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974 Madam Room!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

?Because many of the award-winning anchors come from other places to participate in the fish music festival today, they can't go back and forth within a day, so naturally, Douyu will arrange accommodation.

     In fact, the platform rich and arrogant treat everyone equally favorably to local anchors, and arrange catering and accommodation for all anchors, and you can go if you want to go after the fish music festival.

     Liu Zilang originally planned to go home after the event, but Wang Qianqian kindly invited him to go around and patted his chest to ensure that they would arrange the top Presidential Suite for them.

     According to her, that is that Liu Zilang has just taken the position of "Betta Fish" and should take this opportunity to engage with other anchors on the same platform to consolidate the status of the next brother. Don't accidentally get cold.

     Liu Zilang was amused. How could the feeling of this brother be like enthroned...

     He originally wanted to sneak Zhang Xiaotong and the others, but the little girls became exhilarated, as if they wanted to play with the past.

     Zhang Xiaotong also took his eyes and peeped at her from time to time, as if he wanted to talk but stopped, and wanted to stop talking.

     Liu Zilang hesitated, thinking about playing at public expense anyway. It's not a blood profit but no loss. Finally, he agreed.


     The place where Douyu arranges accommodation is at Jianghai Emperor Holiday Hotel. The name of this hotel sounds very aggressive, and it is not far from the main venue of the Bund Fish Music Festival.

     At this point in the evening, basically all the way.

     Liu Zilang took a taxi with four people and arrived at his destination very quickly within half an hour.

     The car stopped and the four got off.

      raised the head to look.


     Douyu still has a card face!This hotel is sumptuous (of houses etc) sumptuous at a glance, assaults the senses of luxury, from the car parked at the door to see the proper five-star base.

     Kotomi Misaka got out of the car and took a look. This little boy was so happy that his eyes were narrowed with a smile, and he pulled Liu Zilang's clothes corner and jumped happily, "Wow! It's wet, the nests can Live here for free!"

      It should be noted, when Misaka Kotomi was playing in SST, the living place was worse than here for more than half a day.

      In comparison, Sawai Kuroko is very reserved.

     She moved lightly, her eyes swept lightly.

     However, according to gravitation, no one can get rid of the "law of true fragrance".

     After a few people checked in at the front desk, they took the elevator to the 24th floor and entered the Presidential Suite.

     Looking at the presidential room, the lady's room, the cloakroom and the steam room and the steam room... all kinds of supporting facilities.

     Sawai Kuroko's eyes suddenly appeared like their domestic Ultraman!

     Here has to say, the room that Douyu arranged for him is still very exclusive.

     After Liu Zilang entered the door, he first walked to the balcony, as far as the eye can see, you can see the night view of the Bund.

     There is also a wetland park not far away, both in terms of scenery and air.

     He took a deep breath, thinking that Wang Qianqian was finally reliable once.

     Well, a small profit today!

     Just then, the doorbell rang.

     After entering the door, the few girls who were on chirp chirp twitter twitter were taken aback, Misaka Kotomi hurriedly ran to open the door.

     After opening the door, I found out that it was Wang Qianqian.I greeted a few women and looked at Liu Zilang who was standing on the balcony. She couldn't help but embraced her arms and said with a smile, "How is it? I didn't treat you badly."

     "You still have a conscience." Liu Zilang chuckled.

     He walked back from the balcony and glanced at the accessories inside, "Aren't you coming tonight?"

     "I have a place to live." Wang Qianqian shook the head.

     Liu Zilang immediately to order people by pointing the chin to Zhang Xiaotong and the three people, "Then I will sleep in the presidential room, and your three little girls go to the wife's room."

     Upon hearing this, Wang Qianqian could not help but looked at her teasingly.

     Sure enough, Zhang Xiaotong heard that suddenly a small face blushed, and immediately turned his head and choked, "Huh! I don't want to go to the wife's room."

     "I'm not going either!"

     Sawai Kuroko glanced at Liu Zilang deeply, his eyes a little dangerous.


     Kotomi Misaka pinched the corners of her clothes tangledly, wavering between wet and good friends, "Nest" did not speak for a long time.

     Liu Zilang scratched his butt, and said with some pain, "Then where do you want to sleep?"

     "Huh! We...we want to sleep in the presidential room!" Zhang Xiaotong's eyes rolled, loudly said.

     After speaking, she suddenly felt something wrong, and quickly added pretentiously, "You...you go to the lady's room!"

     "Yes! We want to sleep in the presidential room!" Sawai Kuroko was unflinching and nodded.

     Misaka Kotomi looked at Liu Zilang, then at Zhang Xiaotong and Sawai Kuroko, and lowered her head quietly.

     "Hey! Do you still want to rebel?" Liu Zilang was happy."I think this is a good idea." Wang Qianqian suddenly spoke, and looked at Liu Zilang with a smile, seemingly happy to see him deflated.


     Liu Zilang still chose to compromise.

     Forget it.

     Why bother with the little girl.

     After allocating the rooms, several people took a break and then took the elevator downstairs.

     There are already many anchors in the hotel’s large restaurant, and they all came up to congratulate Liu Zilang after he came down.

     Er Ke and Meng Timo also praised Liu Zilang's piano performance well, and they will have the opportunity to cooperate in Douyu activities in the future.

     After some greetings, it's dinner time.

     Dinner is a semi-buffet situation.

     Many anchors have started live broadcasts, walking around the hall with their mobile phone selfie sticks, pointing the camera at various foods, and ruthlessly "poisoning" the water friends in the live broadcast room. Even Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi were also involved. become exhilarated to join them.

     Liu Zilang didn't wallow in the mire with sb. Instead, he became a man and finished his meal properly.

     After a meal.

     I was active for a day today, except for a small group of familiar people chatting in the face, and a very small group of people meeting out to explore,

     Most of the people were also tired. After greeting each other, they went upstairs and went back to their rooms to rest.

     Liu Zilang listened to them saying they were going to explore. Although he was curious, he still couldn't resist the exhaustion of his body. Like most people, he chose to go upstairs to rest.

     Entering the door again, Misaka Kotomi cheered.She quickly shook off her shoes and even the stockings on her feet. With her bare feet like a duck, she rushed towards the bathroom. When she entered the door, she yelled "Yeah! Wo occupied here!" "

     When it was over, she turned her head to Liu Zilang proud smile and said, "It's wet, wash the nests first!"

     "Second goods."

     Liu Zilang twisted his waist, roll one's eyes, "There are two or three shower rooms here, they are not at home."

      ?Ah?!" Kotomi Misaka was taken aback, a little embarrassed stuck out the tongue, and he laughed a few times.

     Next, the three girls took their clothes to take a bath.

     Liu Zilang also took the clothes and went to the next door, filled the bathtub with water and soaked in.

     While taking a bath, he turned out his mobile phone and looked at the recent game information. The results of the last round of the final round of the loser group yesterday have come out.