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964 The Cherry Blossoms In My Hometown Are Blooming
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

?Of course, after today's game, the next two days of the game will have nothing to do with Liu Zilang.

     They only need to sit next to the screen, observe and remember the better teams, and understand and analyze the opponent's tactics and operations.

      This can be considered the benefits of the winner group.


     After the interview, several people left the venue.

     Although today's game did not make three consecutive chickens somewhat regretful, but the promotion for them is expected.

     However, on the way back, Sawai Kuroko, who came to the stadium to watch the game, looked at Liu Zilang at this time and looked a little different from the past.

     Although she had heard that this man was strong before, the previous "strong" was a relatively general concept.

     But from the first-hand experience in the stadium today, Liu Zilang presented everything clearly before her eyes.

     Coupled with the fiery atmosphere of watching the game live, Sawai Kuroko even felt that he was not a professional player.

     Just like the countless fans around, I couldn't hold my legs together by Liu Zilang's various operation shows!

     Misaka Kotomi keenly realized the changes of Sawai Kuroko. For a moment, she couldn't help but tilted the head and glanced at Sawai Kuroko secretly.

     But instead of thinking that Sawai Kuroko will go back in a while, it seems that there's nothing about it. It is worth noting that Kotomi Misaka suddenly felt relieved.

     So said without thinking, "Black sauce, the cherry blossoms in my hometown are blooming, and it's time to make chewing wine again. Please go back and chew on rice balls. Brother and sister-in-law must miss you."Hearing Misaka Kotomi's baffling's words, Sawai Kuroko who was walking in front was stunned and glanced at Misaka Kotomi.

     Misaka Kotomi's bun's face suddenly became slightly red, and his eyes began to flutter. How can this kind of immature performance escape the eyes of the thoughtful Sawai Kuroko.

     She glanced at Misaka Kotomi's blushing bun's face a few times, and the corners of her mouth couldn't help but lifted slightly.

     At the next moment, Sawai Kuroko suddenly slowed down, approached Misaka Kotomi, and secretly blew a breath in her ear.

     "Oh...itchy! I hate you sunspot!"

     Kotomi Misaka raised her hand carefreely and pushed the Sawai box, his ears became red.

     "Let you call me black sauce!"

     Sawai Kuroko pretended to be vicious.

     At this moment, she suddenly lowered her voice and laughed, "Don't worry, Kotomi SAMA, I won't grab you wet~"

     After speaking, she sneaked closer, Leng Bufan stretched out her tongue and touched Misaka Kotomi's earlobe, and said shyly, "People...people only have sex with Kotomi SAMA!"

     "Yeah!" Kotomi Misaka was startled and almost licked a backflip!

     Seeing Sawai Kuroko still approaching, she blushed with shame, lowered her head, raised her arms, and pushed hard.

     Liu Zilang, who was walking in the front, was playing with a mobile phone. He couldn't help but glance at the two of them when he heard the movement behind.

     He thought that the two girls were playing around, so he urged, "Go faster, I called a car, waiting for you at the intersection ahead."

     "Well, it's wet nest!" Misaka Kotomi nodded quickly when she heard this.The next moment, she ran to Liu Zilang with a peripheral bag on her back and hurriedly escaped from Sawai Kuroko's claws.

     Hearing the footsteps in his ear, Liu Zilang turned his eyes from the screen of the phone and looked at her somewhat uncertain, "Why are you blushing?"

      ?Ah?!" Misaka Kotomi subconsciously raised his hand and touched his face, then his eyes fluttered.

     "Wo...Wo is running over wet."

     With that, she was very cooperative and panting like a puppy.

     "You panted just after running?"

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang knocked her head amusedly, "He also said that I should make up, I think you should make up."

     Kotomi Misaka scratched her head silly and smiled when she heard that, but didn't take it anymore.


     After the three of them got home by car, Zhang Xiaotong and Wang Qianqian were both at home.

     As soon as he opened the door, Liu Zilang saw that the little milk cat 98K had just finished eating cat food and walked like a dragon and stepped like a tiger on the floor of the living room, stepping out of not recognizing one's family.

     However, after seeing Liu Zilang who opened the door to change shoes, the little milk cat shuddered!

     It hurriedly drooped its head, ran over with its short legs, and rubbed Liu Zilang's trousers flatly.

     "Come on this."

     Liu Zilang bends over, hugs it, and slaps it up. He deliberately said viciously, "Don't gain weight, or you will be stewed sooner or later."


     98K waved his little paw and meowed in dissatisfaction.


     At this moment, Zhang Xiaotong's door was suddenly opened.The little girl, wearing a hamster cloak and pajamas, stood at the door icily, staring at Liu Zilang who had ravaged 98K.

     "Haha." Liu Zilang gave a dry smile.

     After changing his shoes at the door, he quickly put down 98K, "Just kidding, this guy is not enough to stuff my teeth."

     At this moment, he suddenly heard the noise in the kitchen, and immediately shifting the topic, "Auntie, has dinner done?"

     With a creak, the kitchen door was pushed open.

     I saw Wang Qianqian wearing a pink HelloKitty apron walking out of the kitchen with a plate of "unidentified objects".

     After she saw Liu Zilang, she couldn't help but complexion turned happy, "I'm back? Sit down, and I just happen to have something to tell you."

     "What?" Liu Zilang asked.

     "No hurry, say it during dinner." Wang Qianqian waved his hand.

     "Let me ask you what is that pile of plates?" Liu Zilang's eyes twitched slightly.

     Wang Qianqian was taken aback for a moment, glanced at the dishes on the plate in his hand, as it should be by rights said, "What else can it be, oily eggplant!"

     But after speaking, remembering what Liu Zilang had just said, she frowned in disgust, "Ah! You are so sick, what a..."

     She naturally couldn't say the quantifier.

     Unexpectedly, Kotomi Misaka, who had just entered the door, thought she hadn't remembered it, and immediately reminded her kindly, "It's so wet, it's a tuft."

     "..." Wang Qianqian.

     Nicole is really a clever ghost!


     After Wang Qianqian brought all her results up, Liu Zilang knew that the auntie cooking today had something to ask for leave.Zhang Xiaotong originally planned to order takeaways. It happened that Wang Qianqian came back from get off work and offered to show off his cooking skills, so he had such a refreshing table...

     Although it doesn't look very good, except for the oily stewed eggplant, which is more abstract, the others can be eaten while barely catching the eye.

     But this is not so good for this Sawai Kuroko who has just arrived in China.

     In the long years after returning to China, she disdain as beneath contempt on the various Chinese dishes on the island, and once proudly believed that she had ever eaten the most authentic Chinese Food!

     Of course, this is for the time being.

     At the dinner table, Wang Qianqian quickly said that she was looking for Liu Zilang-it turned out that Liu Zilang has been ranked first in the top ten anchors of Douyu with the recent rising popularity!

     And Zhang Xiaotong in the second element section also ranked fifth.

     Next Wednesday, Douyu will hold an annual awards ceremony on the Bund.

     She hoped that Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong would help to publicize these two days, and also inform them in advance to attend the ceremony.

     When Liu Zilang heard Wang Qianqian's words, before Liu Zilang spoke, Misaka Kotomi on the side suddenly asked eagerly, "Sister Qianqian, where's the nest, is the nest lined up?"