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969 I Thought It Was A Bronze...
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

words exceede 5100Misaka Kotomi, who came out together, didn't broadcast the live broadcast, but Liu Zilang felt it was inconvenient to hold the selfie stick, so after a while, he threw the phone to her.

     Kotomi Misaka happily picked it up, and took the water friend from Liu Zilang's live broadcast room to look around. Her little mouth was like a machine gun and she kept talking.

     "Here here...wow! That young lady is so beautiful!"

     "Look there! That little brother is in women's clothing!"

     Kotomi Misaka is lively and cute, and her voice is all in the studio.

     Sawai Kuroko, who was walking by the side, was more reserved, not to glance sideways looking forward.

     It's just that my gaze floats toward the barrage of the live broadcast room from time to time, wanting to see if I mention myself.

     She learned Chinese from Kotomi Misaka, and she has heard of "Level 4" in reading and writing. Unfortunately, after floating for a long time, Sawai Kuroko did not see anyone mentioning her on the barrage.


      to like the new, and hate the old!

     Men are big trotter!

     For a while, she felt frustrated, her head drooping and her pace slowed down.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang suddenly received a call from his cell phone, saying that the director of the Yule Festival asked him to come over at the main venue.

      After hang up the phone, he scratched his head in wonder.

     Why are you calling me?

     Does it require rehearsal to receive an award?

     Fortunately, the main venue was not far from them, and Liu Zilang simply did not turn off the live broadcast, and walked towards the main venue directly with the two of them.

     As soon as the three of them approached the main venue, they heard a scream of excitement in front of them.

     When I walked closer, I realized that it was Cosmic Girl 404 from the opening show in rehearsal.The director of the Yule Festival is a middle-age man with half-rimmed eyes. The top of his head is so bald that he doesn't look like it, and only a few strands of hair are left dancing tenaciously in the cold wind.

     Liu Zilang felt awe-inspiring when he saw this.

     This is a strong one!

     However, it turns out that this director does not have too many strong breaths.

     He smiled gently after seeing Liu Zilang, took the initiative to shake hands, and quickly explained his thoughts.

     It turned out that he saw the red carpet in the morning and felt that the "sibling interaction" between Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong had a good response.

     Ask him if there's nothing about it talent show, interact with Zhang Xiaotong at the fish music festival in the afternoon and arrange a show.

     Liu Zilang was stunned when he heard the words, before he had time to speak, the audience in the live studio on the side of Kosaka Misaka heard this, but they were amused!

     "6666, the director is so insightful and talented!"

     "E-sports death song want to know more, is this director Shi Lezhi afraid?"

     "Sure enough, all baldness is king, the director has to continue to work hard!"

     "I beg you to give the majority of water friends a way of life. Once he goes up, who can stand it!"


     Seeing the director's expectation, Liu Zilang was wondering how to refuse. Unexpectedly, he glanced at the bullet screen inadvertently, and the corners of his mouth froze.

     Hemp egg!

     Who do these melon skins look down upon?

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang suddenly divine light flashes in his mind, and a gentle and easy-going smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

     He groaned, and slowly started talking, "This...not impossible."When the director heard there was a play, he immediately asked, "What talent do you have? Singing or dancing? I'll let someone arrange it now... Or you can sing with Xiaotongjiang."

     "Singing is only a small part of my talent. I think I should leave the stage to others today." Liu Zilang said with a blushing face.

     "Uh...hehe, what you are going to perform is..."

     The director laughed awkwardly, thinking I'd like to see what's in your gourd.

     Liu Zilang said directly, "Is there a piano?"


     The director was startled, "You can play the piano?"

     In his impression, these professional players and game anchors are actually equivalent to "internet addicted youth."

     There may be someone who has a good talent for singing and can go up and scream, but playing the piano is a technical job.

      He spoke until here, he subconsciously glanced at Liu Zilang's hand...white, slender and slender.

     Hmm... this is like a pair of "piano players".

     However, at this moment, the audience reaction in the live broadcast room was much greater than that of the director.

     "Vic, please don't show up! We will be bald by you if we show up again!"

     "The director, don't believe in this comparison, he is playing the piano, he is playing cotton!"


     Obviously, the water friends in the live broadcast room obviously did not believe it.

      At this time, many people have obviously forgotten that there was a "piano player" among Liu Zilang's nicknames.Of course, some people may remember, but most people think that this is just to say that he has fast hands or good-looking hands, but they don't know the real reason for this nickname-he really plays a good piano.

     Li Muqiu's ringtone piano music was recorded by him, and it has not been changed until now.

     The director had no doubt when he saw Liu Zilang's appearance.

     He didn't worry about Liu Zilang's success. After all, it was him who would perform on stage at that time. If the cotton is really played, it will be the other party himself.

     And there will be a dress rehearsal in the afternoon. Whether Liu Zilang will be true or not, you will know when the time comes.

     Next, Liu Zilang ignored the strong protests of the water friends in the live broadcast room, and only said that the rehearsal needs to be kept secret, so he went down at the speed of light.

     After a while, Zhang Xiaotong, who was waiting for the rehearsal, was temporarily called by the director.

     After entering the door, after seeing Liu Zilang standing aside, she couldn't help but tilted her head and glanced at Liu Zilang in confusion.

     Perceiving her sight, Liu Zilang couldn't help but rushed at her a wide grin.

     Zhang Xiaotong was stunned, then suddenly turned his head and hummed, no longer looking at Liu Zilang...