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965 The Light Of Europe And America GTiger!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? Hearing Misaka Kotomi's words, Wang Qianqian's mouth twitched slightly.

     However, she did not answer this problem directly, but a kind smile appeared on her face, "Xiao Qinmei, you can go play with you wet!"

     Kotomi Misaka was startled, and immediately reacted.

     She couldn't help but puffed up her face, lowered her head and babbled.

     After dinner, Liu Zilang returned to the bedroom.

     When turning on the computer, he took out the cell phone and swiped Weibo, and he saw the hot search about the PCPI winner group matchup in the afternoon. Some e-sports self-media big V on Weibo also published various analysis articles. Wave heat.

     "History's Strongest second team! Both rounds qualified first!"

     "The legend continues, boldly predict that the second team will win the PCPI!"

     "No one in the two rounds, Se7en2 rich second-generation first play disappeared?"

     "There is spring on the bench too! Top 10 highlight moments of the beautiful girl Menhera-chan!"

     "Shock! The largest overseas dark horse was born, and GTiger once again made the top spot in the European and American divisions in the second week! Sniper Rocky set the highest personal kill record in the European and American divisions!"

     "Both are legends. Why did SKK lose to GTiger? Exclusively reveal the true reason behind the fall of the SKK dynasty."


     Swiping his mobile phone, Liu Zilang watched painfully at all kinds of self-media and all kinds of crazy milk.

     The most inconceivable hit is that they even gave the mascot Misaka Kotomi a highlight Top10.

     To be fair, Kotomi Misaka performed well in the competition these past two weeks.But he couldn't think of how the Top 10 was cut out. Could it be that Misaka Kotomi is like a koi golden light glittering's makeup photo?

     Next, when seeing the situation in the European and American divisions, Liu Zilang couldn't help but frowned slightly.

     After the California World Championship, he knew the overall strength of SKK.

     In the first round of the promotion last week, Liu Zilang didn't care much about seeing SKK's first day defeat. After all, even the legendary team sometimes missed.

     And the dark horse has it every time,

     But few can hit the end.

     But he couldn't think that GTiger, known as the dark horse, actually defeated the top SKK again in this week's game, and the player data in the team is extremely exaggerated!

     Obviously, this is no luck.

     Liu Zilang knows very well that Satan is like a conceited player, second place in his eyes is equivalent to failure.

     Therefore, the opponent will never tolerate losing in the second round, and will definitely make an all-out effort!

     But the reality is that their Invincible Golden Body is broken again. It seems that this GTiger has something...

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang took the information of Baidu It team.

     Soon, he discovered that this is a club from Iceland, and the team players are almost all newcomers.

     There are currently six players, four starters plus a substitute and a coach. The two assaulters are Joker and Ling, the sniper Rocky, and the free agent and captain is TheShine.

     Among them, TheShine was only one branch of the tree is thriving on the first game day, and was dubbed by overseas fans as "Ray of Hope", "Aguang"...At the same time, many other domestic clubs who are interested in the finals of the Berlin PGI World Championship have also begun to dig deeper into the "super dark horse" in Europe and America, and have even begun to study their tactics.

     Liu Zilang didn't have the idle time, so let him leave this work to Boss Su and the others.

     After the computer was turned on, he started the live broadcast of Douyu.

     In an instant, a large number of water friends fans who received push notifications poured into the live broadcast room.

     "Here is my brother!"

     "Excuse me, is this the live broadcast room of Master Yan Value Chicken Wang Lang?"

     "You're called the Yan-value Chicken King? It's Brother Douyu!"

     "Today's game is awesome! But what do you mean by cheating us?"

     "My husband is really hard, and I will broadcast it to us after the game! It's so touching and annoying!"

     "It's too much to call my husband! Does Vic also have a wife?"

     "What wives? A group of perverts are calling husbands, making it clear that they want to fight a bayonet with Vic."

     "Everyone brush up the free gifts! The annual ceremony, our chicken friends can't lose their cards!"


     Liu Zilang glanced at the live broadcast room, coughed dryly, and first publicized the task that Wang Qianqian gave him.

     "Thanks for your hard work, everyone, thanks for the little gifts. There is an annual celebration of fighting fish over the river and sea in Houtian. Local friends can come and have a fun.

     After speaking, he thought for a bit, "No game tonight, everyone come to a song club how is it? Friends who want to participate can come to YY21321027."These two days were the last two days of the Douyu annual festival. Wang Qianqian asked him to canvass for himself and consolidate his ranking.

     I just finished the game today, and it is obviously not a good choice to immerse myself in the game, so Liu Zilang thought of starting a song club.

     Sure enough, when I listened to the song club, the fans and friends in the live broadcast room cheered!

     "Does the singer club? It seems to be fun!"

     "At the airport Jacky Zhang applied to play!"

     "P City Lin Junjie applied to play!"

     "Then I, Eason Chan, Port G, can't accept it!"

     "Turtle! You are really tricky!"

     "Tsk tsk, it is indeed Vic's live broadcast room, per capita singing god and Buddha!"


     In a blink of an eye, more than 10,000 people flooded into the YY channel, which was too noisy.

     Liu Zilang quickly turned on the Maixu mode and suppressed the riots of this group of happy friends.

     He glanced at the barrage in the live broadcast room and cleared his throat, "So what...Which water friend will come first? I'll be a judge for everyone here."

     Upon hearing this, the water friends in the live broadcast room quit one after another, feeling that he was "unfair" as a judge.

     When Liu Zilang heard the words, he gritted his teeth, "Then I am not a judge. Let me give you a ten-year song first."

     The audience in the live broadcast room suddenly became disillusioned, and they all said that it would be better for him to roll back to the judges seat. There are also some water friends who are brushing Xiaotong sauce and want Zhang Xiaotong to come and comment.

     Liu Zilang pondered that it seemed feasible, so he waited for a while, and then came to Zhang Xiaotong's door.


     Knocked on the door, and footsteps soon came from inside.Zhang Xiaotong didn't seem to think it was Liu Zilang.

     After opening the door, she looked at her in surprise, her lips moved, but it was silent.

     After Liu Zilang took the initiative to explain his intention, Zhang Xiaotong bit his lip and hesitated.

     But soon it was nodded.

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang couldn't help but both hands on the hip proudly.

     When Zhang Xiaotong heard this, suddenly a small face blushed, turned his head and snorted lightly snorted, "Bah, who...who wants to fight with you..."

     Liu Zilang couldn't help being stunned when he heard this.

     But he didn't have much to say, just chuckled, humming and returning to the room.

     Zhang Xiaotong also came to YY soon, and Liu Zilang gave her permission.

      "All right, your judge Xiaotongjiang is in place."

     Liu Zilang sat back in front of the computer, holding the small milk cat 98K that had just slipped over from Ti in his hand, and said with a smile:

     "Now I announce that the 1st Chicken King Singers Club has officially started, and you can get free light sticks!"

     "Who will come first?"

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