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968 Xiaotong Sauce, Your Path Is Narrow!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? Fighting fish platform.

     In the live broadcast room of the official annual festival.

     The popularity value of the live broadcast room is close to 20 million, and I can see a densely packed barrage.

     "Fogweed! What the hell?"

     "Yaoshou spicy! Xiaotong sauce turned Vic over!"

     "This style is a bit wrong, is Vic so imaginary?"

     "It's too shameful for Nima, even the little Lolita can't hold it. It really embarrass us!"

     "Vic quit, you will be worse off day by day."


     In front of the signature wall.

     Liu Zilang sat down on the ground, looked around somewhat at a loss, and then looked at Zhang Xiaotong with a slightly twitched corner of his mouth...

     Is this girl a pig? !

     Xu Bao and Damei on the side heard the movement, turned their heads and looked at them, and they were suddenly dumbfounded.


     Zhang Xiaotong was still sulking at first, but when he saw Liu Zilang's appearance, he couldn't help covering his mouth and snickered.

     After laughing, she proudly raised her head to look at Liu Zilang, then turned her head to the side and stretched out a small hand to Liu Zilang.

     Looking at the pretty little white hand stretched out in front of him, if it were an ordinary person, he would definitely be touched.

     But who is Liu Zilang? Suddenly bright glow flashes in his eyes!

     Xiaotong sauce, your path is narrow!

     The next moment, I saw him grabbing Zhang Xiaotong's little hand with a flash of lightning, and his arm was slightly powerful, and a strong momentum passed.

     Zhang Xiaotong, who was squatting there, hadn't reacted yet, suddenly "Ahhh" in his mouth, and Liu Zilang's backhand brought him to the ground.But Liu Zilang took advantage of his strength to squat up again.

     Zhang Xiaotong's little face was dumbfounded, and she felt the touch of the earth and the pain on her little ass. She grinned, as if she was about to cry...

     However, seeing that the situation was wrong, Liu Zilang raised his hand and pulled the little girl up.

     These start explaining and it's a long story are actually only in the blink of an eye.

     Although Xu Bao and Daimei on the side saw the corners of their eyes twitching, in the eyes of the audience and the live broadcast, it was Liu Zilang who was first arched by Zhang Xiaotong, and then Zhang Xiaotong was not strong enough when pulling people, so he sat down instead. Going down, Liu Zilang then pulled her up again.


     What a loving brother and sister helping each other!

     After the two commentators on the stage not far away were stunned, the male host hurriedly rescued the scene and said, "Hehe, it seems that there is something wrong with our Vic and Xiaotongjiang, but it is currently solved."

     "Yes, probably most viewers already know it." The female host on the side followed with a smile, "Vic and Xiaotongjiang are siblings, I guess it was just a little interaction."

      The male host nodded and said, "Yes, and the two brothers and sisters can achieve such a large number of anchors in different fields. This is extremely rare in our anchor world, and it is also very difficult."

     Just when the two hosts rescued the scene, Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong, who was angrily aside, also squatted under the signature wall and signed their names.

     Then the four turned the corner and continued to move forward amidst the passionate music.When he left now, Zhang Xiaotong was lightly snorted and turned his head to the side, deliberately ignoring Liu Zilang.

     Damei and Xu Bao met for the first time. Although they had just chatted for a while, they were still unfamiliar.

     So at the moment the four of them walked up and kept a distance from each other, and the scene seemed a little awkward.

     The host on the front stage quickly discovered this, cannot help but laugh, and said, "Attention, everyone, here is the last section of the red carpet. Would you like our boys and girls to interact with each other? It's a bit dry to walk like this. ."

     "Huh? That's a good idea."

      After the female host finished speaking, she couldn't bear saying again, "But what kind of interaction should I have?"

     "This anchor can do whatever he wants."

      The male host continued to tease, "As long as it's not like Xiaotongjiang and Vic just now."

     Upon hearing this, the water friends and fans on both sides of the red carpet couldn't help but laughed and booed.

     On the red carpet, Zhang Xiaotong's small face blushed gave Liu Zilang an angry look.

     Those eyes clearly said:


     I want to not interact with you!

     When Liu Zilang saw this, he couldn't help but curl his lips, and said to his heart that who made you like a piggy to stab me first.

     But at this moment, the dull girl heard the host's words and the water friend's booing.

     She stood on tiptoe very boldly on the spot, and put on Liu Zilang's shoulders, looking like the big brother of the society is holding a little brother...

     Seeing this, the friends in the live broadcast room were overjoyed, and countless barrage suddenly rolled out!

     "Wow! Staying domineering!""Little brother Vic, my old woman will cover you from now on!"

     "It's too much to say that the old woman is too much. To A will always be eighteen years old!"

     "It's all sunspots 2333"

     "By the way, Vic is a bit weak, and he actually made the girl put his arms around his shoulders! It's full of little feeling!"


     At this moment, Zhang Xiaotong, who was walking on the far side, was also stunned. She was entangled in her heart for a while, grunted twice, and suddenly gritted her teeth and took Liu Zilang's arm from the other side.

     In fact, she also wants to be as bold as Damei.

     But the problem is that her petite loli is tall, even if she stands on tiptoe, she can't reach Liu Zilang.

     Uh...unless there is a stool underneath...

     That is obviously impossible.

      Thus, the scene is a bit weird.

     Liu Zilang hangs Zhang Xiaotong on the left, and Dalaimei on the right.

     Xu Bao on the side was lonely, looking like an empty nest old man in a bleak evening scene.

     But he quickly leaned over, muttering, "Look at you, take me."

     As he said, he walked over and put on the shoulder of the dumb girl.

     It's done!

     Next, driven by the rhythm of Liu Zilang and Xu Bao, the four gradually walked out of the pace of not recognizing one's family.

      At this moment, it seems that they are not walking on the red carpet, but wandering on the small roads in the country, the wind blows the fragrance of rice flowers, they are the king of this bucolic field!

     Seeing this not expected at the outset scene, the host on the front stage and the audience on both sides of the red carpet laughed!

     "Yes! This is the first time I have seen you on the red carpet!"

     "Is 66666 a country F4?""What country F4? No experience, those who dare to walk like this are mines at home."

     "Yes, I walked like this last time and didn't say anything. The ifi at the hospital is so fast!"


     In a short while, the four came to the end of the red carpet.

     The two hosts have been waiting for a long time, the female host smiled and raised her hand to indicate, "Come on, please come among us, yes, do you want to introduce yourself first."

      The male host smiled immediately, "Actually, I don't think these four people need to be introduced. In Douyu, shouldn't have people don't know them, right?"

     Although that is the case, the microphones are still passed in the hands of four people, and they are introduced in turn.

     When the last Liu Zilang passed, he took the microphone and paused slightly when he approached his mouth.

     Unexpectedly, the water friends and fans on the scene screamed to help "introduction".

     "Vic flow batch!"

     "Captain Black Hood, World's First!"

     "I still need an introduction?"

     "Betta fish human implants are coming!"


     Suddenly, under the loudly shouted by countless water friends, the atmosphere on the scene suddenly rose again.


     This is the card of Douyu Brother.