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970 The Real Pianist!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? The main venue backstage.

     The director didn't notice this little detail.

     Seeing Zhang Xiaotong coming in, he smiled pleasantly countenance, direct and plainspoken explained the changes made in the rehearsal, and wanted to ask Zhang Xiaotong's opinion.

     If it is a normal situation, it is definitely not good to make a temporary change when the rehearsal is about to be done.

     But the director took into account the relationship between Zhang Xiaotong and Liu Zilang, so he came up and told Zhang Xiaotong directly.

     as expected.

     After hearing the director's words, the expression on Zhang Xiaotong's small face was a bit wrong, and he gave Liu Zilang a somewhat dazed look.

     She knew that Liu Zilang could play the piano, but she didn't expect the two to play together.

     Seeing that Zhang Xiaotong did not refuse, the director left first and asked the two to discuss the song.

     Liu Zilang glanced at Zhang Xiaotong who was standing there with a little bewilderment, smiled in his mouth and walked over...


     The main venue of the Yule Festival.

     At this time, the venue was closed, and there were only sporadic staff members in the audience and around the audience.

     But the lights in the venue were shining, and there was a blast of music from the on-site audio equipment. It was obvious that the final rehearsal was going on.

     After the rehearsal of Little Sophie's "I don't understand" was over, the on-site staff member watched the program list.

     She couldn't help being slightly surprised, and then she looked somewhat weird and said, "The next song... Xiaotongjiang and Vic's "Dandelion Promise", ready to go!"

     At this time, there were many singing anchors who did not leave after the rehearsal, such as Meng Timo, Leng Mei, Er Ke who had just returned to the fighting fish, and Blood Brother.Upon hearing the words of the staff member, the anchors off the scene were also stunned.

     Everyone is on the same platform, and Liu Zilang is the top ten anchor anchor in the annual ceremony.

     Naturally, no one in the audience does not know him.

     But even so, everyone is still somewhat puzzled.

     "Vic? Isn't he a chicken anchor?"

     "Is it the same name?"

     "Impossible, I think it should be him."

     "Vic can still sing?"

     " seems to be true, I have heard."

     "How is it? I didn't expect this guy to be quite multi-talented."

     "This... hard to explain in a few words."

      "All right, stop talking, I get it."


     Just as the anchor whisper to each other whispered in a low voice, Zhang Xiaotong in a dark purple loli costume appeared first on the stage.

     She was standing in front of the microphone under the light, looking like she was walking out of the second element.

     But on the stage of Nuo Da, there is only her one person at this time.

     "Where is Vic?" Someone wondered.

     "Slid?" Someone guessed.

     At this moment, the lights on the scene suddenly dimmed, and a long and melodious piano sound came.

     In the darkness, a beam of light was shed again in the middle of the stage, and a figure sitting in front of the piano music was facing several people off the stage, slowly rising from the bottom of the stage.

     Under the stage.

     "Really Vic!" Someone was surprised.

     "This guy has a hand!" Someone exclaimed.

     "Hehe, it seems that we will have one more grabber in the future." Someone joked.Listening, even the director was a little surprised. Liu Zilang couldn't tell how top-notch he was, and there's nothing about it.

     But Jay Chou’s piano accompaniment "The Promise of Dandelion" is originally a slow song. If you listen carefully, it has a very special flavor in it.

     Obviously, Liu Zilang had this smell.

     After the rehearsal of one of them was over, when they ended, some of the anchors they knew and did not know under the stage gave a thumbs up one after another, smiling and "calling" the two.

     Since time is running out, everyone rehearses only once, so they can go straight without problems.

     Although Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong worked together for the first time, there were no problems in the process, so naturally it was also a one-time pass.

     Next, just wait...


     Six o'clock in the evening.

     On the Bund of the Yangtze River, the main venue of the Fish Music Festival was crowded with people.

     At this time, all the water friends who bought tickets have basically entered the venue, and many anchor fans around the venue are holding various support cards.

     "Heavenly King Covers the Earthly Tiger, Timo is 1.5 meters!"

     "Queen Aleng is great!"

     "Er Ke loves you so much!"


     At this time, the Yule Festival is the home of the major star entertainment anchors.

     All kinds of cheering cards flashed in the arena, but except for a limited number of anchors who were selected as the top ten of the year, basically there's nothing about it game anchor fans and friends holding cards.

     In fact, think about it, in this kind of occasion, the game anchor can show too limited.Can't you say that I will play you a game live? That would be too inharmonious and the overall atmosphere.

     After everyone entered and settled down, the fish music festival began with the singing of Cosmic Girl 404 and the stage, and the atmosphere off the court soon became enthusiastic!

     Next, anchors such as Meng Timo and Aleng and Natto also appeared one after another.

     There are really a lot of fans and friends off the court. Seeing their favorite anchors come on stage, the friends on the stage are all overjoyed. The shouts and screams off the court are high.

      During this period, the top ten anchors of Douyu's annual also interspersed with one another.

     Starting with the tenth natto, the award-winning anchors took to the stage to receive the awards in a burst of emotional awards, and gave speeches on the stage.

     Soon, Er Ke came to the stage to sing the second "Confession Balloon" and did not step down.

     Instead, in the cheers of countless water friends fans off the field, they received the awards of the top ten top anchors of Douyu from the awards guests.

     "Wow! The show crew is really great."

     Er Ke held the trophy and smiled playfully, "Knowing that we are going up and down in trouble, I will give the prize directly. I must thank you first."

     Next, after Er Ke finished his acceptance speech, the host on the stage glanced at the desk and said with a smile, "The following is the "Dandelion Promise" brought to us by Xiaotongjiang. I believe everyone too Both impatients like me want to see the lovely Xiaotongjiang."

     "But let me reveal first, there will be a mysterious guest on stage with Xiaotongjiang tonight."

     Same as during rehearsal.As soon as the stage was finished, the lights on the scene suddenly dimmed, and Zhang Xiaotong appeared in the stage lights.

      At the same time, in the auditorium under the stage, Kotomi Misaka was using Liu Zilang's live broadcast room to open a live broadcast.

     She adjusted the perspective of the live broadcast, glanced at the noisy barrage, and whispered to her mobile phone, "Don't make any noise, let's get wet soon!"

     "GKD! GKD!"

     "Nonsense Vic is going to play the piano? How about people?"

     "Hey, isn't the one on the stage Xiaotongjiang?"

     "Why is Xiaotongjiang alone? Where is the dog thief Vic?"

     "Why do you want to play the piano? You won't be counseled?"

     "Puff haha, this ratio is always unreliable, you really believe it!"


     At this moment, the piano sounded.

     In a blink of an eye, the melodious sound of the piano flows past everyone's ears like flowing water...

     The next moment, when I saw the rising figure on the stage clearly.

     The fans of the various anchors in the audience were stunned, and the countless friends in the live broadcast room were also stunned!

     Is that person... Vic?