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960 A Cunning Enemy!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? Douyu17 is a team that is good at rifle combat and likes to suppress firepower.

     But this does not mean that

     Their sniper skills are not strong.

     Regarding this point, the 98K shot of 17shou is sufficient proof.

     He was just in the process of moving towards the safe zone, either by accident or decreed by fate...

     That unconsciously looked up,

     It just so happened that he saw Kitties poking his head out of the water to breathe.

     What a cunning enemy!

     Team 17 knows that there is a second team on the coast, so this wave of 17shou immediately thought that the opponent was Liu Zilang and others shifted to Hailiyin.

     He couldn't help being slightly cold, and the 98K behind him slipped into his hands.

     Immediately raised the muzzle!


     There was a headshot of everyone not expected at the outset!

     "This isn't right ah!"

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy almost scratched his head bald...

     To be reasonable, this wave of scripts shouldn’t be the second team and 17’s just getting on the front, IG who dives and touches the butt comes to a wave of unaware of the oriole behind?

     Why did IG get knocked down as soon as it came up, right? The director's script was wrong?

     It's a pity that at this point, no one will think about the correctness of the script.

     Because even if it is really wrong, I am afraid that it can only be wrong.

     Being knocked down in the water is dead.

     In the game, Douyu17 shot one person out of 17shou.

     The other three in the team also quickly stopped, and they followed the direction that 17shou aimed to hold the sea.At this moment, IG was also beaten up a bit, but the illusion reacted quickly, and he quickly said, "Oh! We have been found, don't go up soon."

     "Can not do it!"

     Dongdong hurriedly said, "I'm going to have a red lung, and I have to deduct my blood if this continues."

     At this time, I feel that my state is too bad.

     Hearing this, he thoughts revolve and immediately said, "Go! You can't show up here, it must be held up by the opposite side. Let's swim! Swim back!"


     Dongdong also realized that the situation was serious, and hurriedly swam with his arms and legs while nodding.

     At the same time, the second team Liu Zilang and others who were caught in the middle were also shocked!

     Is there someone in the sea behind? !

     Li Muqiu immediately yelled at the sight, "Wow! These guys are too insidious, he actually swims over to steal our ass."

     "Good people!"

     Liu Zilang scratched his butt and said with emotion, "Thanks to the 17 iron juices if on my way I see injustice!"

     At this time, apart from Shen Zeyan staring at the front, Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu's attention was entirely focused on the sea behind them.

     But as empty as anything on the sea, no one showed up after waiting a period of time.

     Li Muqiu saw a toothache and said, "Are these guys Ninja Turtle? Can you hold it back?"

     Liu Zilang stared at the sea where breeze is still, waves are quiet, and suddenly guessed, "Well...I guess the other party may have swam back. Let's not just look at the back, but also look at other places. This wave must be held back they."

     "Good Le!"

     Li Muqiu excitedly complied.After speaking, he was holding the big pineapple, and when he changed the ground, he lay down to prop up the machine gun tripod.

     At this time, the sight of the big pineapple was installed with the 15x lens he just picked up from the airdrop!

     In an instant, everything on the sea seemed to be presented before his eyes, Li Muqiu only felt that the world had never been so clear!

     Under the coverage of the radiation grid, the safe area in the sea is not large.

     When IG swam to the place where it had been in the sea before, the underwater illusion and Dongdong both began to lose blood.

     The two felt that it should be about the same, and quickly floated up towards the sea.


     The two of them who had been holding back for a long time finally took a breath of fresh air when they were on the surface.

      da da da da ——!

     However, as soon as they exhaled this breath, they had not had time to breathe in!

     From a certain direction on the shore, there was a sudden burst of sharp gunfire!

     In an instant, countless dense bullets assaults the senses like wild winds and rain!

     The dark third-level head on the illusion head was shot immediately, and his blood volume immediately dropped.

     Fortunately, he responded quickly!

     The moment he was shot, he dived into the water again, and Dongdong hurriedly followed closely behind sb or sth.

     But the next moment...

     Looking at the red lungs again, both the illusion and Dongdong were dumbfounded!

     At this moment, they suddenly fell into a situation where they stretched their heads and shot them, then they were drowned.

     "What do we do? What we do?"

     Dongdong looked at the blood volume falling after Red Lung, and felt completely relieved!

     The illusion is also panic!

     Who can not panic about this Nima!But as the captain of IG, he had the illusion that he couldn't mess up, so he forcibly calmed down.

     With all kinds of thoughts in his mind tumbling constantly, he suddenly divine light flashes, "It's okay! Wait...wait a minute! They must change their bombs after playing, we will take the opportunity to go up and take a bite!"

     Hearing this, Dongdong also seemed to see a slim chance of survival and hope!

     So next, the two watched their declining health...




     But the other party's gun is like Gatling's blue fire. It has been swept from just now to now!

     Frozen is not with reloading!

     My Nima... this person has a problem! ! !

      Final moments, the two men, whose blood volume was running out, couldn't wait any longer, and hurriedly went upstream.

     But before they got close to the sea, the two of them twisted their bodies, and the whole person instantly lost control and turned into two ghosts under the sea...

     "IG-Cuojue drowned and drowned!"

     "IG-East drowned and drowned!"

     Seeing the two systems on the upper right of the screen kill, for a while, the commentators off the court, including the rest of the players on the court, were stunned!

     The barrage in the live broadcast room even exploded with dried bamboo shoots!

     "666666! This Nima will do?"

     "Strong! Invincible! Qiu Shen's fifteen-fold pineapple pressure gun made me wet!"

     "I feel sorry for Shao and Dongdong, this mentality was blown up."

     "I think the turning point is the shot of the beast, otherwise this is another story."

     "..."During the game match, Li Muqiu was also dumbfounded, "Fuck! Is it such a virgin? You won't die?"

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but squinted, "Let you beat the grass to scare the snake, how nice to give me a shot AM first!"

     Li Muqiu chuckled when he heard the words, did not answer, shifting the topic and said, "I didn't touch the 17 in the sea just now, let me take a look."

     Tasting the sweetness of the big pineapple laying down the tripod and shooting fifteen times, Li Muqiu did not get up at this time, and squatted on the ground to pull the angle of view, watching the surroundings while changing the bomb.

     As he watched, he clicked the tongue and said, "Fifteen times the lens is different, it's the difference between 4K HD and Ivy's picture quality. Look at this tree...this grass...this. .."

      He spoke until here, and his speech suddenly stagnated, as if stuck by what thing.

     Seeing the constantly magnifying black spot in the magnifying lens, Li Muqiu suddenly exclaimed!

     "Fuck! This is really thunder!"

     But as soon as Li Muqiu jumped up like a rabbit, the grenade flew to his feet...


     The next moment, the flames flickered, and the figure skyrocketed.



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