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963 Troublesome Male Devil!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? "Huh! This is really true. Explosion-proof helmet!"

     "Learned! Take notes and take notes! Labor and management will try it later!"

     "I'm afraid it's not Shi Lezhi who wants to try?"

     "It's a lie? Can a grenade blow up without wearing a helmet?"

     "Uh...I don't think it's impossible, otherwise why didn't Vic die?"

     "Hapi director, in the end, Ran Ji'er cut his perspective. It was over before labor and capital could react."

     "In other words, if it is really In that case, then Vic is taking advantage of the bug, right?"

     "This... really hard to say."


     Since the final scene of the director was given to Wei Shen, the audience off-site all expressed confusion about the last chicken, and some did not understand how Liu Zilang survived.

     On the commentary stage, the three commentators also look at each other in dismay.

     "Ahem... this... what do you think of Lord Rong?"

     Msjoy suddenly coughed dryly, turn the head and looks to Lord Rong, "Does this count as exploiting a bug?"

     Let me see Jier!

     Rong Ye silently complained, then touched his chin, frowned back to pondered, and analyzed, "I remember that in this game, only buildings and vehicles should be able to avoid explosion damage."

     "And we all just saw Vic's helmet cover Wei Shen's thunder very tightly. If it really covers the explosion, then let's not say whether it is a bug, but just talk about it. Does not conform to the game mechanics."

     "It's a pity that I didn't get the footage that I just directed." Msjoy said with some regret, "Wei Shen is also a little bit close. I just heard the explosion and thought he was eating chicken.""Oh! The playback is here!" At this moment, Da Sima suddenly pointed to the screen.

     In an instant, not only the commentary on the stage, but also the countless spectators off the court were all staring at the game screen both eyes shines.

     However, after watching the replay, the audience around the venue suddenly became silent!

     Countless viewers who dreamed of learning new routines were all twitched with black lines on their faces.

     Because in the big screen of the game, at that moment when the grenade exploded, Liu Zilang, who had slipped away with his legs, stood straight!

     At the same moment, the director's shots also gave the only bloody Wei Shen in the radiation grid!

     Who can make it to the end?

     The answer is obviously already revealed.

     Sure enough, the next moment, the picture freezes!

     Liu Zilang eats chicken!

     Obviously, his three-stage head is not explosion-proof.

     The reason why this wave of Liu Zilang was able to eat chicken is still thanks to the excellent physics engine in the world in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

     The explosion damage from the grenade spreads toward the surrounding radiation. Although the process is extremely short at this distance, it always requires a little bit time; unlike God Wei, he is "immersed" in poison.

     When Wei Shen heard the explosion, the time slipped to the next second, and his blood volume was also drained.

     After reacting, the audience in the live broadcast rooms of major platforms exploded in an instant!

     "Let me go! Feeling this is better than the last fake move?"

     "Madan! Labor and management almost believed it!"

     "If the director doesn't give it back, I seem to have seen countless water friends who thundered tonight.""Knife in hand, follow me! Grab Tongjiang and kill the dog!"


     On the stage, after watching the replay, Wei Shen, who was a little embarrassed just now, had no choice but to shake his head.

     If it is really the effect of the explosion-proof helmet, then he might be able to scold his opponent for being cunning and vicious.

     But the fact is obviously not like that, so Wei Shen can only secretly say that he is out of luck...

     Host the commentary stage.

      "All right, anyway, let us congratulate the second team first!"

     "Congratulations to the second team for eating another chicken in the final of our winner group and succeeding in two consecutive chickens."

     "When we wait for our game points to be counted, but the second team's performance in the first two games, even if the third game is poor, they should be able to stabilize the top ten and advance to our PCPI next week. The finals."

     "Yes, oh! Our points are out!"

     In the big screen of the game, the top ten teams are given first.

     First: Se7en2; 1010 points!

     Second: 4AM; 880 points!

     Third: Douyu17; 790 points!

     Fourth: IG; 650 points!

     Fifth: EDG; 570 points!


     Since the competition is a double-loss promotion system, the winners of the finals can reach the top ten, they can qualify for the PCPC annual finals next week.

     So today, Liu Zilang and others, without a doubt, got a "recommended" place again.


     Soon, at the beginning of the third game.Suddenly, the 17 and 4AM and Tyloo teams who were promoted from Group AB with Liu Zilang and others last week realized the problem of the second team being sent!

     They can remember last week's The last battle match, which was also a pass, but the team was like a runaway Teddy. They just went there!

     At that time, how many teams wanted to fight for the last time, but Liu Zilang and others directly bombed their mentality.

     At this moment, they couldn't help but think of the fear of being ruled by Teddy, and for a while, everyone was in danger.

      At the same time, each team tried to remember where Liu Zilang and others often jumped.

     When the competition starts, places like airports, schools, and Port G are actually rare in men's footprints!

     However, the wild areas on the map have become popular spots, and two teams even fought on the farm...

     Seeing the opening scene, the three commentators on the stage were also shocked!

     Instead, I can only feel that the deterrence of the second team's "shit stick" is really so big...

     In this case, every team tried their best to avoid Liu Zilang and others. As soon as the team information is exposed, there will be no one in Maliao...

     As a result, Liu Zilang didn't fight much in the first and mid-term of the game, and got into the top ten.

     Is it not a recommendation now?

     It's nailed down!

     Ever since, Liu Zilang also played more wild!

     Finally, the final round was in the urban area of P City. Liu Zilang and the four were like people who used old mobile phones to exchange stainless steel basins.In the end, they finally had a fight as they wished, and the result was that the four greatly accelerated the process of the game.

     After abruptly destroying the four teams, he was besieged to death by the teams attracted from the west.

     The fourth year!

     In the third game, the team that ate chickens was 17.

     SSS second;

     4AM third.

     But after the end of the three games, they still advanced from the top of the winner group with the first overall score and advanced to the PCPI annual finals. At the same time, they once again refreshed countless audiences' latest understanding of this legendary second team!



     Shameless and invincible!

     As for the other nine promoted teams, they are teams such as 17, 4AM and SSS.

     But unfortunately, while the second team of Se7en advanced to the top spot, the first team of Se7en ranked 13th. Unfortunately, it did not appear. At the same time, IFTY...

     But they still have a chance.

     Tomorrow is the loser's bracket game where OMG is. The top ten teams will play the loser bracket finals the day after tomorrow with the team whose promotion failed today!

     At that time, the promoted team can enter the PCPI annual finals!

     Let's compete for the final championship and the three tickets to the first PGI World Championship!