     Go you!

     Under the camera of the director,

     The grenade traversed a trajectory in the air and landed beside Liu Zilang with unparalleled precision.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang was lying on the top of the building, staring in the direction of RNG, looking for opportunities to help.

      he suddenly heard "Kang Dang" in his ear, turned his head and looked at it, the whole person was instantly dumbfounded-a grenade fell on the roof, rolling towards his face steadily!

     Seeing this terrifying picture, countless spectators off the scene also cried out in surprise!

     But the next moment, everyone was stunned.The grenade rolled halfway, and suddenly got stuck in the gap of the rain cover on the roof, and then fell still.

     At this instant, the hearts of the people off the court seemed to be still with them.


     The explosion sounded loudly!

     There was a flash of fire on the roof, black smoke and dust everywhere.

     However, the scene of Liu Zilang being blown up did not appear, I saw him still lying there stupidly, it seems that nothing just happened...

     Seeing this not expected at the outset scene, the live broadcast rooms of major platform events suddenly exploded!

     "What the hell? Vic is not dead?"

     "Could this be the law of smoke but no harm."

     "No, Welcome to Wakanda, actually the rain cover on the roof of this building is made by Zhenjin!"

     "Don't talk about the boss, how do you sell this rain cover? Give me a roll!"

     "Innocent! In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, there is nothing that vibrates sit on. I once threw a thunder under a broomstick and didn't blow anyone up."

     "Uh...In fact, to some extent, Jiuyan's thunder was thrown accurately."

     "Yes, it makes people feel distressed."

     Not far downstairs, Jiuyan looks up at the sky, feeling that he is not good.


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