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961 Thunder Chicken! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? Snap!

     The silhouette landed suddenly!

     "Douyu17-Style used a grenade to blow up Se7en2-Lech!"

     Li Muqiu held her belly, knelt on the ground, tears on her face!

     He raised head towards sky and mutter to oneself said, "Why? Why is it me again?"

     Liu Zilang squinted, "You just kept tapping, don't you blow anyone?"

     As soon as the voice fell, Liu Zilang had not had time to help him, and only heard three shots of "bang bang bang" in the distance.

     Whoops whoops—!

     The bullet hits!

     In an instant, Li Muqiu's back and buttocks burst out with scarlet blood mist, and he turned into a box in a blink of an eye.

     "..." Li Muqiu.

     Liu Zilang on the side could not help but sighed, "You take a look, this means that you have never seen the world before, and you can look at it like a baby when you get a 15x mirror. What are you looking at?"

     Li Muqiu choked upon hearing the words, and immediately annoyed, "I admit it by luck, but this is what you throw stones at sb who fell down a well. I am jealous that I have a fifteen-fold mirror yes or no?"

     At the end, his tone rose slightly.

     "Don't! Fifteen times mirrors are really not rare for me!" Liu Zilang lightly smiled and continued to stun him, "See if I have them in my bag? There are two eightfold mirrors, which together are twice as much as you!"

     "Hehe... can this stuff be added?" Li Muqiu put on a fake smile and said, "Then I ask you, if you want a 20-year-old wife, can you give you two 10-year-olds?"


     Liu Zilang was taken aback, scratching his butt, some embarrassedly said, "It seems... nothing else can't it?"

     "......" Li Muqiu unable to respond.And sitting nearby Kotomi Misaka's eyes widened instantly, and the bun's face was full of shock, wow, it turned out to be a big Hentai wet!



     On the commentary stage, Da Sima slapped Msjoy's thigh.


     "Take it light! It hurts!"

     Msjoy suddenly to bare one's fangs.

     "Ah, sorry, wrong shot..."

     Teacher Ma quickly bowed his hand and looked at the game screen again, "This wave of I didn't think IG was finally smothered by Qiu Shen in the water by Gatlin, and even before Qiu Shen was completely bored, he just It was bombed by thunder."

     "It can only be said that the high-throw mines of the style Listening In On Arguments From Afar are very old and hot, just like the intercontinental cruise missile."

      Spoke until here, Rong Ye can not help but laugh again, "The other second team is fortunate that Qiu Shen just changed positions when he was incarnate in Gatlin. Otherwise, the cruise missile will take the second team. Finished in one pot."

     "Then there are only three teams and eight people left on the field, 17 full group four people, 4AM and the second team are both double teams."

     "In this way, the advantage of 17 is very big, not surprisingly they should be chicken..."


     During the game, Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan quickly recovered from the grief of Li Muqiu's death.

     They stared at the direction of Team 17 vigilantly, feeling that the opponent would take further action after eliminating Li Muqiu.

     The fact is indeed so, there are currently only three teams on the court, and the trend of 4AM is unknown.

     Through the kills on the screen, 17 clearly knew the position and number of the second team.Thus, they naturally have no reason not to eat the double team.

     Under the lens of the big screen director.

     I saw 17 four people advancing in a group, pressing towards Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan.

     It stands to reason that when there is more to less, it is actually better to open the gun line and push separately.

     But the problem is that the position of 4AM is not clear on the 17 side, and the number advantage is their biggest reliance at present.

     In the unlikely event that the one who was alone was stolen by 4AM when the line was pulled apart, they would not have time to cry.

     In this case, 17 will naturally not lose one's head.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan also immediately discovered each other's changes.

     "Really?" Liu Zilang raised his lips, "Do they treat us all as Old Qiu?"

     Li Muqiu was still agitating for revenge, but when he heard this, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch.

     But as a person who has died, it is a taboo to interfere with the surviving teammates this time.

     Li Muqiu could only suppress this breath first, planning to wait for the end of the game to arrange for him to clear and direct...

     At this time, there is only one minute left from the last wave of poison, and time can't be said it's short. It's long but not long.

     Therefore, the audience off the field can clearly see that just as 17 approached the second team, 4AM's Wei Shen and Gu Cun also touched quietly from the other direction.

     They don't want to come over to find faults like 17, but because they are on the side of poison and don't move closer to the last safe zone, they will be the first to eat poison when the poison circle shrinks.

     In the big screen game screen.When the two of 4AM squatted halfway through their bodies, a loud gunshot suddenly sounded on the court!


     Among the 17 four, Ma Niuniu suddenly burst into a bloody mist.

     In fact, if he hadn't just jumped, this shot should have been the first!

     But even so, the blood volume of the horse and cow wearing the second-level armor is to drop a thousand zhang in one fall, instantly turning into a red blood state.

     Because this shot is AM, the AM from Liu Zilang's hands!

     "Oh! Vic is the first to do it!"

     "It's a pity, this shot failed to get a headshot."

     "But I didn't dare to rush on the 17 side. Just now, they could be hit in the snake-skin position. They don't dare to be Vic and Ze Shao's moving targets."

     "Yes, the AM in Ze Shao's hand was the first one to take, 17 doesn't make sense.

     "So now 17 is going to fight with the second team? There are two AM on the opposite side!"

     "No! 17 is not for a gun, they want to throw mines!"


     Along with the commentary's consterious words, only 17 found a bunker and found a grenade.

     Warm up slightly,

     The four shook their arms and raised their hands together!


     Four grenade grandeur like rainbow passed through the air, whizzing towards the bunker where Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan were located!

     "Fuck! These guys are rough!"

     Liu Zilang was shocked both eyes look blankly, greeted Shen Zeyan, and quickly hid away.

     But as soon as they got out of the bunker, the 17 four on the opposite side cut their guns.Obviously, they wanted to force the position with a grenades first, and then cover the firepower.

     Even if you have two AMs, even if your two AMs are fast and accurate, can you kill the four of us in an instant?

     If you can't beat it, I'm sorry!

     "It's over! 17 This hand doesn't give a way to survive at all!"

     "It seems that Teacher Ma has failed. If 17 eats the second team, the remaining 4AM will probably survive soon."

     Just when everyone off the court seemed to have seen the end of the game,

      without omen...

     17 A blood mist burst out of the head of a person over there, thumped kneels down on the ground.

     What a quick gun!

     The first reaction of everyone was the shot Liu Zilang or Shen Zeyan fired when they ran out of the bunker!

     But after seeing the kill on the screen, everyone couldn't help but stunned!

     "4AM-Gucun used Kar98K headshot to knock down 17-47 Gamer!"

     Is alone!

     4AM also moved!