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967 My Wild Boar Peppa Is Going To Kill You Today!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

? After a while, the director of the venue on the red carpet came to make arrangements.

     In order to perform the duties of a guardian, Liu Zilang asked to be with Zhang Xiaotong. Naturally, the director had no opinion.

     Approaching noon.

     Outside the main venue of the annual fish music festival.

     In addition to the anchors who walked on the red carpet, there were also many other anchors.

     Of course, after walking the red carpet, the award ceremony of the top ten top anchors is the highlight.

     At that time, the main venue will also have talent performances by popular anchors from various sectors, and Zhang Xiaotong seems to have a show.

     The rest of the scene were reporters from various e-sports entertainment, and even local official media came a lot.

     Fans of various anchors are even more flocking, and even the whole Bund is crowded.

     When the preparations were almost done, the red carpet link began, and there was a burst of screams from fans on both sides.

     on the stage.

      a man and a woman The two hosts looked at the other end of the red carpet and said with a smile, "All right, now coming from a distance are three young ladies in our beauty area, they are..."

     "Yes, our little sisters are very beautiful! First of all, please three people leave their names on our signature wall."

     The red carpet link is designed to gain the upper hand by a show of strength, and as soon as it comes up, there are three female anchors in the beauty area.

     The three of them wore beautiful dresses, and except for the one in the middle, the left and right sides were turbulent, which made people tremble as they walked.

     As the red carpet progressed, gradually...Many well-known anchors of Douyu also appeared one after another.The atmosphere of the fans on both sides of the scene was completely cheered, as if they were in a live broadcast room.

     "Ah! Aunt Leng, we love you!"

     "The queen is domineering! Long live Da Zhou!"

     "Seven brother, come on!"

     "Yjj is too handsome today!"

     "Wait for a 1.5-meter-long Dream Timo!"


     Most of these anchors are in twos and threes and go hand in hand. In addition to the make a big fuss of the fans on both sides, the flashing lights in the hands of the reporters and media on both sides are also constantly flashing.

     In fact, many anchors can't show off in the live broadcast room, but in fact they are more resident. It is inevitable that they will be a little bit cautious in offline occasions where 10,000 people gather.

     Fortunately, there have been no red carpet incidents so far.

     Several people from Liu Zilang were also preparing off the court, and the venue director arranged four people together, including Liu Zilang, Zhang Xiaotong, Xu Bao and Damei.

     The four of them are the top ten top anchors of the year, and the effect of their joint appearances is definitely extraordinary, so the venue director arranged for them a relatively late appearance order.

     While the four were waiting, Liu Zilang also chatted with the tainted milk powder anchor Xu Bao Kaisi.

     "Brother Bao, are you in the show in the afternoon?"

     "Who am I? What's my identity? Can I just act as I say?"


     Both of them were flying up and down both online and offline. Soon after, Wang Ba Mung Bean glanced and chatted.The girl on the side is wearing a white dress today, but unlike the other turbulent female anchors, the girl's dress has a high neckline, and it seems that she doesn't want to be bigger or smaller than other female anchors in this field.

     At this moment, she was bending over and teasing Zhang Xiaotong like a strange bird, her eyes seemed to light up.

     It seemed that if no one was around, she might hug Zhang Xiaotong and kiss him.

     Soon, without waiting for the dumb girl to take action, a staff member came to notify them that they were on the court.

     On the front stage.

     The hostess in a black dress glanced at the desk, and immediately said with a smile:

      "All right, the next ones we have invited are PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, DNF and the four popular members of the two-dimensional segment... No, it should be said that it is a super popular anchor."

     The male host on the side nodded, "Yes, they are the face value chicken king Vic and Dou Meier of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, DNF's Xu Bao, and our cute Xiaotong sauce in the second element section."

     "It is worth mentioning that these four are ours top ten anchors of the year!"

     Following the host's words, Liu Zilang and the four also stepped onto the red carpet.

     Liu Zilang, who is walking on the left, is wearing a blue and gray checkered long woolen coat today, with a chestnut lapel sweater inside, and black slim pants with a pair of casual shoes.

     This dress keeps him warm and at the same time makes his figure more and more prosperous. For a while, the female anchors who are "beautiful and frozen" are envied for a while.Zhang Xiaotong next to him is wearing a dark purple loli outfit with a two-dimensional style. Underneath are thick velvet tights and a pair of small round-toed leather shoes, which look very sweet and cute.

     As for Xu Bao, there is a very trendy leather jacket with sunglasses on the bridge of his nose.

     Um... yes, society...

     The four people came together from the red carpet, which immediately detonated the first climax of today's red carpet link, and the surrounding water friends screamed excitedly.

     "Wow! It's Vic!"

     "It's worthy of being a chicken king, a real person, handsome!"

     "It's reasonable! Vic may not make his debut as a singer, but this figure is okay to make his debut as a male model."

     "Isn't this nonsense? Male model Tiantu Se7en2 want to know more?"

     "Stop talking, let's come to the light of the planet first!"

     "Master Lang, I love you, I want to give you a monkey!"


     Some fans on both sides of the red carpet were excited, and a few were almost about to rush up.

     Fortunately, the security personnel with ample experience lined up on both sides to maintain order were stopped in time.

     Otherwise, Liu Zilang's small body really can't stand the 300-jin otaku who said he would give him a monkey...

     When they walked to the signature wall in the middle corner, the four picked up the signature pens from the lady's tray.

     Since many anchors have been through before, at this time, a densely packed piece of the signature wall.

     The names of some anchors are very long, and the signatures are very popular, and they can't wait to cut the entire signature wall in the middle, causing him to find some empty space for a while.The corner of Liu Zilang's mouth twitched slightly, and Zhu Zai was wondering where to write.

     At this moment, the corner of his coat was suddenly pulled down.

     Looking down, it turned out to be Zhang Xiaotong.

     Zhang Xiaotong was squatting at the root of the wall with a pen at this time, looked up at Liu Zilang, and continued to write his name.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help eyes shined when he saw it.

     "You found this place?"

     He closed his coat and feet, squatted down and patted Zhang Xiaotong's small head, sighing involuntarily, "It seems that being short is good."

     Zhang Xiaotong was originally praised and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, very happy at heart...!

     However, when she heard the words behind Liu Zilang, she couldn't help but her small face turned black, and she was so angry that she was like a pig.

     Liu Zilang just squatted down, his center of gravity unstable.

      Under the caught off guard, Zhang Xiaotong was slammed back and sat down on the spot.

     Huh all of a sudden!

     Seeing this abruptly arising picture, the surrounding area suddenly became quiet...